"How many dictators who ended up being a tremendous global threat, 
and killing thousands, and indeed millions of people, 
should we have stopped in their tracks?"
-- Condi Rice 

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Volume 874 - His Honeymoon

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 Weekend   August 24-25, 2002.................................... .............................................. 


"Any fool -- like, oh, say, the president -- who tells you all these problems have been
  taken care of with by the Sarbanes bill should check out the Vinson & Elkins ad. Ashcroft
  makes five guys do a perp walk and thinks we're dumb enough to assume that's the end of
  corporate fraud. It is notoriously difficult to prove fraud and I, for one, am cynical enough
  to believe that there is a class of people in the country called Too Rich to Go to Prison."
       --Molly Ivins, creators.com

 What really happened in Portland?
  This is what happened in Portland.

 With a selected king instead of a legally-elected president,
 lawful assembly and and legal protesting can get you shot with rubber bullets.

 Whole Story

 What really happened:


I can not believe the erroneous reports you are printing from Portland.  A bunch of disgusting
feces-covered student-lunatics were throwing rocks and bottles towards the president and
shouting things like "You fucking asshole" and "Give us our marijuana you rightwing shithead."

I was there and it was revolting.  They took turns shitting on the ground and picking it up with
gloves on and throwing it at police officers and the crowd going in to see president Bush.
Many dropped their pants, stuck out their rears, farted or crapped on the ground and
then threw rocks and bottles at everybody.

No, it was not a freedom of speech issue.  It was a group of anarchists
and communists stepping on the rights of citizens to peacefully assemble.

Bonnie B

Bonnie, where are the pictures?
I can't help think Bush's good puppy press wou'ld've plastered those pictures alllllllllllllllll over the news.
I guarantee Fox Whore News would run them non-stop for a week.

  The CIA's Worst-Kept Secret
 Newly Declassified Files Confirm US Collaboration with Nazis

  Click  Here

 The CIA reports show that U.S. officials knew they were subsidizing numerous Third Reich veterans
 who had committed horrible crimes against humanity, but these atrocities were overlooked as the
 anti-Communist crusade acquired its own momentum. For Nazis who would otherwise have been
 charged with war crimes, signing on with American intelligence enabled them to avoid a prison term.

 George W Bush Hates America
      By Ted Rall

  Click  Here

 ...there's been very little serious thinking since September 11--what did these guys do to
 deserve being imprisoned in the first place, much less indefinitely? They fought for the Taliban.
 In Afghanistan. Against the Northern Alliance. In Afghanistan.

 These prisoners--er, detainees--didn't attack the United States. They didn't even know anyone
 who attacked the United States. They're being held not because of who they are, but because
 of what they might do--and because of what they think.

RB Ham found something really creepy in the background
Smirk was using in Waco -  the insignia of the Nazi SS.

Subject: An IDEA for you about those wuss Dems

Hey Bartcop,

 Saw your comments about the congressman (Sensenbrenner) asking questions about the Patriot Act, and like you say..
 of COURSE he is a Repub because he is fighting back.  A few days ago you had several items in the same issue,
 that were basically the same thing.. Repubs doing the Dems job of speaking out against the Bushies.

 This is getting ridiculous.. Dick Armey and Larry Clayman are the voice of the Democratic party??!!
 Good Grief, its embarrassing.. pathetic!  You have repeatedly called the Dems the pink tutu party.
 I have to agree with you and have an idea..

 Why not have a fundraiser, or a campaign, to take donations to buy 'Real' pink tutu's
 and mail them to each Dem in the Senate!

 And you could include a scathing letter with each one (I would be more than happy to write one for ya).
 Or, maybe just send the thing with no letter at all.. and let them try to figure it out on their own??

 Whatdaya think?

 Kelley K

 Sounds like an excellent idea.
 But maybe we could e-mail them this picture instead of buying and mailing tutus.

We looooove George W Bush!

 True Believers Seeing What They Want to See
    by Ron Garrett

  Click  Here

 Todd Beamer said, "God help me. Jesus help me. Are you ready? Let's roll." But the deified 1st century carpenter
 and Galilean lay preacher apparently wasn't available for the call. Doubtless the radical Islamist with his hands on
 the control yoke was simultaneously calling on Allah and Mohammed.

 Todd Beamer,his fellow passengers, and the hijackers themselves died needlessly because of the ancient superstitions
 that convinced a handful of deluded men to exchange their humanity for the falsehoods of religion. And in the aftermath,
 religionists are all seeing confirmation of their superstition as the one true faith.

 Subject: I've lost some credibility...

 Click  Here

 I was very disappointed about the story you ran last week that was supposedly

 yanked off ABC news' website about the summary executions.

 While I appreciated your retraction, I had already sent the story to my Dad, Brother,
 & best friend (as you had implored us to do - thank god I didn't send it to more people.)

How Portland feels about President AWOL


"I'm so proud to be here to embrace his candidacy. Simon is the right man to keep an eye
  on the state budget. It's your money. And you better have somebody who understands that."
       --Dubya, who allowed Enron and Kenny Boy to steal billions from California rate payers.

 ...one more look at that Portland protest...



"Speaking of Ashcroft, after spending a year on the investigation that netted 12 hookers
  in New Orleans, he has now announced that he is going after deadbeat dads, surely a more
  socially useful thing to do. But given his record on tracking down whatever terrorists may be
  lurking among us, the single mothers of the nation shouldn't get their hopes up."
                --Molly Ivins, creators.com

It takes a village idiot
to raze a country.

Thanks to Dick and Anna

Subject: BartFest

Dear Bartcop,

I am intrigued by Bartfest, but don't have the funds to support such a trip, yet.
When is the last day I can buy tickets?

You can buy tickets at the last minute at the door, but if a lot of people do that
we may have space problems. We need to give the Casino some clues as to
how big a crowd to expect and how many food portions to prepare for.

When will the line up be listed, or has it already been published?

As of this minute, the "line up," consists of just us, which includes Bart, Christian,
Jim Higdon, Isaac Peterson, Political Strikes's Kevin Cunningham, Voltai News's Jim,
Gens from the BartCop Forum, Marty from BartCop E!, Mike from Subversivetalk.com
and a whole bunch of people from the East Coast.

But it's possible that I could get an e-mail any minute confirming the presence of a
very famous person and a hueueueueueuege Democratic hero who's so big,
I can't believe we might actually make this happen.

Will I be overwhelmed by Las Vegas?

Yes, ...but that's a good thing. Most likely, you'll catch Vegas Fever and go back every year.
The town itself is unlike any other city on Earth, they have what no other cities have,
they treat you like royalty and they know how to party.

Exactly what happens at Bartfest?


You're asking great questions!
If we land the big stars, it might be quite a bit like JulieFest2002-DC, but this will be more of
an informal party, instead of an emergency fund-raiser for an angel with a broken wing.  If we land
the big stars, we'll have some speeches (maybe) and a general meet-and-greet type thing, because
everyone will want a few words with the  special guests.

If we're not lucky, then it'll just be a roomful of intelligent liberals (and myself) which is still a lot of fun
because there will be tequila and music and food and fun, and we'll haveunspent money in a town where
you can get anything if you have a few dollars.

Even tho Nevada is poised to legalize marijuana, I strongly urge those of you driving from places
like Humboldt County not to bring any super-pedigree doobage with you because,

...wait for it,

...that would be wrong (cough)

Stay tuned, we may unveil the big line up any hour now.


Subject: personal and political


I became a bartcop supporter during the 2000 selection. I didn't want a pink tutu
so began attending my  county Democratic Executive Committee (DEC) in January 2001.

Week after week we worked to indentify candidates to regain the rights of people not corporations.
Our DEC chair, Mike Scionti, a street-fighting democrat gave an impassioned speech for democratic
governor candidate Bill McBride on Monday (8/19). We were to all gather (Saturday 8/24) for
a MEGA-MARCH to precincts.    Mike died of a heart attack on 8/20.
We marched anyway. I went door to door with McBride literature.

   Today the St.Pete Times endorsed McBride. Last week the Tampa Tribune endorsed McBride.
I know bartcoppers can't be interested in every state...but Florida, well, Florida is ground-zero.
Bush has been running attack ads against McBride trying to control the primary.
Bush thinks he can beat Reno...he's afriad of McBride.


 Times Recommends
 McBride for Democrats

  Click  Here

 Bush apparently agrees that McBride would be his most formidable opponent this fall.
 The Republicans already have unleashed statewide attack ads that distort McBride's record
 as managing partner of Holland & Knight. In truth, McBride's record of  professional and
 civic accomplishment in the private sector dwarfs that of Bush or anyone else on this year's ballot.
 However, this  year's gubernatorial campaign should be about public issues, not personal resumes.

by The Pieman

Subject: McKinney/Majette

First of all McKinney indeed got what she deserved. She had the backing of muslim radicals like farrakan
and other groups who are enemies of America and she was getting money from groups who are known
to have ties to terrorism. Bart when did you become such a radical left-winger who would back someone
who keeps such company?  I used to think you were a reasonable mainstream liberal.

Because she attacks smirk is everything else McKinney does to be overlooked?  Also regarding Denise Majette,
why is it that any black person who diverges even slightly from a radical left wing viewpoint is an "uncle Tom"
or "Aunt Tomasina" as that individual put it? Why aren't blacks allowed to think independently and why is it
assumed if they do they are tools of white conservatives? It seems to me those attitudes on the part of leftists
convey racism.  She's not a tool of the GOP, she's just not the radical type of black Democrat that the PC crowd
will accept and she doesn't carry Cynthia McKinney's anti-semitic, pro-radical muslim baggage.

I never knew a lot about McKinney.
The day she was defeated, USA Today said she voted against a resolution condemning Palestinian
suicide bombers, so she loses my support right there (assuming USA Today can be trusted )

And sure, getting in bed with Farrakhan will make lots of people vote against her.

 My butt is sore

 Why is my butt sore?
 Because I fell out of my La-Z-Boy.

 Why did I fall out of my La-Z-Boy?
 Because Cokie Roberts, the stupidest prostitute in all of Washington, said something right.

 What did the stupidest prostitute in all of Washington say that was right?
"If we go to war with Iraq, the price of a barrel of oil could skyrocket."

 THIS is why we're going to war with Iraq - because Bush's oil companies need more money.
 The most crooked and heartless president in American history has no problem sacrificing a few hundred
 (or few thousand) young American lives because he wants more oil, more power and more money.


 Tom Delay and a Mexican Prostitute?

  Click  Here

 Newsweek Magazine is reputed to have in its possession a picture of Delay
 locked in a sexual embrace with a Mexican prostitute), and who is also to
 be rumored to have a grown daughter not by his wife.

Free stickers for all subscribers
and BartFest ticket holders
or with any donation to  bartcop.com

Send in your sticker pictures.
Free ticket to BartFest for best real sticker picture.
Free ticket to BartFest for best sticker graphic.

NY Radio Station Dumps Shock Jocks

  Click  Here

 The popular "Opie and Anthony Show" was cancelled Thursday after a live
 broadcast of a couple having sex inside St. Patrick's Cathedral as part of a contest.

 Rude Rich has been sending me updates on this career-ending stunt, but since Knuckledrag
 doesn't get any non-Nazi syndicated shows, I've never heard the program. From what I hear,
 these guys didn't say "Quack, quack" every minute, so how good could they have been?

Would you like to honor the coward who ran on September 11th?

Click on the unelected coward for details

 Celebs hit Vegas both to see and be seen

  Full Story

 Celebrities can jet from Los Angeles to Las Vegas quicker than they can get
 from their Malibu estate to a Hollywood premiere by limo. Odds are good
 on spotting stars at Sin City's hottest nightclubs every weekend.

 Who might you see at a Vegas nightclub?

 Bellagio's Light
 Tiger Woo  , Tony Curtis, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jeff Gordon, Spiderman,
 Angie Harmon, Angie Harmon's injured husband, Freddie Prinze Jr. and Sarah Michelle Gellar,
 Sting, Tara Reid, Naomi Watts

 Hard Rock's Nobu
 Sarah Michelle Geller, Robert Downey Jr., Lara Flynn Boyle,

 The Palm's Rain
 Janet Jackson, Wayne Newton , Tommy Lee, Tara Reid , David Schwimmer,

 The Palm's Ghost Bar
 Steven Tyler, Samuel L. Jackson, Heather Locklear, Don Johnson,

 MGM Grand's Studio 54
 Gwen Stefani, Kevin Spacey, The Sopranos cast, Michael Jordan, Kiefer,
 Martin Lawrence, De Niro, Demi & Bruce, Tiger Woo


 Koresh's truth be known?
 There's nobody on that list I'd walk across the street to see, (well, ...maybe Angie Harmon)
 but I'd fly all the way to Minot, ND to meet our two invited guests - in a heartbeat.
 Let's hope we get some positive news.

 Cross your fingers, and don't step on any ladders or walk under any black cats.

Woo Hoo!

 Subject: Gilligan In Portland

I am not sure of the exact figure, but the local media in Portland once said that it costs
over $500,000 a day to pay cops overtime for these visits by the Unelected Fraud.

So yesterday the police shutdown our freeways and roped off nine square blocks
of our downtown so that this mother-effer can raise $1 Million for his political party?

As a Portlander, I feel as though I have been screwed.
I thought this bozo was supposed to be in Crawford watching Scooby Doo?


Mike, it's the pattern.
The B.F.E.E. always make their millions on the backs of the poor taxpayers.

Prescott Bush started the B.F.E.E. dealing with Hitler during the war.
Poppy used the bodies of our brave servicemen to get the oil rights to Bahrain.
Junior raised taxes to build a stadium, then sold out for $15 million.
Cheney used his government contacts to become super-rich.
(We won't mention the $5,000,000,000,000 that's missing from the Treasury)
Now Junior steals money from the angry (and yoked) American citizens so he
and his right-wing loonies can plot the theft of the 2004 elections.

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 The Bush Doctrine Of Stupidity And Greed

  Click  Here

 In the War on Terrorism, front-line firefighters are shortchanged, homeland
 defenses are delayed, the military is given expensive yet useless weapons,
 and the rich are rewarded with huge tax breaks.

 BartFest2002 - Party at the Rio

 Make your own hotel reservations.

 BartFest tickets will be available until the night of the party.

 Update - Vegas Fever is getting hotter every day.  Ticket sales are good, (except for California).
 The last three ticket buyers came from Arkansas, New York and, ...what's this?  California?
 and we're still 33 days away, so we're going to have the party in the big room.

 No news on the special guest stars yet, but today could be the day, so we're checking the
 e-mail every hour.   I'm content to let things happen - yeah, that's the way to make this work.

 Check The Rio web site.
 Click on "Hot Deals,"and get a luxury suite for $139 on Fri/Sat and $59 Sun-Thurs.


In less than 5 weeks ...isn't it exciting?
 (Oh, God, please don't let me lose my ass on this!)


 September 28th -  tickets on sale!

    When it gets darker, the colors glow LSD-bright

One last thing?
If you're thinking you'll pass on this Fest and make the next one, ...that may be a mistake.

 Click  Here  to see Bart's 48 (so far) things to do in Vegas.

 Click  Here  to see Dave's 100 Things to do in Vegas

 Talk to me!

 Special  bartcop.com Exclusive

 Casino Gambling: The Absolute Minimum
   A primer on how to not lose your ass gambling at the casinos
    by  George Backus

 Click  Here  for Installment One

 Click  Here  for Installment TWO

BartCop, ...come to Vegas!
 BartCop, only 36 more days, Vegas is calling you.
 BartCop, over 90 different tequilas at the Hard Rock.....
BartCop, ...BartCop...only 36 more days,
 BartCop, ...BartCop...come to Vegas...

 Cross your fingers - we should know something soon...

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