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Volume 856 - Never Accountable 

See the anti-bush stuff
that E-Bay censors.


 Thursday   August 1, 2002.................................................................................. 
 REMINDER - is dead.  Yahoo denies it ever existed. There are so many people, like my
 good friend Bruce Yurgil who I haven't heard from in a while, I figure they're sending stuff to the old mailbox and it's
 not getting read.  I'll bet there are letters in that box that say, "Why aren't you answering your mail?"


"A Democrat who votes with Republicans ought to be in jail. It's a good place for him."
       -- Carville, on former congressman James A. Traficant

 "Give me $800"

  The hypocrite-in-chief:
 Cheney's old skeletons rattle Bush

   Click  Here

"About 15 minutes' walk from Mr Cheney's former $3m home lies Highland Park Village.
 This is no typical US retail centre: its 40 or so shops include Prada, Gucci and Calvin Klein
 - no Wal-Mart, Kmart or Piggly Wiggly here - piped classical music drifts into sharp blue skies,
 and it lies in in one of the most prestigious parts of Dallas.

 But even in this affluent part of Texas, in what should be a Republican stronghold,
 doubts about the administration are beginning to creep in.

 'The scariest thing to me is you really can't trust people," said Bob Johnson, a 44-year-old database manager.
 "I think most people who have voted Republican were happier with an ideologue like Reagan. Some of these
 guys talk the talk but walk the self-interest walk instead of being a little more high-minded and principled.
 Reagan may have had his problems but no one thought he was lining his pockets.'"


"I was a bulldog on the pant leg of opportunity."
    --Too Stupid to be President, on his career as Texas oilman and baseball owner

 I think he means he humped everything he could get his greedy little hands on

 Learning from Bill Buckner
   by Keith Olbermann

   Click  Here

 Alas, no. It will never occur to Coulter that in the vast crowd of us who appeared on television news
 in 1998, and focused entirely on the itinerary of President Clinton's genitalia, she was up near the front.
 It's a big crowd, and some of us tried to disperse it. But we're all there -- I'm including myself -- and as
 we head to purgatory for our sins, if not hell, we should all solemnly acknowledge that in fact there most
 obviously was something else to which we should have been paying attention, and didn't.

 Yeah, that's right.
 The FBI, the Secret Service, the Republican Party and the American whore press could only see one story
 in the last ten years, so Olbermann needs to stop acting like it was only 1998 that he and the other jackals
 were interested in it, and it was none of their goddamn business about Clinton's zipper, for Christ's sake.

 If the zipper-grabbing GOP and their willing press whores had done their jobs,  maybe the scared and
 idiotic Bush boy wouldn't have been caught sleeping/on vacation on September 11th.

 I couldn't stomach reading enough of this article to determine of Olbermann was actually asking for
 forgiveness or was he just jerking off - but I've learned to expect the worst from most of America's press.

 Just think - if Hillary had killed her fiance...

 Ann Coulter would write a book,  "Killer in the White House."
 Laura Ingraham would write a book, "Who Will She Kill Next?"
 Bill O'Reilly would write a book, "First Lady? or Mafia Don?"
 George "Judas Maximus" Steffie would be the first to mention impeachment.
 Tim the Whore would demand answers every Sunday morning.
 Laura the Unloved would sigh and wonder why we put a monster in the White House.
 Michael Medved would say it reflects "the lesbianization of America."
 Bill "still smoking" Bennett would say America was on that slippery slope.
 Wolf the Whore would question the legality of a murderous First lady.
 John Stossel would do a special, "Is it OK for liberals to kill?"
 Peggy Noonan would write a book condemning "killing for fun."
 Andrew Sullivan would write a book saying "it fits the Clinton pattern."
 William Safire would write a book calling Hillary "a congenital murderer."
 Bob Scheiffer, Sam & Cokie, Ollie North, Matt Drudge - they'd all pile on.
 The vulgar Pigboy would go to five hours a day, and Fox News would
 start an entire new network to "track the kill-rate of the First Lady."
 Bob Barr would locate witnesses who escaped Hillary's murderous plots.
 Dan Burton would shoot a Jeep in his back yard.

 A small fire would break out at the Richard Mellon Sciafe mansion,
 due to friction at the pace he was writing checks to "expose her crimes."

 You know every word of this is true, but Laura Bush gets a complete pass.
 Why does the Bush Family ALWAYS get a pass?

 Killing people,
 arms to terrorists,
 drug-taking and drug-dealing, DWI,
 Enron, Harken, Halliburton,
 secrecy to cover their crimes,
 pardons for the ones who get caught,
 stealing elections,
 secret oil deals with recently-liberated Arab countries,
 cornering the market on the world's oil and the world's gold,
 asking Iran to hold our hostages longer, to start the illegal B.F.E.E reign of power,
 plus nine more dead when the Enron boys played with Dubya's submarine,
 ...hell, Cheney & Bush were both from Texas, which means they couldn't legally run
 on the same ticket, but the whore court looked the other way and the gelding Demos
 didn't have the heart to mention that their opponents were unconstitutional...
 installing Daddy's old Iran-Contra gang to secret and high-level positions in the government,
 installing the anti-election impeachment gang (Paula Jones's lawyers) to top positions
 as a reward for their hard work fucking democracy and rigging the election...
 running cocaine to Oakland, running guns to the Contras,
 the raping of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights,
 blocking hearings on what Bush knew about September 11th,
 squirreling away Bush's governorship papers "for safety,"
 burying Reagan's presidential papers "for an orderly distribution,"
 plus, he knew about September 11th, the lazy, worthless bastard...

 We are getting screwed by these criminals but the good puppy press
 and the pink tutu Democrats just sleep their way thru it.

 ...because the Bush Family Evil Empire always get a pass.


 Flight 93's Smoking Gun
   an investigative article by Robb Magley

  Click  Here

 NORAD, issued a press release one week after the attacks. The timeline told of fighter jets taking off
 from bases in Massachusetts and Virginia at 8:46 A.M. and 9:30 A.M., respectively. The first jets,
 two F-15's from Otis Air National Guard Base, responded to an 8:40 A.M. scramble order and
 screamed towards New York City six minutes later. The second group, F-16's from Langley AFB,
 responded to a 9:24 A.M. order and again were en route to their target in six minutes, this time
 pointing towards Washington D.C. and the threatened Pentagon.

 The problem with this story is that neither group of fighters could have made the sonic boom
 recorded in Pennsylvania by 9:22.


 Can we get some feedback on this?

Subject: The Somalia Goatscrew

I was in the 10th Mountain Division for the Somalia goatscrew. I will always believe
that GHWB launched the Somalia goatscrew as a housewarming gift for the Big Dog.

We were alerted for the mission in mid-December 2000. (Some of my troops asked me,
"why are we going to Somalia when there are so many places that need us worse--that have
problems we can fix?" I didn't know how to answer that. Still don't. Probably never will.)

First problem: my unit was full of translators. None of them spoke Somali--in fact, only six
people in the whole Department of Defense did at the time, and all of them were on the first plane.

Solution: send someone from the Defense Language Institute at Monterey to Fort Drum to teach
my crew to speak fluent Somali in nine days.

(That this is impossible is why my crew depalletized our equipment and put it back in the shed
on Christmas Eve 2000.) There was lots of that kind of "planning" in that mission--the wrong gear,
the wrong people, the wrong place to be.

If Bush would have won the 1992 election, we would have never gone there. He knew it was a
big mistake and whoever was in the White House would have been crucified for it.
Which is why he handed the mission to President Clinton.


Jim, thanks for that.
I got a lot of mail, some from non-ditto-monkeys saying I'm "all wrong" in calling it Bush's mission.

For those who weren't paying attention in late 1992, here's what happened:
After Bush got his ass kicked in the election, he sent troops to Somalia to distribute food.
The Somali warlords kept stealing the food, so they had to be dealt with.

This is why people say "Clinton changed the mission."
Well, if he didn't change Bush's mission, we would've been distributing food past the
starving masses and into the hands of bin Laden's Al Qaeda, which is Bush's bungle all the way.

Our boys got ambushed (Colin Powell was in charge) and the Limbaughs, Norths and Dornans
started screaming "This is what happens when a draft-dodger is president."

Bush should've known the situation in Somalia before he committed troops there, and he
should've sent them in with protection, not naked and that's what got them killed.

...and still, nobody wants to talk about the 241 that Reagan got killed in Lebanon.
That's why he invaded Grenada, to "wag the dog" and the whore media fell for it,
and the gelding Democrats were (and still are) afraid to correct the misconception.

 So if you EVER hear anyone talk about the Somalia 21,
 ask them why they didn't mention the Lebanon 241 first.


 "Why is this administration is so good at keeping Bush's SEC file from the public
   and so pitiful about keeping our war secrets away from Saddam Hussein?"
     --James Carville, Crossfire, 07/30/02

 The Next 9-11?

  Click  Here

 The next 911-type event is planned for August 2nd or 3rd, anyway no later than August 15th.
 It is probably a bridge. Boom. It ought to be California but it could well be the Brooklyn Bridge
 because they had a phony bomb scare there a few weeks ago to test reaction times, etc.
 The market fell three hundred points very quickly, very nice Alan. The NWO could choose
 another target in America but a major bridge looks like the number one draft pick to me.

  Calm Heroes Before the Crash
 Flight 11 Crew Sent Details Before Hitting Towers

  Click  Here

"Listen, and listen to me very carefully. I'm on Flight 11. The airplane has been hijacked,"
 said the voice on the other end. The caller was Amy Sweeney, a flight attendant on board
 American Airlines Flight 11, which had just been hijacked on its way from Boston to Los Angeles.

 Sweeney, a 13-year veteran with the airline, calmly relayed information
 that would later be crucial in helping the FBI identify the hijackers.


 Your return address is no good.
 Contact me with a valid address.

 I don't know if people are trying to outwit spammers or what,
 but about 10 percent of the mail I reply to bounces back.

How Bush is seen by the rest of the world

 Bush-El of Cash
    from Joe Conason's Journal
   Click  Here

 The Bush boys have never liked welfare, unless it was corporate welfare and they (or their friends)
 were getting some. Now the Miami Herald reports that brother Jeb may have to testify in a court case
 involving allegations of bribery by a Florida water-pump company. On Monday, the Florida governor
 was added to the witness list in the case. The company's owner is David Eller, a former Bush business
 partner and faithful campaign contributor. Accused of paying off Nigerian officials who approved contracts
 to buy his company's equipment, Eller received loan financing from the federal Export-Import Bank while
 Poppy was president in 1992. Two years later, Eller paid nearly $650,000 for Jeb's interest in a different
 company known as Bush-El Trading.


 Hooray for Hillarywood!
   by MoDo the Dragon Woman

   Click  Here

 Hollywood was exhausted from its long tango with Bill. The "power clutch" between L.A. and D.C.,
 as they call it here, was heady and fun. But the ante kept going up, both emotionally and financially.
 Bill was more high-maintenance and insatiable than a starlet with a brand new Oscar. His trashy exit,
 with the last-minute pardons, angered many. And fund-raising dinners had escalated from $1,000
 a plate to $25,000 a plate.  Even in a bull market, Bill was a draining co-dependent.

 MoDo, garish prostitute with a degree in English Lit, keeps repeating the lies that were dismissed by
 all sane people (and the GAO) over a year ago.  She hates the Clintons more than she loves her family.

Subject: Quote of the Day


I'm on this e-mail list where a buddy of mine sends out a "Quote of the Day".  Today's was:

 "All truth passes through three stages.
   First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed.
   Third, it is accepted as being self-evident."
     - Arthur Schopenhauer

I had seen this quote before, and really enjoyed it.  This morning, seeing it again,
I realized that, with a little modification, you get the Republican's modus operandi:

"Every good idea passes through three stages.
  First, it is ridiculed by conservative operatives in the press.
  Second, it is violently opposed by Republicans in the legislature.
  Third, the Bush administration grudgingly signs it into law and then takes credit for it."
     -Joe Toastenhauer

Only 59 more days to BartFest!!

 Joe S.

Jesus loves you UNCONDITIONALLY--as long as you do EXACTLY what He says!

He commands you to buy some official Landover Baptist merchandise!

Go NOW--Jesus commands it!

 Know of any good bits or issues that need a repeat?

 Bush, Cheney under fire over offshore subsidiaries

  Click  Here

"The White House, in response to a wave of accounting scandals at major U.S. corporations,

 has railed against the practice of setting up subsidiaries in tax havens like the Cayman Islands
 and Bermuda to sidestep disclosure rules and avoid paying U.S. taxes. Bush called it "a problem"
 and said, "We ought to look at people who are trying to avoid U.S. taxes."

 While Bush served on Harken Energy's board of directors in 1989, the company set up an
 offshore subsidiary in the Cayman Islands, the White House acknowledged. But Ari Fleischer
 denied it was a scheme to avoid paying taxes in the United States."

 Bush & Cheney still millions, screw their stockholders, cheat their way out of paying taxes,
 then they give high-horse speeches about this "problem that should be looked at."

 But Bush refuses to release the papers that prove his guilt!

 Why does the Bush Family always get a pass?

 I watched the "Pockets" episode of West Wing again last night.
 Funny, since seeing Kent Bye's great job with the JulieFest2002-DC tape,
 I'm so much more conscious of the editing that makes a film great.

 Jed working on his car, then back to the Cathedral, then back to the car,
 more funeral, then Jed's daddy smacks him for daring to have an opinion,
 then the music swelling up while the rain pours down his face, the ride
 past the Cathedral where the janitor finds the cigarette butt, and maybe
 best of all was the look on Leo's face as he said, " this!"

 Toby knew that Leo felt Jed would still change his mind, but Leo was lying to himself.
 So when it happened, Leo's faith was rewarded and then Jed had that "just try and stop me"
 look of determination that all Democrats should have, but noooooooooooooo.
 Mr. Rove likes his Democrats scared and neutered.

 BartFest2002 - Party of the Year

 Make your own hotel reservations.


 Big News: Nothing yet, but that could change tonight.

 Y'know, in a way, it's kind of exciting - the danger behind the BartFest.
 Right now, it's still a cozy get-together with just a few close friends meeting for a drink.

 But if the special guests come thru, it'll grow faster than Ari Fliescher's nose on budget day.
 Isn't this exciting?

 We have settled on the top two vote getters.

 I'm going to throw caution to the wind and make two calls tonight.
 That doesn't guarantee answers by tomorrow, but as they say in Las Vegas,
 "you can't win a jackpot unless you get in the game."

 So tonight - we roll the dice!

 ...isn't this exciting?
 (Oh, God, please don't let me lose my ass on this)

 14 days from today...The Rio will ask "Bart, you in or out?"

 September 28th -  tickets on sale!

                                             The most exciting city in the world.

 Click  Here  to see Bart's 40 (so far) things to do in Vegas.

 Click  Here  to see Dave's 100 Things to do in Vegas

 Talk to me!


 "President Bush is getting ready to go to Kennebunkport
   to rest up before he takes his monthlong vacation in Texas.
   He likes doing ranch stuff clearing brush and dumping stocks."

 Is it wise to support
 With a crooked president and a paid-off Supreme Court, it's tough to survive.
 We lefty dot.coms know that better than anybody.
 If we don't fight back - who will?  The elected Democrats?

 But Bart, ...Dubya's our friend...
 It wouldn't be right to fight our friend...

 Click below to become a Corona Light volunteer for just $5 a month

 Click  Here  to donate large.

 Help if you can, if you can't, that's OK, too.

 Florida Recount Funded by Enron/Halliburton
  The Bush Family's Made Men

  Click  Here

"Among the expenditures listed was a payment of $13,000 to Enron and $2,400 to Halliburton.

 for the use of their corporate jets and other unspecified services.   Eighteen months after the election,
 we find that the (Bush) administration literally flew into office on the Enron corporate jet,"
 said Jennifer Palmieri, press secretary for the DNC."

 Gee, I'm so terribly shocked.
 What's next, ...we find out Ted Olson was involved, too?

 Quick cooking tip:

 Mrs. Bart tried something that worked really well.
 You know those little red "new" potatoes* that you boil on the oven?
 For no reason, she chopped up a big onion and dumped it into the pot.
 The potatoes* came out better-tasting than ever!
 You could hardly taste the onions, but the potatoes* were great!

 She even re-heated them last night - and they were great a second time.

  This Just In...
 The end of 

 Uh, ... it seems that ...big jackpot ...was just ...a scam.
 I'd already sent them the $3000 registration fee - do you think I can get that back?

 Good thing I found out in time, right?
 I was just about to quit my day job when the news came.
 (Thanks to all who wrote!)

 Who knew there were unscrupulous people on the internet?
 I wonder if the B.F.E.E. is involved, they seem to have their fingers in
 every crooked global scheme there is and after all, Nigeria has oil...

 So it looks like  will continue...


 They read it in MacMasters Beach.
 They read it in St. Brides Wentlooge.
 They read it in the Santa Fe Hemp Shop, on Water Street

BartCop, ...come to Vegas!
 BartCop, Vegas is calling you.
 BartCop, over 90 different tequilas at the Hard Rock.....
 BartCop, ...BartCop...

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