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WELCOME TO BARTCOP.COM A modem, a smart mouth and the truthNews and Commentary NOT Approved by Karl Rove, bcause vicious extremists can NOT be appeased.


Bartcop Radio #163 is up 
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 Thursday,   Sept 9,  2010     Vol 2577 - Time bomb

Click for Full Size, Hi-Res version

Quote of the Day

"Most of them didn't think I could
  read a book, much less write a book."

     --  America's talking Monkey,     Link


In Today's Tequila Treehouse...

Arrow Who Should Replace Rahm? 
Arrow George Soros gives $100M  
Arrow A Trip to the Circus
Arrow Good to have Obama back
Arrow Obama’s success rests in the truth  
Arrow Teabaggers: Eat, Pray, Hate  
Arrow Mandy Moore in Repunzel Tangled


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“Book burning is antithetical to American ideals. People have a constitutional right
  to burn a Koran if they want to, but doing so is insensitive and an unnecessary
  provocation – much like building a mosque at Ground Zero."

    -- that crazy Alaskan Publicity Whore,    Link  

 So, you're against religious freedom in New York,
 but you're for religious freedom in Florida?


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Who Should Replace Rahm?
This might be great news for Obama

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Subject: Bart, please donate to the DNC


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NFL Knockout Pool

Bart, let's do a Bartcop Knockout Pool, with the winner getting a T-Shirt or a month o' Bartcop Radio.

You pick 1 team a week, you can never pick that team again for the rest of the year,
so you take the Colts week 1, you can't use them again the rest of the year,

Your team wins, you stay in the contest, they lose, you are out, that simple.
Last person standing wins.

All people have to do is E-mail me their pick before the game they want to pick.
Forget your pick on Sunday? Pick the Monday Night Game.

Let me know if you want to give it a whirl.
 Mike The Dealer

I'm switching my pick to Tennessee to beat Oakland.

Get your pick into anytime before your game starts.
 Mike The Dealer  

Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: the conscious decision to destroy Obama

Hey Bart, I think it's high time to refer to the GOP as the DISLOYAL OPPOSITION.
They have no interest anymore in respecting the electoral process and letting the winners
try their ideas, they only are interested in gaining back the power so they can direct all of
the money available in the country to themselves and their supporters. and to hell with the
country and everyone who wants to make it a great place again.

 Rob (gettin to be a fixture around here)


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Marty's has new stuff every day
on her fine, fine Entertainment Page

Marty always has good stuff.

Click on the E!


"Phew! Nobody panic!  I finally found a name for my band."
    -- actress Alyssa Milano in a Tweet,     Link

Send e-mail to Bart

Subject:  Cleveland?

Bart I was born in Cleveland (half a century & more ago),
but I don't ever remember there being any palm trees there!

Most of the city photos aren't named - that one was
but yeah, palm tress in Cleveland doesn't sound right.

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George Soros gives $100M to Human Rights Watch


Hey George, that's cool and all, but maybe next time consider
giving them $99M and give the rest to ten struggling bloggers.

Bloggers can be effective.

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Subject:  Circus


This is what happens when you add LSD to environmentalism.

  Send e-mail to Bart

Adult Friend

Must be 18 to click

"We received total silence..."

       --  Keith Olbermann, after asking Bush, Boner, the Bitch and McCain if Americans
           should listen to Gen Petraeus, who said Koran burning would cost American lives   Link

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Good to have this Obama back
Let's hope the president who came out of hiding on Labor Day doesn't go away
 by Gene Lyons



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"Many Republicans, while claiming that Obama's $50 billion investment in America’s infrastructure
  is a budget-buster, are pushing to extend the Bush tax cuts for the super-rich. At $830 billion,
  the cost for extending the Bush cuts is 16 times the cost of Obama's infrastructure proposal."

    -- Pat Garafalo,    Link  

 See what happens when a Democrat lists the facts?

 The tax cut for the super-rich costs
16 times more than Obama's proposal that will not only
 put thousands of people back to work, but as a side bonus, we fix America's crumbling road and bridges.

 When you list the facts, only liars can argue with you.

 Why can't our Democrats figure that out?


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Obama’s success rests in the truth

  by Scot Lehigh


Teabaggers: Eat, Pray, Hate
  by Christopher Dickey


Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: Re: Voters are total tools - they have no brains at all

Dear Bart Cop-

One guy named Reagan was elected to the Florida legislature because a majority of his constituents
thought he was the other Ronald Reagan (who was 90 years old, living in CA).

Our agriculture commissioner was elected because his name was Charles Bronson.
Our next governor could be the biggest corporate crook in history.
80% of Floridians can't name their representative (probably about the same elsewhere).

Great article.
Bob in Florida

But why doesn't our president get that?
He thinks voters are smart enough to see thru the lies.

In 2004, Kerry thought that, too.
Can Obama learn from Kerry's idiocy?


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"After the election, there's no question ... that the public mood, the public spirit
  is asking for a conversation around kitchen tables and boardrooms about how
  the country can get together to move forward."
       --  John Podesta, predicting the election will lead to more cooperation in Washington      Link
 John, you're crazy.

 It's only going to get worse - are you new to politics?

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Jimmy Page's Picture Biography
He says his real bio can only come out postumously - that's gotta be one helluva biography


They say this picture book will cost $700.

Maybe I'll buy some to give away as History Mystery prizes  :)

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actual size 13 x 3

4 inches round


Still have a few WPE frige magnets left

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Weird Picture of the Day


Note: yesterday's weird picture was NOT an illusion.


"Palin-endorsed Joe Miller said that he would abolish Social Security and he is not alone.
  This is akin to what Sharron Angle has said in Nevada and also a number of these other Republicans.
  This could go beyond the policies of the Bush administration to something more extreme than we have seen."

       --  David Axelrod, and he's right,    Link  

  Dax, are YOU responsible for all the caving going on in the White House?

 Please, tell me that's Rahm's fault and that he's leaving - please!

Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: Bartcop's Worldwide Computer Repairs

Bart….I like it,  
Sharp kid you have there.…

You should do well...
 Robert in Seattle

I agree - he's sharp as a scalpel.

Another satisfied customer!

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Mike Malloy


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Guess the City


Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: last issue's mystery city

Last issue's Mystery City was Tokyo as viewed from the Tokyo Tower,
 Danny Warner

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Look!  It's a handjob cartoon!

A. Why attack the wife?  It's because that's what Republicunts do.
B. They claim the Obama's didn't pay for their vacation - they did.
C. They want the stupid and the racists to think "Those lazy niggers,
all they do
is steal whitey's money while they refuse to work."

Of course, they were OK when Monkeyboy set new records
for most vacation days by any president ever - but he was White.

Here's Bush in Crawford AFTER getting that PDB that said
"Bin Laden determined to strike US soon, possibly with planes"
but Monkeyboy didn't even bother to get out of his lawnchair.

...but that's OK, he's White.

"See, you won with 52 percent but the president took your district with 59. And I think it's high time
 we come back and say thanks. Do you have any idea how much noise Air Force One makes when it
 lands in Eau Claire, Wisconsin? We're going to have a party Congressman, you should come, it's going
 to be great. Right in town square, right in the band gazebo, that's where the president is going to drape
 his arm around the shoulder of some assistant DA we like, and you should have your camera with you,
 you should get a picture of that, because that's going to be the moment you're finished in Democratic
 politics. President Bartlet is a good man, he's got a good heart, he doesn't hold a grudge. That's what
 he pays me for." 

       --  fictional Josh Lyman from West Wing, on how to keep Blue Dog Dems in line   

 I thought that was Rahm's job, to strongarm the backstabbers back into line,
 but they say Rahm is the top caver in this cave-too-much administration.

 Thanks to Grower

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More Football


I've sett up a free football pool for you and your readers. 
It is a true football pool (as opposed to a fantasy league). 

You just pick your teams and bet against the spread - just like in Las Vegas. 
Picks are open until 5 minutes before kick-off when they are locked down and the picks count.

To join the group, just go to

and click the "Join Group" button. From there, enter the following information...

Group ID#:
Password: obama

Give it a try, I think you'll enjoy it.
 Dennis in DC

Dennis, thanks for that.

Send e-mail to Bart

You hear it because the whore media claim they have a crystal ball.
Like a few weeks ago, when alllllllllll those teabaggers won.

Today's History Mystery


Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: last issue's history mystery

That is Katherine Harris burning Democratic votes in Florida, 2000.
Bud in JC TN

ha ha

Subject: last issue's history mystery

Bart, I think I see German on the uniformly-sized papers in front of her,
so I’ll guess she’s using nearly-worthless Deutschmarks to light her woodstove
during the hyper-inflationary days of the Weimar Republic governing Germany
between WWI and Hitler’s rise to power in 1933.
 Eddy the OK Pillar

You are correct!
Douche marks were so worthless, people burned them to keep warm.

Send e-mail to Bart

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bart blog

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Subject: Donation

Bart, you add some sanity to an insane world.

My teabagger senator candidate has the government build a private
rail spur to his business and he thinks that's free enterprise.

Send me some stickers and a fridge magnet
to go with the sticker on my car?
 Patrick in Green Bay

Patrick, you got 'em - thanks.

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Thank you

Mandy Moore in Repunzel Tangled


Link to Story

Check out hundreds of  Mandy Moore images at  BC Hotties

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