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Volume 853 - Standing in the shadows 


 Monday   July 29, 2002.................................................................................. 
 After 3 years, Yahoo says there is no BartCop mail box, so don't send anything there until they
 manage to locate the damn thing.  Send everything to bartcop@bartcop.com except business mail.
 That goes to bc_biz@yahoo.com and if it's "must see" send it to Christian at clivemore@bartcop.com


"Wow. Wow. Wow. It's just unbelievable. I have no words."
    ---Mine worker Lou Lepley

 I didn't watch because I didn't think they'd make it.

 Thought: It would've been too expensive to have a phone down there?

 Clinton Blasts Bush

  Click  Here

"There was corporate malfeasance both before Bush took office and after.
 The difference is I actually tried to do something about it, and their party stopped it.
 And one of the people who stopped our attempt to stop Enron accounting was made
 chairman of the SEC," Clinton said. "That is a fact; an indisputable fact."

 The White House said: "There is a long-held tradition of former presidents acting
 in the national interests, not their own partisan interests.

 Hey, screw you!
 If you guys would stop lying about Clinton, he wouldn't have to defend himself.
 He's been waiting for somebody besides Carville and Begala to set the record straight,
 but he's in the party of timid, pink tutu geldings so he had to defend himself.

 What Clinton said was true. The GOP keeps screaming for government to get out of the way.
 When the GOP kicked the government auditors out, the Enron/WorldCom crooks ran wild.
 President Dim Son appointed Harvey Pitt, and now he needs to pay for that.
 (If only we had a free press in America, but noooooooooooo.)

 The GOP gets the blame for this mess, and if they try to blame Clinton he'll make them eat it.

 All the Residentís Men
   by Christian Livemore

  Click  Here

 The Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 prohibits such use of military troops. However, a clause

 in Section 15 states that such force may be used if "expressly authorized by the Constitution
 or by act of Congress." The Homeland Security Act, with its inclusion of FEMA under its
 roof and the emergency powers granted that organization by Reaganís executive orders,
 could be argued to constitute the act of Congress Bush would need to invoke such use
 of troops. And with the Supreme Court, such use might stand up to a court challenge.

 Where did America go wrong?
    by Carla Binion   as seen on  Online Journal

  Click  Here

 The National Security Act of 1947, and the creation of the CIA as a result of that act,
 radically changed the direction of this country. This act helped create a secret government
 within our legitimate government. In many ways, the beginnings of the CIA and other secretive
 agencies marked the end of the America created by the framers of our Constitution.


"These [Bush} people ran on responsibility, but as soon as you scratch them they go straight to blame.
  Now you know, I didn't blame his father for Somalia  ...I didn't do that.
      -- Bill Clinton, reminding us that HE never sent a man into battle who didn't come home.

 Another thing about this Wall Street crashing mess

 The GOP always wants things boths way, but it rarely works.
 Rush has said 1,000 times that the Democrats are the biggest headache big business has,
 but then they wants to scream "Both sides took money."

 They have to make up their minds.  If both sides are equally culpable for being whores
 of big business, why does the GOP paint the Democratic party as "anti-business?"

 Isn't there anyone at the DNC who knows how to fight back? Why should an uneducated
 blowhard from Oklahoma have to explain the Democratic battle plan to them?
 Why can't the Democrats defend themselves?

 We never liked Clinton much anyway.
 What did he ever do for us?
 Besides, he had sex, remember?
 On the other hand, Dubya is our friend.
 Be nice, Bart. Cave in like we did.

 Tasty Toon
   by my good friend Tom Tomorrow
  Click  Here

 I have a feeling people are still sending mail to  bartcop@yahoo.com

 Don't, because Yahoo says there's no such mailbox.

 Bush Cabal Strategy: The Pounding of Fists,
 The Gnashing of Teeth, and The Shredding of Documents
      by Al Martin

  Click  Here

 The aggregate losses over the last eleven trading sessions are over $1.5 trillion, as of last Monday.
 It's interesting to note that historically the New York Stock Exchange composite has lost more equity
 value in the last eleven trading sessions than it gained in the first two hundred years of its history.
 And the free fall continues, while George Bush's reaction is actually turning to anger. He was pounding
 his fists on the podium -- "Why aren't the people listening to me?" and "The economy is improving, so
 why don't they have any confidence?" And somebody cried out, "It's not the economy we're worried about;
 it's you." Immediately the Secret Service was dispatched to find out who said it. After all, it could be
 a "terrorist," and that's probably who they're going to blame. In fact, that could be a new definition
 -- an "economic terrorist" is somebody who refuses to buy stock because they don't have any confidence.

Thanks to Chookie for these.

 I've heard murmurs, maybe you have, too, that  is "just for the elite."
 This may surprise you, but I have an answer to that.
 If you say  is only for the elite, because we all can't afford to go,
 couldn't one logically extrapolate from that, that  bartcop.com  is an "elitist web site,"
 because not everyone can afford a personal computer in their home?

 So if there shouldn't be a maybe there shouldn't be a  bartcop.com
 See how crazy that sounds?

 But if one really wanted to go to  one could probably find a way.

 The way I figure it, a five-hotel, three night stay in Vegas comes to about $260.
 You will never forget this weekend in Fabulous Las Vegas!

 For those considering going to there is a posting board to share information,
 car pooling, room sharing etc at The BartCop Forum.

 Look for "Events"

 The Vegas Vote

 Subject: Invite Jenna Bush!!!

 Invite Jenna!!!
 If there's booze, you can be sure she will be the life of  the party.


 Today's Bonus Issue

  Click  Here


"If you love Jesus, love the Church. Do not be discouraged
  by the sins and failings of some of her members." 
     -- The Pope, who seems to be telling molested families to "get over it."

 Help Wanted

 Seems like we could use a legal expert and and medical expert.
 We're talking very part-time, with no pay, but now & then it would be nice to have
 someone who could explain (or keep up with on-going) legal and medical situations.

 Also, we could probably use a semi-regular column that keeps up with all the lawsuits
 and crimes Bush & Cheney have committed or are being accused of. I don't have any
 time to get into the details of harken or Haliburton, would you have time for that?

 Knowing html isn't a must, but that would save me tons of time.
 If I could just link to you like RB Ham or Consumer Consumtpion
 I wouldn't have to format and font and color everything that comes in.

 If you fit the bill, please contact Christian at clivemore@bartcop.com

 Why was Kneel Bush meeting with John Hinckley's brother?

  Click  Here

  Could it be that Poppy wanted to be president at any cost?

 Subject: still don't own a gun

 >...and you STILL don't own a gun?

 > Do you think guns will be for sale after Ashcroft's tanks are on every corner?

 The Polish Solidarity movement did not use guns.
 Neither did the Czechs
 Corazon Aquino overthrew Marcos without guns
 Ghandi booted the British out without guns
 ML King Jr overthrew Jim Crow without guns

 winners don't use guns. even when confronting violent dictators.

 Alice Marshall

 You mean violent dictators like Hitler?

 Apparently you think the B.F.E.E. will lose its appetite for greed.

 Separated at Birth?


Subject: Re: Norm Coleman spiel

Norm Coleman is a notorious womanizer. One day back when he was running for Governor,  he was the guest on one of
our local public radio station call in shows. Somehow, somebody got thru the screeners and gave Norm a tongue lashing
for the way he treated a server at a local restaurant. The caller had the date, time and the other people with whom Norm
was eating. The caller provided sordid details and asked how Norm could bring back honesty and decency to the state
of MN. Stunned silence. Even the normally savvy host was caught off guard.  I think they danced around the issue and
never really answered the question.

We also knew Norm was running for the Senate when, as a friend of mine so eloquently put it, "...the ring was back on." Everybody around here knows Norm wanted to be Governor. But when Bush came calling and said run for the Senate,
like the lap dog whore that he is, Norm decided to run for the Senate. Spineless. Also, at a campaign fund raiser that
we as taxpayers paid for where Bush was to talk about his education agenda, every GOP member of MN congressional delegation was invited. Not one Democrat was there to listen to Bush talk about the war on terra. I believe he gave lip
service to education that day but I may be wrong; he could have ignored it completely.


Jon, I have a feeling the ditto-monkey who wrote wasn't the real Norm Coleman,
but you're right - he does sound like a first-class weasel of a Republican


 "If dolphins are so smart, why don't they build hospitals and roads?"
     --the stroked-out vulgar Pigboy

 Iraq Attackers Who Proudly Did Not Serve

  Click  Here

 George Bush, Dick Cheney, Jeb Bush, John Ashcroft, Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle,
 Spencer Abraham, Don Evans, Karl Rove, Andrew Card, Tom DeLay, Trent Lott,
 Bob Barr, Mitch McConnell, Dick Armey, Phil Gramm, Antonin Scalia, Clarence Thomas,
 Newt Gingrich, Mark Racicot, Rudy Guliani, Charlton Heston, Wayne LaPearre, Bill Bennett,
 Jerry Falwell, George Will, Bill O'Reilly, Tony Snow, Britt Hume, Sean Hannity.

Click to go to www.accidentalpresident.org

Subject: Bush & Cheney's charitable contributions


Has anyone checked to see if Bush or Cheney has given any personal
contributions to the victims of 9-11 or to any of the charities associated with it?

Cheney made $36 million, I think in 2000.  How much did he give?
I haven't heard a word about it.


 Deadly Politics
    by David S. Broder

    Click  Here

"Every administration makes certain compromises -- in policy and appointments -- to satisfy
 important political constituencies. But most administrations draw the line at compromises
 that cost lives. The Bush administration now has crossed that line -- not accidentally but deliberately."

 BartFest2002 - Party of the Year

 Southwest Airlines
 Ontario is $19 to Las Vegas 
 Burbank is $19 to Las Vegas
 Los Angeles is $19 to Las Vegas
 Orange County is $19 to Las Vegas

 Make your own hotel reservations.


 Big News: Nothing yet, but that could change in a heartbeat.

 Who would you like to see at BartFest in Las Vegas??

 Let's vote, in alphabetical order:
 (We're not going to get either Clinton, so don't waste your vote)

 Paul Begala

 Al Gore

 Ted Kennedy

 Joe Lieberman

 Gene Lyons

 Susan McDougal

 Who else?

 Other: __________

 Vote here --->  and put your answer in the subject box, OK?
 Comments are welcome, as are other suggestions you may have.

 Also, vote for TWO people.
 This is a PARTY!

 UPDATE: I'm getting lots of mail saying, "If Lieberman is coming, I'm not, and I want my money back."

 The inclusion of JoeL was kind of a gag - I should've used my head a little more.

 September 28th -  tickets on sale!

                                                     The most exciting city in the world.

 You've read what people said about our first gathering.
 We intend to top that in Sin City come September.

 Click  Here  to see Bart's 36 (so far) things to do in Vegas.

 Click  Here  to see Dave's 100 Things to do in Vegas

 16 days from today...The Rio will ask "Bart, you in or out?"

bartcopsports.com  has been down for maintance for the past 3 days...
they didn't abandon it did they?
Yikes!  I hope not!

Dann Brown

Dann, I'm having mail problems, (some suggest Ashcroft is installing snooping software)
but it's my understanding Milt is dealing with a family emergency.
Let's hope he's back real soon. He does a great job.

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 That's 54 cents a day.    Is  bartcop.com  worth 54 cents a day?

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 We're in the third month of matching funds.
 A man who wants to remain anonymous is matching all new subscriptions up to a total of $500.
 Recently, I got a $50 Chinaco Anejo subscription from a John F, that means a net gain of $100.

 That's a great deal towards making the Pie Higher, so if you like the message on this page,
 consider tossing a few pesos this way if you'd like to see what can be done with a larger hammer.

 Protesting Bush in Greensboro

  Click  Here

 Another Officer, helmeted, dressed in black with a M-16 stepped in my path.

"STOP! Those are not my instructions.
  I was instructed to stop you from going past this point."

"Why can we not proceed on this open public street that you are allowing others to travel?"

"I was instructed to stop you from going past this point."

"I understand that those are your instructions, but may I as a citizen
  of the United States and this city ask why I am being stopped?"

"We are under orders to protect the president."

"We are no threat to the president. We wish him no physical harm.
  If you want to check us for weapons you are welcome to.
  We want to express ourselves to the president.
  Do you object to what we have to say?"

"This is private property."

 "What is the nature of our restrictions from this property?
   Who else is not allowed to walk down this sidewalk?"

 In Bush's America, you're not allowed to walk down the street.
 We lost the right to vote.
 We lost the right to have an attorney.
 We lost the right to a public trial.
 We lost the right to not be searched without probable cause.
 Ari Fliesher says we have to watch what we say.

 ...and now we've lost the right of free assembly?

 Do we have any rights left?

 You have the right to be sexually tortured.
 Your time is coming, Funnyboy.

 They read it in Hammerfest, Norway
 They read it in Port Elizabeth, South Africa
 They read it in Taos, New Mexico on their sprawling ranch.


BartCop, ...come to Vegas!
 BartCop, Vegas is calling you.
 BartCop, over 90 different tequilas at the Hard Rock.....
 BartCop, ...BartCop...

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