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WELCOME TO BARTCOP.COM A modem, a smart mouth and the truthNews and Commentary NOT Approved by Karl Rove, bcause vicious extremists can NOT be appeased.

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 Wed-Thanksgiving Weekend,  Nov 24-29, 2010     Vol 2615 - Gobble this!

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Quote of the Day

  "The Capitol Hill Christmas tree is on its way,
   and once it gets to Washington it'll die in committee."

     --  Letterman


In Today's Tequila Treehouse...

Arrow Secret Donors Screw Health Care
Arrow Boycott the Airport Scanners
PBS to run 'best concert ever' 
Arrow Eldrick - still imploding a year later
Arrow Motor Trend smacks the Pigboy
Arrow Barbara Bush: My son is crazy
Arrow Nina Dobrev Glams Up

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"The two countries that would like to see a failure of START's ratification are North Korea and Iran.
  Tf that argument doesn't work with the Republicans, the national security argument, nothing will.
  There's a greater hatred of Obama than there is a love of American national security."
    -- Ed Luce,    Link   

 And once again, Obama and the Democrats have NO IDEA how to make this a winning political issue.

 Jesus Christ, why can't our side learn anything?
 How is it possible that our Democrats have no brains at all?

 Rethugs can make an issue out of anything but Dems
 can't find a way to make an issue out of Kyl halting nuke inspections?

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Secret Donors Screw Health Care
The super-rich like things as they were


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"The Republicans are joining the Central Bank of China in attacking Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke.
  This is really distressing to me.  They're saying America, as the world's leader, hasn't got a right to
  look at our own economic needs and somehow has to defer to everybody else. And I'm appalled
  by that... They say this might lower our currency and that's unfair to China. But having China
  complain about currency manipulation is like being called silly by the Three Stooges."

    -- Barney Frank,   Link

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Subject:  Computer fix

Mr Hammer,

Just wanted to let you know that I took advantage of your computer repair and it was outstanding. 
Your tech Jordon found and eliminated a lot of crap.  So for those of you that know how to use
a computer, but aren’t tech savvy to clean it up (like me) I highly recommend it.   A small price to pay.

Anyway, thanks for offering the service!!!!
 Jim in WA

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Marty has new stuff every day
on her fine, fine Entertainment Page

Marty's TV Listings are the best
and we're in Sweeps Weeks!

Marty always has good stuff.

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"Obama can't seem to learn this obvious lesson. He seems to believe that if he just moves a little
  farther to the right, the Republicans will finally embrace him, and he will be universally popular.
  This makes him look weak and ineffective, despite his many achievements. He will not only fail in
  his efforts to win the love of his conservative enemies, he risks losing the support and respect of his
  progressive friends. Obama needs to embrace the fight against conservative ideology...and relish it!"

    -- wishful thinking from ricky63,    Link

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Boycott the Airport Scanners
Their answer?  Refuse to fly - how stupid


#1 way to teach Obama a lesson - cancel your vacation.
#2 way to teach Obama a lesson - protest the groping by demanding to be groped.

Who are the braintrusts who organized this circle jerk?

Some pundit said they expect air travel to drop by 20%.
I got cash money that says that's bullshit - it won't even drop 10%.

When you put up some cash, the bullshit immediately falls to the floor.

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"I want to help clean up the state that is so sorry today of journalism. 
 And I have a communications degree."

    -- the Publicity Whore,      Link

 Hey Sarah, why can't you speak regular English?
 You cause new words to be invented because your pea-sized brain
 can't remember the real words that most Americans use.

 No wonder you write shit on your palm - you can't remember
 "lower taxes and smaller government" without a reminder.

  ...and why does the GOP always get behind their stupidest candidates?
  Reagan, Bush, McCain and Palin - really?


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Subject: Obama and web sites

Bartm, you asked what the most Obama-friendly site is?
My vote for the pro-obama site goes to dailykos.
My vote for most anti-Obama liberal site is

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Eldrick - still imploding a year later



Send e-mail to Bart - Connecting Global Buyers with China suppliers.


"Remember when Obama went swimming in the Gulf with his daughter to show that it was safe?
  How about taking his daughter to the airport and having a TSA again grope her just to show it's safe?"

    -- the vulgar Pigboy, pretending to get off on the thought of a young girl being groped,    Link

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Subject: Obama

It finally dawned on me that the Publicity Whore better get the nomination in 2012. 
Even the blinded incredibly naïve and clueless electorate would *have* to pick Obama as the lesser of two evils over her.
If she doesn’t get it, the only R with few enough negatives to get it will be Jeb. 
And He.  Will.  Win.  over Obama.
Christ, I don’t think I could take another eight years of a Bush administration. 
Even if Jebbie is the smart one.
 Peter Y

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Saint Reagan taxed the super-rich at 50%
Obama is 'a Muslin' if he taxes them at 39%?

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PBS - Saturday - 'Best concert ever'

Sponsored by Gibson Guitar and billed as “A Celebration of Les Paul,” Jeff Beck was joined by
The Imelda May Band at the Iridium Jazz Club in June 2010. The two-time Rock and Roll Hall
of Fame inductee mesmerized the star-studded audience with a tour de force performance of classics
Paul recorded with Mary Ford, “How High The Moon,” “Vaya Con Dios” and “Mockin’ Bird Hill,”
along with such rock and roll standards as “Twenty Flight Rock” and “Walking In The Sand.”

For those left off the guest list, this legendary concert will be available on DVD and CD February 22.

Following these releases, Beck will take the “Rock And Roll Party” on the road for a short U.S. tour.  
PBS will broadcast Jeff Beck Honors Les Paul, a concert special recorded on
June 9, 2010, what would have been Paul’s 95th birthday.

The program will premiere on PBS stations beginning November 27 and air throughout December.
Check local listings

Springsteen's guitar player, Little
Stevie Van Zandt, called this, "the best concert I've ever seen in my life."

Tickets were so scarce for this show, the rumor goes, Les Paul's Godson, Steve Miller (Space Cowboy)
was unable to secure a ticket and they asked him to leave the venue prior to showtime.

We saw Jeff Beck earlier this year and I was stunned at how good a guitar player he is.
His "Day in the Life" was worth the price of the concert ticket alllllll by itself.

Note: It figures, Tulsa isn't scheduled to see this great show Nov 27.
I assume it'll be on eventually, after the farm reports get aired.

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my problem with Obama

The cartoon that Katie sent you could only have been imagined by some history-challenged, media fed child.
Every cliche about Obama's cerebral nature countered by every cliche about Clinton's appetites (eating and screwing).
What the cartoonist and Katie miss entirely is that Obama does not FIGHT BACK. EVER.
He doesn't even get on national TV and say, "Hey, look what we just fixed for you guys, America!"
Where was he on healthcare?  Did he go on national TV and say, "look everyone, here are my 5 goals for health care.
If i don't get a bill that answers all 5 of these goals, i will veto it! So tell your representatives that that is what you want." 
Reagan did that alllllll the time!  It's so easy when you are elected with a majority!!!
I am sick to death of people who continue to laugh at Bill Clinton and compare him unfavorably to Obama.
As you say, Bill Clinton has TWO super bowl rings and Obama cannot even get to the goal line.

Bill Clinton repeated over and over to the American middle class: "I will be fighting for you to the last minute
of the last hour of the last day of my presidency." And you know what? It connected with average people
who saw that he was being rolled and didn't like it one bit.
Obama's problem is not that he doesn't eat cheeseburgers or get blow jobs, his problem is he does not talk like an
average person, communicate his goals and agenda over and over and over and over again, and tell people that it is
the REPUBLICANS who are standing in the way of that agenda.. and ask the people to tell them to get out of the way!!
It's very easy and it doesn't have to be mean, it just needs to be forceful and direct.
Could be worse: Illinois DEMS impeached and convicted a DEM governor because of his big mouth
and his big hair and as a result almost lost the governorship this cycle and succeeeded in losing the
Obama senate seat. Incredible...
 john in dupage

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Motor Trend smacks the Pigboy

Subject:  losing health insurance


Jesus Christ. That man whose amputee wife is dying
should send ALL her medical bills right to Boehner.

Let that organge, golfing fucker pay 'em.
The funeral expenses too.
 Boston Jane


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t-shirts for sale!

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Just $23

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"You know, if I wanted somebody halfheartedly patting
  my groin without eye contact, I'd get married."

    -- Seth Meyers,    Link

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Subject:  TSA idiocy


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A new website delivering 24/7 humor and perspective on real America's
favorite Washington-bound whistlestop trainwreck.



Barbara Bush: My idiot son is crazy

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Subject:  Obamapologists

Hi Bart:

I have no problem with your observations about Obama.
The idiots who do -- such as Tally -- are what is known as "O-bots" or "Obamapologists".

I think you're listing the facts, and they're not.
What they call Obama's "historic accomplishments" are a series of insufficient "D-" bills
that they hype as "A+" bills. These people are seriously deluded. And I am appalled at how
they talk about one of our greatest fighters -- I mean you, dude!

I share your analysis: he doesn't fight when the fight is clearly on, and when he "comes to work"
he takes his orders from America-hating shitheads like President Graham, President Snowe, and President McConnell.

I'm personally done with the O-bots. I don't have a sure-fire answer or cure,
but I do know what capitulation and defeat look like -- they wear a pink tutu.

In support,
 blue in seattle

We have a much bigger problem on our hands this week than last week.

Last week, half the country hated Obama.
This week, liberals have turned on Obama with a vengence on this TSA thing.

All we need is ONE VIDEO of some TSA guy screwing up
and the republicans have their excuse to impeach Obama.

Am I the only one who has Obama's back on this no-win, no-easy-solutions TSA business?

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Marilyn Monroe’s Stuffing Recipe


Subject:  I am never returning to my homeland


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bart blog

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Wildlife Picture of the Day


Subject:  TSA idiocy


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“Mike Palecek reminds me of Socrates the gadfly who asked unwelcome questions,
Diogenes with his lantern looking in vain for an honest man,
Chekhov the man with the hammer challenging the complacent family to share their meal,
Kerouac the ever on the move, somewhat hysterical searcher, and he reminds me of many
Americans who as children were so blasted with propaganda that they’re devoting the rest
of their lives to challenging the lies and all who tell them. In this land where babies are
brought by storks and buildings collapse due to unpatriotic bricks, we need the gadfly
because no leader, preacher, guru, or saint will wake us up, though the Doomsday clock
is ticking close to twelve.”
David Ray, American poet, author of “The Endless Search”
and “The Death of Sardanapalus and Other Poems of the Iraq Wars”

Glenn Beck Conspiracy Theory Generator

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Palin's TV Ratings Crash by 40%
Like Conan, they tuned in once and didn't come back


Teabaggers can't save Bristol
She came in dead last Tuesday night


Subject: TSA Idiocy

If University of California, SF professors think that there is a substantial increase
in the risk of skin cancer from these machines then they at least need to show us
the data to prove these professors are wrong.

I'm in my forties and already have to have "pre-cancerous" blotches removed every
year or so. I also have to fly often for work. Being expose to more radiation,
concentrated on my skin is the last thing I want.

Personally I wouldn't care if they made me walk naked through security,
but they can keep their melanoma.

Homeland Security boss Janet Napolitano says the radiation from the scanners
is equal to about 2 minutes of the radiation one gets from flying.


If she's lying, she should be jailed for endangering lives..

But what if she's telling the truth?

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Guess the City


Subject: last issue's mystery city

Bart, last issue's mystery city is Chicago, looking out west from the Sears Tower, certainly.
...hog butcher to the world,

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Uncle Ernie's 500th edition of  is up.


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Today's History Mystery


Subject: last issue's history mystery

Bart, last issue's History Mystery is  ... a clean-shaven Dennis Miller rehearsing for his new gig at the State Fair.
  Don K

Don, you're very close.

Bart, last issue's History Mystery is  Jacqueline Susann, of “Valley of the Dolls” fame:



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Bartcop - here's a donation because of your response
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 Katie in Houston

Jason is one of those people who reads every issue
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Thank you for the donation.

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Nina Dobrev Glams Up

  Link to Story

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