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Volume 870 - Locohoma


 Mon-Tues   August 19-20, 2002.................................... .............................................. 

 Angry mob of "Iraqi nationals" seizes embassy in Germany
 This proves Bush is a visionary in his lust for war.

      Poppy's CIA "Rent-a-mob"

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 A group calling itself the Democratic Iraqi Opposition of Germany issued a statement

 in German saying it was launching a "peaceful and temporary" action to press its demands
 for an end to the rule of Saddam Hussein, just like the visionary President Pinhead.


 "A lecture from George Bush on business ethics?
  That's like getting a facial from a leper."
     -- Robin Williams, HBO

 Bush Guests Include GOP Backers

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 The Bushes' roughly 160 guests include at least six of Bush's biggest fund-raisers
 and their families. White House spokeswoman Anne Womack said she didn't know
 whether donors, or any other Bush guests, have slept in the Lincoln Bedroom.

 Of course, you probably won't see this on any newscasts, and the Democrats
 are too timid to use this against Bush, even tho Clinton had to eat it for 8 years.

 Farewell, My Cokie
   by Eric Alterman

 Click  Here

 Call me sentimental, but I'm going to miss the old gal. With no discernible politics save an attachment
 to her class, no reporting and frequently no clue, she was the perfect source for a progressive media critic:
 a perpetual font of Beltway conventional wisdom uncomplicated by any collision with messy reality.

 There's no telling who Cokie screwed to get her job.
 She's been the stupidest, most uninformed prostitute in Washington DC for a decade.
 I can't even tell you who the second stupidest person is - Cokie owns that title by a mile.

 The Waco Road to Baghdad
        by Frank Rich

  Click  Here

 The questions left to be debated now are who's going to pay for the war, who's going to be killed in it,
 who's going to police what could be a decade-long cleanup. (So far the answer to all three seems to
 be first and foremost: the go-it-alone Americans.) The loudest voices asking these questions are
 almost exclusively Republican: Brent Scowcroft, Chuck Hagel, Henry Kissinger, even Dick Armey.
 "If you think you're going to drop the 82nd Airborne on Baghdad and finish the job," said Senator Hagel,
 a Vietnam war hero, two weeks ago, "I think you've been watching too many John Wayne movies."

 Once again, the Republicans have to do the fighting for us because we're too scared.


"Bush, himself the most intellectually backward American president [sic]
  of my political lifetime, is surrounded by advisers whose bellicosity
  is exceeded only by their political, military and diplomatic illiteracy."
         -- Gerald Kaufman, Former British Labour Minister

 Notes of a Reluctant Radical

  Click  Here

 ...due to the terrorist attacks of September 11, even Bush v.Gore has faded into irrelevance
 in the national conversation.  Unfortunately, and inexplicably, during the Presidential campaign,
 the Gore forces chose neither to study nor to learn from the mistakes of preceding Democratic
 candidates -- particularly that of Michael Dukakis in 1988.  Accordingly, the GOP effectively
 repeated in 2000 the strategy of the 1988 campaign of "Poppy Bush," with manifest success.
 Reduced to three words, it was a strategy of smear, spin, and misdirection.   Unless the
 Democrats refocus their attention on Campaign 2000, with the purpose of learning from it,
 they will likely repeat their errors in 2002 and 2004, just as the did in November, 2000.

 Bushonomics & Close Encounters with Neighborhood Watch
       by Al Martin

  Click  Here

  Bush's so-called conference on revitalizing the economy was held in Waco, Texas of all places.
 (You knew that had to be auspicious). It was full of Republican shills who immediately took control
 of the entire thing. This was billed as an "economic forum of the people," in which the people could
 give their opinions on what the Bush Administration is doing wrong. Brokerage firm owner Muriel
 Siebert said that we should take the next five years period and allow people to double the amount
 of money they can put in their 401(k)'s and IRA's in order to make up for losses that people have
 sustained over the last eighteen months. Of course, she was very careful to make sure that the
 eighteen months didn't coincide, in anyone's mind, with Bush's tenure.

 A mishap caused me to take down a graphic Monday, but when I did,
 I forgot to hit "save" at some point and I lost half of the weekend issue.

 If anyone has the complete weekend issue, #869, let me know.
 It's probably near 40K in size, all I could recover was 28K.

 Damn, I hate to change what's been posted because this always happens...

 Sunday, I had to watch the golf tourney to be sure Mr. Perfect didn't win.
 He started to make a run there at the end, so I added a little extra "Hex on Thee."

 Next time someone says Tiger is the best,
 I'll remind them that he's no Rich Beem.

 The Plot Thickens


 Guess who turned four yesterday?


"The problem is that the whole myth of the liberal media bias is preposterous because nobody
 who owns a broadcast license, or a newspaper, is a Democrat. They're all screaming on the right.
 And the flap about liberal media bias was manufactured by the right wing. The right wing goes to
 some of their friends in another part of the right wing and says, "You attack my network. You say
 that CBS is too liberal, and that gives us the license to behave more conservatively in order to
 appear to be fair". Thereby pushing any liberal idea completely out of their broadcast, and doing it
 in a way that's saying, "We're doing this to provide balance". Perfect fakeout. Because that's exactly
 what the people always wanted to do to begin with. The demise of the Red Lion Decision guaranteeing
 equal time for opposing points of view in a political situation - they got rid of that last year, or the year
 before. Most people don't even know that regulation doesn't exist anymore. It is no longer required of
 a broadcaster to give equal time to the opposition. And so the removal of that regulation, combined
 with the desire to have only one point of view presented to the American public, has given them this
 great opportunity in this election."
   -- the late great Frank Zappa:

 Full Interview

 Geneva, official astrologer to

 Click  Here

 This one deals with what The Stars tell about the possibility of war with Iraq.
 I examine the charts between Saddam, Bush Junior and the Libra Ingress for Baghdad.
 Also a look at the November elections

 About a year ago, Geneva predicted that Chandra Levy would be found near water, strangled.

 The Bush Dyslexicon
  by Mark Crispin Miller

..It's only $11.17
    click to order

 The new paperback edition came out recently, with some 70 pages of
 new material about GWB's first year, with particular emphasis on 9/11.

 The good puppy press won't even review this book because it doesn't
 fawn over President Weak, Stupid and Guilty.

 Get this book!

 Did Bush evade taxes when he sold the Texas Rangers?

  Click  Here   use IE, not Netscape

 A review of George W. Bush’s 1998 tax return reveals that he reported the sale of his share of the
 Texas Rangers baseball team as a long term capital gain.  As a result, he paid a tax on the more than
 $15 million proceeds at a tax rate of 20%, as opposed to the 39.6% rate on ordinary income.

 1. He's never worked a day in his life.
 2. Got this "job" because daddy was president
 3. Got in with $660,000, got out with $15 million
 4. Financed stadium with a tax increase.

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 Los Angeles Church Hid Abuse Claims

  Click  Here

 The LA Archdiocese under Cardinal Roger M. Mahony for many years kept information from police
 and allowed clerics facing prosecution for sexual abuse to flee to foreign countries, says the LA Times.

 These are major crimes, committed over decades by serial rapists and their enablers.
 Can the Church recover from this?
 Will John Paul II leave the legacy as the "rape Pope?"

 When will the Church agree to take the first tiny steps toward stopping this?

 Lap dance rules shaking Vegas

  Click  Here

 Erotic entertainment is so much a part of the landscape that even people outside the industry
 were scratching their heads earlier this month after Clark County commissioners approved
 strict regulations on lap dancing. The rules would apply only to parts of the county and
 the Strip that are outside Las Vegas city limits.

 Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman said, ''If the commissioners want to put all of their
 adult cabarets on rollers, all they have to do is push them in my direction.''

 Does Norman Schwarzkopf read

 "If we invade Iraq and the regime is very close to falling,
   I'm very, very concerned that the Iraqis will use weapons of mass destruction..."
       -- Schwarzkopf

 Bush backed the Taliban in a corner and what did they do?
 September 11th.

 What will Saddam do when he realizes he's about to lose everything?

 Rohrabacher Secretly Met Taliban Prior to 9/11
 Same Congressman Secretly Joined Mujahideen in 1988

  Click  Here

 Recently released financial disclosure forms and news accounts in the Arab press
 confirm that Republican Congressman Dana Rohrabacher conducted secret and illegal
 negotiations with the Taliban in April 2001 while on a trip paid for by Islamic and
 Egyptian support organizations, charges his Democratic challenger, Gerrie Schipske.

“Rohrabacher told the House that he was attending a conference. He did not disclose
 the meeting with the Taliban. Members of Congress are only allowed to accept paid
 trips that are connected with their official duties. Negotiating with Osama Bin Laden’s
 protégé isn’t one of them.”

 If Bush didn't know about 9/11,
 why was a Republican Congressman offering the Taliban a "peace plan" in April 2001?
 And why was Rohrbacker acting as an agent for Eqypt while on the taxpayer's payroll? in its second year!
Woo Hoo!

 Today's Special Bonus Issue

 Click  Here

Military records of our leaders
  by Duhboid

 Here is a list showing who of our leaders served in the military:

 Click  Here

Subject: Mallard Fillmore/Charles Schultz

Just wanted to know that on the day that all the major cartoonists did their tribute to Charles Shultz
and "Peanuts" of course MF did a bitchy attack on liberals, (he likened them to crabby Lucy).

I should not that two liberal cartoonists, Art Spiegleman and Dan Perkins (aka Tom Tomorrow)
both not only did touching tributes to Schultz, but where also honored guests at One Snoopy Place
(Schultz's home) before he died.  Do I detects a note of jealousy mr. MF?

Sean C

Mallard Fillmore is the worst of the worst.
He lies like Rush and he's got Hannity's pettiness - and he's never funny.
He MUST have been hired as "The anti-Doonesbury," but he's a terrible comedy writer.

click for more

 BartFest2002 - Party of the Year

 Make your own hotel reservations.

 Tickets will be available until the night of the party.
 At this point, it would help to know if you're a "maybe."

We do not have any news, but that could change any minute.
        I'm content to let things happen - yeah, that's the ticket

 Update: The last two sign ups were from Nevada!

 Check The Rio web site.
 Click on "Hot Deals,"and get a luxury suite for $139 on Fri/Sat and $59 Sun-Thurs.

.'s so exciting!!!

 This is the biggest gamble I've taken in the most exciting city in the world!

 ...we are out on a limb, ...but it's so exciting!!!
 (Oh, God, please don't let me lose my ass on this!)


 September 28th -  tickets on sale!

                      Luxor                                            Excalibur                              The Palms

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 Special  Exclusive

 Casino Gambling: The Absolute Minimum
   A primer on how to not lose your ass gambling at the casinos
    by  George Backus

 Click  Here  for Installment One

 Click  Here  for Installment TWO - now with working link

 Greyhound's Slut Bus

                             click to see their excuse

 So I wrote to them


 Subject: advertising on your bus

 Dr Laura has posed for pictures with her legs spread,
 worse than anything you'll see in Hustler Magazine.

 (See enclosed)

 Why would you put that filthy woman's picture on your bus?


 Well, at least here knees aren't four feet apart in the bus picture.

 Thanks to Jerry K

 Cross your fingers - we should know something soon...

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