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Vol. 877 - Grandma got run over by a fascist


Wednesday   August 28, 2002.................................... .............................................. 


"Wouldn't it be nice if just once, on some issue, the Bush administration came up with a plan
   that didn't involve weakened environmental protection, financial breaks for wealthy
   individuals and corporations and reduced public oversight?"
          --Paul Krugman

  Guess who's back - back again...
 Bin Laden reportedly back in the saddle

  Click  Here

 Osama bin Laden is firmly back in command of al Qaeda and the group is digging in
 for guerrilla attacks on U.S. troops in Afghanistan, an Arab journalist with close ties
 to the militant's associates said on Tuesday. Bin Laden was in good health and "safe"
 and was planning new attacks on the United States, he was told.

 ...but that idiot Bush boy said, "bin Laden doesn't matter."

  I sure miss Bill Clinton, where all we had to fight about was Monica's dress
  and how we were going to spend the surplus that The Clinton Miracle created.

  Little Annie Fanny
       by Gene Lyons

  Click  Here

 On TV, Coulter conveys all the feminine warmth of a water mocassin, if you can
 imagine a pit viper with silicone implants. Kayan though, feverishly pictures her walking
 a metaphorical tightrope "her long-limbed signature silhouette poised precariously aloft,
 riverine blonde locks riffled by the breeze and legs coltishly pirouetting."


"For all his scripted dumbness, George Bush is the voice of America. He manages to be loud
  and anxious at the same time. When he speaks his own words they often sound evasive and
  uncomprehending. But his is the only voice there seems to be. He is, after all, the president.
  Through him and the handful of his ministers regularly heard from - which means, in effect,
  the defence secretary, Donald Rumsfeld, and almost no one else - we get a monochrome
  picture of the US: an America defiant, haughty and contemptuous towards both dissenters
  at home and...other governments that do not agree with the Bush line abroad."
         --Hugo Young, An alternative to Bush is demanding to be heard, guardian.co.uk

 Will Republicans Remain Loyal to their Party?

 They used to say that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. But in these economic times
 even the rich are getting poorer. Many Republicans are heavily invested in the stock market
 and have seen their investments and retirement all but wiped out. They got their big tax cut
 - but they also got their income cut.

 Republicans didn't like Clinton - but under Clinton they made a lot of money. They could afford
 to send their kids to college and private schools. Back then the problem was how to cool off the
 overheated economy. There were too many jobs. The debate was over what we were going to do
 with the surplus and people suffering from "sudden wealth syndrome". But the days of peace and
 prosperity are gone.

 But with the collapse of Enron and the market in general - Republican voter are really questioning
 if America is on the right course. If the theme of this year's election were "It's the economy stupid!"
 the Republican party would be in big trouble.

 Marc Perkel
 San Francisco

Subject: The coming war?


I sometimes write from down here in Australia.  Sometimes you respond sometimes not.
I still love the site, and read it, MWO and Buzzflash religiously.  I am a nurse here in the far north
of Australia (which is sometimes like the US deep south).  Lately we have started having trouble
getting stock for our ICU from our US suppliers.  An opinion has formed among our stores people
that this is because the US is stockpiling medical equipment.

I have also seen anecdotal mention of people knowing people in US armed forces units getting shipping orders.
I now think it was always the plan of the Bush family to go after Iraq, and 9/11 was (if not part of the plan)
an extraordinary stroke of luck for them.  Why else would they have so obviously allowed it to occur?

Do you think that Bush senior may have left Hussein in place after Gulf war one because they had some
secret agreement and now he has since reneged on it?  At the moment nothing is making sense.  Our lapdog
conservative Prime Minister is gunning to get us involved any way he can, although he has sensed a huge
public backlash building against any war.  I think we can expect a pretext any time now.  Maybe some camp
Xray prisoners will be dressed in Iraqi uniforms, shot and arranged to look like they had made an incursion
into Kuwait or something.

I know that down here there will be more people on the streets than at the peak of the Vietnam
demonstrations of the 60s if anything happens.

Keep the hammer high!  The world is watching and we rely on you and those like you
to remind us of who the true Americans are.

Paul B

by The Pieman

 Carville lets it hang out in Arkansas!

  Click  Here

 "Democrats lose elections when they are timid in reacting to Republican criticism," Carville told
  a paying audience of about 200 at the Bentonville Clarion Inn.
  Forget about "eye for an eye. Take a face for an eye" in reacting to false allegations.

 "My next thing is to drive mealy-mouthism from the Democratic Party.  The American people are
  not going to elect somebody to defend America who cannot defend themselves. Republicans have
  learned that they can say anything they want to. When you answer it, a lot of Democrats are horrified.
  They say, "You can't do that, that it's negativism."

  No, it's not. It deciding that you aren't going to let thuggery work."

 A shot of Chinaco for our good friend James Carville.

 The BIG Brooke Burke Wild Off

 Bad news and good news.
 The bad news is, they kinda lied about that being Brooke's last night.
 The good news is, they're Swear-to-Koresh finishing up next Tuesday night.

 I didn't watch to see the dozen up-and-comers try to get the job.
 I wanted to see Brooke and the fabulous Las Vegas scenery!

 They started at The Palms, their sponsor for the special.
 The Palms is one spectacular place, let me tell you.
 Brooke spoke from The Ghost Bar and you wouldn't believe the view.
 The Ghost Bar (isn't that the best name for a bar, ever?) is a three-story,
 glass-walled celebrity hangout that sits on top of The Palms.

 Then they introduced us to the twelve Brooke-wannabes.
 Compared to the host, they all looked like boys.
 I already know who's going to win - more on that later.

 So they dumped the dozen in a van and took on the town.
 First stop was the "BIG Shot" on top of the Stratosphere.

 You see that spike in the middle?
 It has rings around it with seats.
 You get strapped in and they shoot you straight up - 4 Gs in 2.5 seconds.
 Usually, it stops before it shoots off the top and kills everybody.
 I told Mrs. Bart we should try that and she handed me a TRO.

 Next stop was The Coyote Bar and Grill at New York, New York.
 not to be confused with our good friend (what's his name?) who owns
 The Coyote Cafe in the MGM Grand. He promised free tequila for
 all BartCoppers, so we have to be sure and make time for that, right?

 Next stop was Club Ra at The Luxor. (I've never been there, they tell me it's nice)
 They put some nasty pants on the girls and had them go-go dance.

 Sidebar: Since the show is called "Wild On," they had to use the term "wild," often,
 but after a while I figured out "wild" usually meant girl-on-girl rubbing, dancing or kissing.
 Show me a man who doesn't like to see two women fooling around and I'll show you a gay man.

 This is where one of the girls started to stand out - Cindy Taylor.
 Some of the girls danced like they were being held at gunpoint,
 but this Cindy gal got into it and showed the first bit of charm for the camera.
 "I love to dance," she said, and I think she won, right there.

 Last stop for the night was Desert Rain, back at The Palms.
 They put the girls in lil' rubber outfits and had them dance some more,
 but as my previous testimony will corroberate, I was looking for scenery.

 So, the promised "Wild Off" will actually happen next Tuesday.
 Look for Cindy Taylor to win, with Brittany Evans a dark horse.

 ...but there's only one Brooke Burke.


"President Bush handed out the Environmental Youth Awards at the White House Rose Garden.
  There were 33 awards handed out to youths for taking care of the environment.
  The awards were given out in the Rose Garden and then afterward President Bush
  had the kids dig up the roses and look for oil."
       --Conan O'Brien

 I'm With Dick! Let's Make War!
    by Maureen Dowd      She hates everybody, this time it's Smirk & Whistle Dick

   Click  Here

"It was embarrassing yesterday, given President Bush's swagger on Iraq, to watch him fawn over the Saudis.
 At lunch at his ranch he entertained Prince Bandar, the man who got private planes to spirit bin Laden's relatives
 out of the U.S. after the attacks. Mr. Bush also called Crown Prince Abdullah yesterday to assure him of the
 "eternal friendship" between their countries and to soothe hurt Saudi feelings over a lawsuit filed by 9/11 victims
 charging Saudi support of terrorism."

 But Mo, if you hate the Bushes so much, why did you tell
 so many Gore lies and help the unqualified greedy idiot into office?

 An open letter to George Walker Bush
  by Alan Hale, discoverer of the Hale-Bopp comet

  Click  Here

 You have also completely squandered the goodwill and solidarity felt by the people of the world
 towards our nation after we were attacked. Because of your actions, people around the world now
 see the U.S. as, in the recent words of one British writer, "arrogant, hypocritical, self-absorbed,
 self-indulgent, and contemptuous of others." As one who has been proud to represent America
 when I've traveled abroad, these words sicken me, because I know that they don't represent the
 American people – but they do represent how you have portrayed us to the world.

 Great Ted Rall cartoon about being detained with no rights

 Click  Here

 Subject: Bartfest2002


 I'm really looking forward to Bartfest. My husband and I got married in a courthouse quickie
 in June in Carson City and we are throwing a wedding for our friends to attend in Reno on July 21.
 Then I figured we would head to Vegas to celebrate. I booked our room at the Rio today
 and am starting to get really excited! See you there.


 M, I'm excited, too!
 Ain't nothing like Las Vegas.
 See you there!

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 Lock the doors and bar the windows,
 it's The Joey Joe Joe Show, 

 Click  Here  Then click on "The Joey Joe Joe Show" on the middle right.

 Show #5  has special guest Faun Otter!

 Liberal radio, archived so you can hear it at your convenience,
 run by our very own Joe Vecchio from the BartCop MIRC chat room.

 Maybe they'll let me on their show since I gave them this plug?

Wolf - coming to BartFest

 Bin Laden thought to have had kidney transplant

  Click  Here

 The latest reporting, believed to come from informants, again suggests
 that bin Laden received treatment with the help of dialysis machines
 supplied by Pakistan's intelligence agency.

 Wait a minute...

 Either we have the worst intelligence of any powerfil nation,
 or our partners are helping the enemy get better so they can strike again.

 Pakistan is supposed to be our ally against bin Laden.
 Why are they giving aid and comfort to the enemy?

 Did Bush wink and tell them to take care of Osama?

 Everybody likes Ann Coulter, right?

  Click  Here

  Click  Here


"The thing I most respond to in the political arena is people that actually don't play politics,
   and I think President Bush comes from a place that is sincere."
        --Former funnyman turned Nazi Kelsey Grammer, of NBC's Frasier

 Kelsey, when did you turn Republican?
 About the time you started getting $1.7 million PER WEEK?

 Like Dennis Miller, Grammer was once at the very top,
 but money turns the weak.

Woo Hoo!

 Behind the defeat of McKinney:
  Republican right, Israel lobby unite to silence criticism of "anti-terror" war

  Click  Here

 At the same time the Bush administration—with the help of its ostensible Democratic opposition
 —has worked relentlessly to block any public investigation into the September 11 attacks. It is
 evident that the White House fears the consequences of a public airing of its own role in the
 events both before and after the hijack-bombings.

 For these reasons, McKinney—who combined pro-Palestinian statements with pointed
 questions about Bush and September 11—was singled out as (a) target.

 Why are the Democrats helping Bush cover up his crimes and failures?

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 We've got to build a bigger hammer.
 The illegal President Monkey in a Man Suit needs to be stopped.

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 Subject: A Simple Thank You

 You guys are brilliant in my book, and you not only aim straight between the eyes,
 your wit is displayed on every page of the site. I'm laughing so hard... only because it's true.

 Hang in there and keep up the GREAT work!

 - Zaine Ridling

 Thanks, we will.


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 From: Wishbonecutter

 Subject: Clinton Rules!

 You poor misguided dolts!  Charging headlong into a Hitler-esque brainwashing.
 The GOP will retake the senate, get a stronger hold on the house, and
 you will get loonier and loonier! I love it!  American people are waking
 up to the cowardly tricks you girlie-boys on the left use.  I read through your site,
 I think you nut jobs actually believe the total ka-ka in it.

 Keep up the good work! ;)
 Your weakling hearts will insure a GOP takeover!


Dude, you up for a chat room debate?
I'll bet I can make you cry.

Lemme know,

His Reply:

 Sorry Dude, I dont spend alot of time playing in chatrooms. I spend my time doing things
 that have a positive effect on the country. Creating jobs. Donating to charities, you know,
 evil entrepreneurial type things that leftists arent very good at.  As far as making me cry,
 if you are man enough to meet me face to face, I'll buy the plane ticket to bring you here.

 Just let me know. If not, don't bother replying to this email untill after the elections this year,
 then I will see if I can find your little website again and either admit I was wrong about the
 outcome of the races, or offer my advice on things you can start doing to help ease your hatred for America.


 ...in other words, like all the others, he's afraid.

 He knows the Republicans have nothing but racist and bankrupt ideas.
 He knows he can't stand his ground in a live chat room debate.
 He says he's too busy, but I'm sure it wouldn't take long at all.
 Besides, he had the time to write a snippy letter, but now he's "too busy?"

 Isn't everybody tired of me getting away with this?
 Even you Bart fans - wouldn't you like to see me lose one?
 Like Tiger Woods, don't I need some humbling?

 How many years have I been waiting for somebody to shut me up?
 Isn't there one Republican, on the wide, wide internet who can get in the ring?
 I have an IQ of 64, and I'm smarter than every republican in America?

 Please, don't let me get away with this - not one more damn day.
 Scour the chat rooms, search the newsgroups, locate a GOP webmaster.

 Find me some ditto-monkey ass to kick in a live chat room debate.

Bush's Gestapo,
putting their hands on this grandmother
because she dared to hold an anti-Bush sign.

Look at that son of a bitch!
Is that his billyclub in his hands?
Is he putting the choke hold on Grandma?

How dare she protest the appointed king!

...and the networks don't care.
...and the newspapers don't care.
...and the cable channels don't care.
...the vulgar whores of talk radio don't care.

...and the Democrats don't care, not even a little.

America needs a free press.

I wonder what it feels like to be rousted by Bush's Gestapo...
Let's hope we don't all find out.

 So far, we've received two responses.
 Doesn't anybody have an opinion?

and tell me what we're doing wrong.
 "Bart, I mostly like the page, but I hate it when you......."

and tell me what we're doing right.
 "Bart, your page rocks, especially when you.........."

 I've been wondering what BIG games will be played the BIG weekend we're in Vegas.
 As far as pro football, we have the motherlode on September 29th.

 Dallas Cowboys at St Louis

 I hate Dallas.
 Hate them, hate them, hate them.
 They make Tiger Woods seem like a good guy.

 I'm going to bet heavily against those Texas criminals.
 (Pop Quiz - How many Cowboys have been arrested for rape?
  Hint: They hold the NFL record.)

 One problem: Pro games start at 10 AM in Las Vegas.

 So the morning after the BIG party, I'll grab a cab and run to The Venetian
 and get my cash down on Kurt Warner, Marshall Faulk and Isaac Bruuuuuuce.


 BartFest2002 - Party at the Rio

 Make your own hotel reservations.

 BartFest tickets will be available until the night of the party.

 Well....  today is the 28th.
 That means the BIG party starts a month from today.
 We have not heard any news, but this is a gamble, and a gambler has to have FAITH.
 I'll bet we hear something today, if not real soon!

 Check The Rio web site.
 Click on "Hot Deals,"and get a luxury suite for $139 on Fri/Sat and $59 Sun-Thurs.


Just 30 days away ...isn't it exciting?
 (Oh, Lord, please don't let me lose my ass on this!)

 September 28th -  tickets on sale!

 If you're thinking you'll pass on this Fest and make the next one, ...that may be a mistake.
 Besides, if you don't come, the terrorists win, and we can't have that.

 Click  Here  to see Bart's 48 (so far) things to do in Vegas.

 Click  Here  to see Dave's 100 Things to do in Vegas

 Talk to me!

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   A primer on how to not lose your ass gambling at the casinos
    by  George Backus

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BartCop, ...come to Vegas!
 BartCop, only 30 more days, Vegas is calling you.
 BartCop, over 90 different tequilas at the Hard Rock.....
BartCop, ...BartCop...only 30 more days,
 BartCop, ...BartCop...come to Vegas...

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