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Volume 463 - Weak, Stupid and Greedy
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 April 27, 2001.............................................................Sweep Weeks......................................................Help Wanted

 Overseas, the press is free to tell the truth
 about President Weak, Stupid and Greedy

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 In desperation, the (government's anti-tobacco) lawyers leaked a memo earlier this week,
 in which they pointed out that the budget would kill their prosecution. In response, John Ashcroft,
 counter-leaked his plans to replace the litigation team on the grounds that it had done a shoddy job.

 The message could not be clearer if it was a neon sign on the White House roof:
 The War on Big Tobacco is Over

 It's too bad the American press isn't free to tell the truth.


Subject: myth of liberals

1st. You really should watch some of those shows before you go and waste your time writting all that BS.

"Those shows?"
Do you realize you started in the middle of the conversation?

2nd. When the ex-president screwed up, most of those you wrote about defended him
even when he came out at a much later date and confessed.

I defended his right to not have you inside his pants.
Why is that such an obsession with you guys?
Why is his cock any of your business?

3rd. Everyone thinks if you don't have or show emotions about something you must be a republician, like we
don't have emotions or we're evil people that just believe in business and gathering our mass fortunes. PLEASE.
Most of us barely make minimum wage and those of us that make more is due to our own hard work and the
investments in our own education to better ourselves, no handouts.

If you barely make minimum wage, why is a tax cut for the super-rich your top priority?
Because "it's not fair" for Gates to pay a higher percentage than you?

So before you start spouting BS, watch the crap shows you talked about or read some real news.
By the way I read your BS article on Republician actors, and it just shows how liberal you really are.
John Wayne can't act, Oscar, Remember 1969 "True Grit". 165+ movies
C. Heston can't act Ben Hur, Ten Commandments, 70+ movies
Clint Eastwood,  One of the highest paid actors during 60's, 70's, 80's and still strong in the 90's.
Bruce Willis One of the highest paid actors during 80's, 90's. and the new millenium.

John Wayne got a sympathy Oscar because he was dying.
Heston was out-acted by the monkeys.
Eastwood and Willis can both play the silent, brooding loner,
but they have less range than an Iraqi Scud missle.

I quess if your not Julia Roberts, Barbara Streisand, Demi Moore, Alex Baldwin you just can't act.

ha ha
Julis Roberts can't act.
She got a sympathy Oscar like The Duke.
I like her politics, but even Bruce Willis can out-act Julia Roberts.
Streisand can sing, but I can't say much about her acting.
Demi Moore acts OK with her top off.  Didn't you see Strip Tease?
Baldwin can act a little. He's not one of the greats, but he's pretty good.

PLEASE, the last 3 havent made a good movie in 6 years.
Maybe you should hire them for commentary on your newsletter.
I hear B. Streisand is looking to own a liberal news network
(like we don't have any now, CNN, ABC,NBC, CBS)

Go to work for her, maybe you can be the liberal version of R. Limbaugh.


Wandy's Creations

ha ha

Yeah, I remember those networks going dark during Monica to "protect" Bill Clinton.
Thanks for the laughs.

Be sure to check with  for all your ...creation needs.

Right-wing colleges reject "God is an abortionist" ads
 Thrilled to hear David Horowitz's pronouncement that "campus censors are on the run,"
 I try a little free speech of my own -- at Bob Jones U. and other conservative schools.

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 Ton o' mail and toons

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Subject: shouldn't have done it

sorry bc but you lost a fan today , I been with ya since way back
(think I picked up at about issue 30) when you were still on perkels site.
today you went to far even for me, and I am a hard core Clinton democrat.

lumping the Duke in with the wannabees was too much
you say John Wayne couldn't act , you're entitled to your opinion.

the link to your site comes off my page today though,
thats my opinion.


Blues, come to your senses.
Even if John Wayne could act, and I said he couldn't, that's no reason to bail.

If or wrote and said "Jimmy Page can't play"
or "U2 never made a good record," or "Chinaco sucks," should I dump them?

Well, that Chinaco crack might cost 'em, but seriously...

You should reflect on your impulsive decision.


Subject: Something for the Republicans out there

 Found this while surfing...pretty amusing

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Nick Barlow  Senior Foreign Correspondent


Subject: Bob Kerrey


You missed an angle in this matter. Kerrey's revelations about that nasty
mission in Vietnam (" I'm tired of people describing me as a hero and
holding this inside.') clearly are an attempt at self-innoculation.

Kerrey has been mentioned as a Dem presidential candidate in '04.
Just as Smirk leaked word of some of his transgressions in order to control press
coverage later, Kerrey wants to get this sordid incident behind him so
that later, his political opponents don't drop this bombshell themselves.
Common practice in political campaigning.

Ron Legro

Many people wrote to say that.
I didn't "miss" it so much as I dismissed it.

I don't see Kerrey as presidential timbre, but I guess after Smirk,
there is no more "You must be this smart to ride on Air Force One" sign..

Plus, I don't see how "I'm haunted by those dead children" gets him any closer to the White House.

I've also heard the "execution-style" rumors, too, but who knows?
Rush just quoted Kerrey as saying "the execution rumors could be true
my memory may be cloudy," but Pigboy is a lying bastard and cannot be trusted.

 Denise Rich denies any wrongdoing


 Denise Rich says she contributed money to the Democrats because she wanted to support
 her country, and she claims she did nothing wrong in helping her ex-husband obtain a pardon.

 "I feel that what I did is right, and I would do it again," she told Barbara Walters (I-Idiot)
 Rich also denied she ever had a sexual relationship with President Clinton.
 (It wouldn't be a story without talk of Clinton's cock.
  That's the ONLY reason this even made it into print.)

 "I never had a sexual relationship or anything that's improper, any kind of relationship that would be
  improper with President Clinton," Rich told the aging streetwalker
  She said she visited the White House 12 to 18 times but never spent the night there.

 Teen in 'frisk photo' is suing Whitman

 The Camden teenager frisked by former Gov. Christie Whitman during a drug sweep
 -- a moment captured on film and widely published last summer -- filed a federal civil rights lawsuit
 against Whitman and the state of New Jersey yesterday.

 The suit brought by Sherron Rolax, who is black, argues that a "stated policy" of racial profiling
 set the stage for his "unlawful detention and frisking" based on his race. Also named in the lawsuit
 are then-State Police Superintendent Carl Williams and three troopers.

 Whitman, in Camden for a ride-along with State Police patrolling the city's streets, frisked Rolax
 after a state trooper had already searched him. The photograph appeared in newspapers four years later,
 and even became a poster that was anonymously mailed to state officials and news reporters.

 "We allege that these actions by the Governor amount to racial profiling," attorney Jeffrey Zucker said,
 adding that the State Police used Rolax "as a prop." "The incident itself was an unlawful search and an
 unlawful detention. The publication of the photograph really held this kid up to ridicule."

Authorities found no drugs on Rolax during the 1996 frisk, when he was 16.
Whitman has refused to apologize.

 According to the lawsuit, the trooper called his supervisor, William Malast, to say he had
 a "clean" suspect for the Governor to frisk. Malast then radioed Joseph Shanahan,
 a trooper in Whitman's van, and the Governor was quickly driven to the corner, the lawsuit said.

"Whitman's touching or frisking of Rolax was without legitimate or lawful purpose," the lawsuit said,
 adding that it demonstrated a "cavalier attitude."

 Judging from that happy grin on Whitman's face, she's going to lose if this goes to a jury,
 but I suppose Tony and the Supreme Court will step in and quash this suit before it gets to trial.

 Remember the Florida fiasco?
 The Supreme Court said, "preventing irreparable harm to Bush" was their top priority

 In the News

"Timothy McVeigh said he considered assassinating Janet Reno and others instead
  of bombing the Oklahoma City federal building to retaliate against the government,"
    -- the Washington Whore Post reports

 Books, Shmooks
  by Christian Livemore

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Subject: On your Bob Kerry comment

In your latest issue, you say:

>"The only voice we've heard lately is Bob Kerrey, confessing to killing women and children."

Should I be honest or rhetorical?  Oh hell, lets be honest.  Bob Kerrey didn't 'out' himself until
forced to.  However, what he is doing is far more authentic than what any conservative would
have done (even if one of them had actually served in Viet Nam).

As one who was in SEAL training in April, 1977 and voluntarily disenrolled after realizing I might
have to someday kill someone I had my hands on, I feel like but for the grace of fortune go I.

Yet, here I sit listening to Kerrey field hard questions.
I would say "Fair Enough", but it isn't fair is it?
We see Kerrey, limping around without part of a leg he traded for the medal of HONOR,
being asked more probing questions than our dishonorable, lying, 'fuck my duty' president
ever had to endure.

That is not to mention 'too busy to help kill the commie bastards' Cheney or
golden boy Powell (remember the My Lai coverup).

As a veteran who served with honor and committment, it boils my blood, not to see hard questions
put to Kerrey (we should all answer for our actions), but to never see all those same questions put
to any of the self righteous hypocrites currently running this country into the ground.


Stubby, you notice I haven't been pounding on Kerrey.
I've never been in combat, so I don't know what I'm talking about.
If anybody gets the benefit of the doubt, it's a combat veteran.

Even when Bob Kerrey stabbed his president in the back, I held back from
a serious pounding out of respect for him and that leg he no longer has.

But the vulgar Pigboy (ass too dirty to pass the induction physical) has no such respect.

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CNN Headline Nudes

"A site called, delivers newsroom gossip, biting critiques and some links
 to earlier work of new CNN hire Andrea Thompson," reports.

"The site is a combination of actual stories on the inner workings of the Atlanta-based news
 organization and a playful parody of, among other things, CNN's attempt at connecting with
 a younger demographic. On Thursday, the site took aim at the hiring of former NYPD Blue
 actress Andrea Thompson as an anchor for CNN Headline News.

 No punches were pulled -- helpfully, there was a link provided to a site with nude photographs
 taken of Thompson earlier in her career."

    Photo censored by

Aren't you supposed to wear panties with a garter belt?
Nobody told Andrea.
She's going commando.


Subject: Re: Smirk, of course

BC, it is DESERT, not AWOL. A couple of nights ago I was on that Jim Bohannon's show.
Unlike pigboy they don't even ask what you want to talk about, they just put you on.

Anyway, he was talking about how apparently Smirk was AWOL during Nam and I corrected him
that Jethro was a deserter because after 30 days of being AWOL you are a deserter, and he agreed.

After that some ditto-monkette from Massabama called in and said that her husband hated Clinton
for his draft dodging and that was worse than Smirk deserting. Bohannon defended Clinton saying
that Bill didn't break any laws but Jethro had.

It was classic.
Too bad you didn't catch it.
I am sure Bohannon is too liberal for knuckledrag. Ha, ha.


Experts Say Bush Wandered Off Course With Remarks

 Full Story

The question buzzing today in Washington diplomatic and political circles:
Did President Bush intend to modify 30 years of U.S.-China policy with his startling comments
about Taiwan yesterday, or did he inadvertently wander off course?

The consensus is that Bush didn't anticipate the furor his comments would ignite, and wasn't fully
prepared to navigate the arcane diplomatic terminology that has outlined China's and Taiwan's
uneasy relationship for years.

I'll bet Uncle Dick gave Weak & Stupid a harsh scolding after he strayed from the script.
The truth is, America's 43rd president is lacking in the brains department.
All he knows is what Uncle Dick tells him to say.


Subject: conservatives who can't act

You can definitely add one more to the list.
Sonny Bono.

His movies were atrocious, and he had to play the fool to be accepted on tv.



Subject: Stupid Coulter tricks

Did you see Ann Coulter on PI last night?
"Bush is president DESPITE the fact his father was president."

And in reference to the incredible danger Smirk faced so bravely in the National Guard
"...those planes take off at the speed of sound."

She was wearing a nice short skirt, showed a lot of thigh, but no brains.


ha ha

 Did you know Ann Coulter gets free fries for life?

 I forget...

 Is it illegitimate president or bastard president?

 Read the  Previous Issue

 It had everything.

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   Thanks for the fumble, Dude.

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