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Volume 873 - Frightened Bunnies
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 Friday   August 23, 2002.................................... .............................................. 


"The people who criticize my show don't listen to it.
  Everyone who listens has to admit that I'm right."
    -- The vulgar, lying braggart

 But Rush, if everyone agrees, why do you have to screen your calls?
 Your calls are the most tightly screened in all of show business.
 You can't even have guests, because when you tell those gullible fools that
 Clinton had Randy Weaver killed, a guest might point out that an Arkansas
 governor has no authority to order the FBI to murder a man in Idaho.
 Liddy has liberals on his show all the time, so why can't you?
 Could it be your lies are too easily dismissed by reasonable people?

 Secret Court tells Ashcroft to "stop illegal phone taps"
  White House to appeal, win is guaranteed, has "friends" on the bench

  Click  Here

 Setting up the next showdown over anti-terrorism powers, the Bush administration appealed
 a court ruling that forced John Ashcroft to change new guidelines for FBI terrorism searches and wiretaps.
 Documents released Thursday showed that the U.S. Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, which has
 not publicly disclosed any of its rulings in nearly two decades, rejected some of Ashcroft's guidelines as
 "not reasonably designed" to safeguard the privacy of Americans. The secretive court oversees
 government's most sensitive surveillance efforts.

 Does Brent Scowcroft read  bartcop.com?

"An attack on Iraq now could cause Saddam to launch weapons of mass
  destruction at Israel, provoking Israeli nuclear retaliation, igniting Armageddon."

 From August 6th Volume 860 - Tax the Churches

> So, we're going to back Saddam into a corner?
> We're going to force him to fire every missle he has loaded with mustard gas and anthrax
> into Israel, putting Sharon in the position of having no option but to nuke Baghdad?

>  I don't think I like the way the Clueless Idiot wages war.

 Craven Democrats
     by LRA

  Click  Here

  ...the Republicans let McCarthy go on with his reign of terror until he had more or less won them
 the 1954 congressional elections. (The main accomplishments of these Congresses were, we note,
 putting "In God We Trust" on our currency and "under God" into the Pledge of Allegiance. They even
 fought Republican President Eisenhower on building the Interstate system!) That the Republicans are
 standing up now is encouraging. But don't look for them to restore the rule of habeas corpus.
 Or reform election laws.  And no doubt the Democrats in congress see soon-to-be-former Rep. McKinney
 as getting what was coming to her: an Aunt Thomasina with Republican backing emerging from political
 nowhere to neutralize her once and for all within her own party.

 Joe Conason's Journal
 Al-Qaida's origins in fantasy, and Safire's unconvincing argument for attacking Iraq.
  Click  Here

 Does Blah3 Have the GOP worried?

  Click  Here

 A column by Conservative San Diego columnist Joseph Perkins claims that the
 "Money" Multimedia story that we recently  posted here was funded by the DNC
 and would run in Battle Ground states during the upcoming campaign cycle.

 Joe, you could have asked. I would have told you the whole story, just like I told the
 Phildelpihia Inquirer and CNN when they followed journalistic protocol and asked the question.

 In your haste to pin something bad on those hypocritical Democrats, you forgot
 all that stuff about verification that they taught you in your journalism classes.

  ..as seen on.Mediawhoresonline.com
 Violence Incitement Watch
  Slate/Mickey Kaus-Recommended Ann Coulter Expresses Regret
  That NYT Journalists Have Not Been Murdered By Terrorists

  Click  Here

  Double Excerpt:

 MWO - We wonder again why Slate.com's Mickey Kaus would concern himself with MWO's rhetoric,
 when someone he has recommended, and whose site he has permanently linked on his weblog at Slate.com,
 has expressed disappointment that his fellow journalists working for the New York Times have not been
 murdered in a terrorist attack.

 BartCop.com -  It's not clear why Salon.com felt it necessary to whore themselves and go after MWO
 and  bartcop.com,  (And if Liberto wasn't following orders, why can't David Talbot stand up like a man
 and defend himself?) but this Kaus monkey tried the same trick that Liberto tried - and he failed, too.

 A Letter from Unka Dick to  bartcop.com

  Click  Here

The Pieman!


"President Bush is instinctively for tax cuts,
  so tax cuts are, therefore, inherently his idea."
   - Rush the serial truth molester


 What kind of nonsensical double-talk horseshit is that?
 Whatever it is, I'm sure the flock bought it, because Rush is always right.

 Reasoned Voices Speak Out Against War with Iraq
  by Georgie Anne Geyer

   Click  Here

 One must realize that Gen. Scowcroft is not just any former official. He has for several decades
 been so close to the Bush family, particularly the president's father and mother, as to be considered
 almost a member of the family. It is impossible to imagine that he would have written this without their
 full understanding and acknowledgement of it. And moreover, he is not alone.

 I agree with Geyer on this, but it's not easy trusting
 someone who has had sexual relations with Fidel Castro.

 Al-Qaida Studios' Greatest Hits!

   Click  Here

 Bush Visits Portland

 The protester were out large, loud and strong.  The police, who we pay, were out in force to stop citizens
 from exercising their constitutional rights to peacefully assemble and protest a regressive Government and
 an illegally selected president.  Our men in blue were afraid some protesters might move some barricades
 so they pepper sprayed them, moved them back and arrested five.

 If Bush is so popular why did he need 200 cops to protect him while he raised $1,000,000.00
 for a crappy Senator.  $25,000 to take a picture with him, even Dr. Laura doesn't charge that much.
 The weasel can't get out of the Northwest fast enough for me.

 Where's President Gore when you need him?
 Richard K

  How the AP saw it

  Click  Here

 Riot police used pepper spray and struck some demonstrators with batons after ordering
 hundreds of people to leave a protest near a hotel where Bush attended a fund-raiser.

 Protesters hammered on the hoods of police cars as pepper spray wafted through the air.
 Protesting Bush's foreign policy, they chanted "Drop Bush, Not Bombs."

 We no longer have Freedom of Speech in this once great country.
 We no longer have the right of peaceful assembly in this once great country.

 I guess we should admit that Bush showed some restraint, by not calling up the Portland
 National Guard and ordering them to use their tanks and guns on protestors.
 Remember: Ashroft wants "troublemakers" put in confinement camps.

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 Government in the shadows
  Since September 11, some Americans believe
  their basic freedoms are under siege from within.

   Click  Here

 ...Bush returned FEMA to the forefront of national security by allowing it to participate
 "in homeland security training that involves military and civilian emergency response".
 Now the Administration is moving to give FEMA disturbing new responsibilities.

 On August 14 the LA Times ran an article about Ashcroft's desire to
 create camps for US citizens he deems to be "enemy combatants".
 The newspaper reported that Ashcroft aides "have indicated that a 'high-level committee'
 will decide who will be stripped of their constitutional rights and sent to Ashcoft's new camps".

 I always laughed at that extra-stupid movie "Red Dawn," because it asked us to believe
 Russia could invade thru Alaska and Mexico, meet up in Colorado, split the country in half
 and start executing people with guns or an attitude towards fighting back.

 What made this so hysterically funny was the idea that the Russians could go thru Texas
 and the 80 million, yes, you read that right, 80 millions guns in Texas.


 ... Bush and Ashcroft have the tools to accomplish that.

 ...and you still don't own a gun?

 Thank Koresh for the Freepers and the NRA, because the Democrats refuse to fight.

 The idiot Democrats confirmed Ashcroft KNOWING he was religiously insane. The idiot Democrats
 confirmed Olson KNOWING he was America's second-ranking presidential cock hunter after
 Kenneth Starr - they just waved and said "Fine, George - whatever you want, Mr. President."

 Why are Democrats cashing their checks if they refuse to do their jobs?
 Can't we arrest them for obtaining money under false pretenses?
 Aren't "ghost-workers" on the payroll illegal in this country?

 Then again, who would arrest them - Ashcroft?  Why would he?

 He owns them, along with Unka Dick, Unka Karl and the boy some call Mr. President..

 Attack Iraq? No
 Invasion would lead to disaster
    by Chris the Screamer (R-Backstabber)

     I'm a sellout whore

  Click  Here

 "How long were we in Beirut before that lame-brained mission ended with a barracks
  being blown sky-high by a suicide bomber? How long were we in Saigon before we
  gave up trying to decide where our mission was less popular: at home or in Vietnam?

 This invasion of Iraq, if it goes off, will join the Bay of Pigs, Vietnam, Desert One,
 Beirut and Somalia in the history of U.S. military catastrophes. What will set it apart
 for all time is the immense - and transparent - political stupidity..

 But Chris, who's gonna sent you a check if you go against your boss?
 And that "lame-brained" mission in Beruit?
 That was Reagan, your HERO, who got those 240 marines killed, Chris.
 Did that malaria make you forget that you turned whore years ago?

 Well, stay on their side - we don't want you!

 Every day, Rush tells his gulllible sheep "There is no recession - there never was,"
 and then moments later, he says, "Bush wants more tax cuts to jump-start the economy."

 Well gee, Rush, which is it?

 He's been beating this "no recession" drum constantly, and then some ditto-monkey calls in
 and says, "Rush, I've been out of work for over a year - what do you mean "no recession?"

 I heard a guy from St Louis call in and say, "First, TWA laid me off, then I got a job
 with American Airlines, but then they laid me off - twice in 20 months."

 Rush, in a panic, asks his little elves for a way out while the guy continues...

 "Of course, they laid off 7500 of us, but no higher ups lost their jobs."

 ...and then Rush sees his chance, "Oh, so you're a class-warfare guy? You must be
 a seminar caller, a liberal, trying to discredit the host with some trick questions!"

 Meanwhile, of course, the caller's mic has been turned off, so Rush scolds him,
 giving the easily-led the impression the caller's been caught and taking his just punishment

 Rush Limbaugh is the biggest fraud in show business.

Subject: Rush the blowhard


Rush was on a rant today about what a good idea it is for the logging industry to solve the
forest fire problem by "thinning" the forest. Leave it to the Un-elected One to come up with the
most ridiculous idea I have ever heard. The logging industry and its dollars seem to have persuaded
Bush to solve the problem of forest fires in the wilderness by simply eliminating the wilderness.

Maybe if we take away all personal possessions, we will eliminate theft. If we bulldoze all the homes
in the country, we will eliminate house fires and the associated death, injury and property loss.
If we execute all the people below the poverty level, we will eliminate... poverty!

Rush is a pompous, annoying, out of touch, uninformed, idiot.


.Woo Hoo!

 Two great pictures of The Venetian

  Click  Here

  Click  Here

 Another Bush in Portland Report

 A pig riot took place in portland yesterday at an anti-bush protest makes me feel that now the intifada
 amerikkkana had emerged...the portland pigs hand in hand with shrub decided it was time to come down
 hard on free speech...well thery have problems now ...big time ...therefore the shit hits the fan!!!

 in fact today is the 32 anniversary of the murder of george jackson-a soledad brother framed on a murder rap
 due to his being a black panther...jackson was executed by stooges of reagan's gunernatorial reign in california



 "President Bush says he needs a month off to unwind.
   Unwind?      When the hell does this guy wind?

  So he comes back at the end of the month, then in a few months
  lights the Christmas tree and that's just about it for this year for this president."
      -- Dave

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 Has Bush been mouse-trapped into war?
   by Pat Buchanan

   Click  Here

 Whatever his sins, Saddam is not in the same league with Stalin, whose regime FDR recognized
 in 1933, as that monster was starving 9 million Ukrainians, or Mao, who welcomed Nixon to Beijing,
 even as his Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution was entering its bloody climax.

 When Bush returns from Crawford, Texas, in September, he is going to face a hellish situation.
 With Armey, Scowcroft and now Larry Eagleburger, Chuck Hagel and Jack Kemp deserting the
 War Party, Democrats have all the political cover needed to oppose the president's pre-emptive war.

 ...but Pat, that would take courage, and the Democrats have shown none thus far.

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 No news on the special guest stars yet, but today could be the day, so we're checking the
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