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Volume 747 - Magic Happens 

Sunday   March 16, 2002           Send Me an Angel            Recent old stuff            Shopping w/ Bart
  USA Today invites you to talk with Julie Hiatt Steele
They're going to print your questions and Julie's answers.

If you read this Monday before 1 PM EST, 10 AM PST...

 Send a question to USA Today for Julie to answer.


 She can answer ANY question from anybody.

 The only way this won't be great is if there's a shortage of questions.

 Send questions!

  Dead in the Water:
 Enron's grab for Florida's water was factor in collapse

  Click  Here

 While Jeb Bush was running for Florida's governor in the summer of 1998,
 Enron was diversifying into a new field — privatization of water supplies.

 Just like in California, the Bush Family Evil Empire planned on gouging Floridians.
 If you like $1000 heating bills every month, wait till you need fresh water!

 If you don't like the B.F.E.E. price of fresh water, you can just do without.

 The Bush Family Evil Empire won't rest until they monopolize everything.

 I'm getting a piece of everything.
 I made it all happen for them.

Wouldn't you do the same?

 Rip Their Lungs Out
    by William Rivers Pitt

  Click  Here

 Do not abuse yourself if some of this information is new to you. Do not let the fact
 that George W. Bush, Dick Armey, Dick Cheney, Bill Bennett, Pat Buchanan,
 Newt Gingrich, Tom DeLay, Phil Gramm, Jack Kemp, Dan Quayle, Trent Lott,
 Pat Robertson, Ken Starr and George Will all managed to evade military duty,
 even if many of these men later lambasted Bill Clinton for the same offense.

 How could you know? These bullets were left mostly unfired
 in the last ten years of American political debate.

From: Lahawk

Subject: JHS Letter to me


I sent a short email to JHS to show my support .
She replied with a 500-word original story that was awesome.

What a remarkable woman !


She's something, isn't she?

Write to Julie at  juliehiattsteele@bartcop.com

Question about Julie

From: Joe S


I'm seriously pondering throwing down some cash to meet you guys at JulieFest '02.
But I have a problem.

I was (admittedly) somewhat ignorant of Steele's part in Starr Wars Episode I (The Phantom Penis).
Recently, however, I read a decent article on Salon.com summarizing the Cock Hunt, and they
mentioned Steele's involvement.  Here's my issue:  The article claimed that she initially backed
Willey's story because "Willey pressured her to."

What is up with that?

Yes, everything she did subsequent to recanting has been eminently laudable, but why... lie(?)
... in the first place?  Real heroes don't pull that shit.  Look, you've met her, so if I'm misreading this,
by all means set my ass straight.  But if she backed Willey initially, I guess I have a problem with that.
Please explain.

'I want to believe." -- Fox Mulder's

 The most important thing to remember about your question is she had no idea
she was about to become very, very famous for all the wrong reasons.

 Bottom line:
 If a good friend said to you, "You GOTTA do this one thing for me.
 There's no time to explain, he'll be knocking on your door any minute.
 Just tell him what I said was true and I'll explain later."

 ...would you help a good friend out?

 Julie said she assumed this Isikoff fellow was someone Kathleen Willey
 wanted to make jealous, like a potential boyfriend or something.

 When he showed up, he did NOT say, "Please tell me what happened that day."
 He said, "So, Willey said "X" and Willey said "Y," is that correct?"
 And Julie said, "Yes," to help her friend and because she had no time to think.

 Caveat:  If Isikoff had said,  "Please, Ms. Steele, tell me the the whole story,"
 the whole deal would've blown up because Julie had no story to tell. So Isikoff WANTED
 this tale to be true so he's going to help the story every time it stumbles.

 Another thing - Isikoff had a $600,000 advance for a book on this.
 He HAD to make this story fly to get his 600K, the greedy bastard.

 No honest reporter would ask leading questions like Isikoff did.  In court, they scream,
 "Objection!" when you 'lead a witness' that way.  The point of any witness is to tell HER story,
 not to say, "ditto" to the story the other person told and Isikoff knows that very damn well.

 I understand why you asked the question.
 But it's not like LindaTripp and Lucy the Bat, sitting down together and scheming how to make millions
 by selling a book full of lies and half-truths and concocting this grope story for Starr and the whore press.
 Of course, Starr did all he could to slant it that way.

 Julie was only trying to help a "friend" in an emergency situation and paid for it with her house,
 her friends, her comfortable life and, to some extent, her health.

 She's a good lady.
 Besides people like the firemen at the WTC,
 she's about as big a hero as I'm likely to ever meet.

 PS. As always, I can't and won't speak FOR Julie, but I've seen her answer that
 question enough times to where I think I can semi-intelligently state her position.
 Maybe she'll read this and send in a clarification if I've misspoken.

Ashcroft the draft-dodger

 Crooked Springfield Judges & Cops
   by withheld    (long-time bartcop.com  reader/contributor)

  Click  Here

 Now with a working link 

From: ajbrooks@sheller.com

Subject: Boner and U2

Boy, this just shows what a TOOL Boner really is.
If the whoring on MTV/VH1 and the crass commercialization weren't enough,
now he's sucking Dimbulb's ass?!?!?!?!?!

How is running beside Dimbulb like his dog, or murderous wife, or drunken daughter's
going to help cancel third-world debt?  Meanwhile, the shithead has given Dimbulb a photo-op.
"Look, Ah must be a compashnut conservtuv, I like YooHoo, err, DooDoo, ah, Puh-You, um, I mean U2."

You're free to hate Bono as much as you want.
Christ, I think I'd like Bono even if his music sucked.

If I understand your question (big maybe, there) you're asking how
lobbying the President could possibly affect third-world debt?

Isn't that kinda like asking how spending the night
at the Playboy Mansion could possibly get you laid?

Are you faulting Bono for getting involved?  Are you faulting him because, even after
15 years of doing what he's doing, there are still starving people in the world?
Are you faulting him because he hasn't taken the Tommy Lee, wife-beating rock star road?
Are you faulting him for not taking the always-drunk-and-arrested road like many rock stars?
Are you faulting him for spending time trying to help those who don't have $300 million like he does?

Tell you what - Rush has $300M, just like Bono. If you want to write 500 words contrasting
the effort Rush and Bono are putting into helping the world's poor, I'll print it - deal?

...but you're free to hate him all you want.

Last thing:
Pound of South's Finest Chocolate to the person who can quote (with attribution*)
the most "preachy and pompous" thing Bono has ever whined about.

I hear a lot of Bono-haters complain about what an "uppity prick" Bono is,
but I've never seen it, except when he was being sarcastic or self-deprecating.

Who likes chocolate - good chocolate?

me, and remember, it doesn't count without a link.

Live Interview: Greg Palast

Greg Palast, author of  "The Best Democracy Money Can Buy" will be our guest
on a new "Interviews" at 5 p.m. EDT and repeated through Wednesday and over the weekend.

Tuesday, March 19, 2002

Location: www.RadioLeft.com
Event starts at 5:00pm  EDT


Thanks to April

From: My old friend Scott

Subject: Who can argue with that?

 Click  Here  for Bart vs dove

 Going somewhere?  ...like, ...maybe ...Washington DC on April 27th?
 If you use this link and they'll send me a nickle.

From: The Last Honest Reporter

Wolf Blitzer, on CNN, reports for the Third Time:

   Dan Burton accuses Clinton:  Says Clinton advised his brother
to cash in on the family name and his connections inside the administration.

 Well, Duuuh Dan!

The interesting thing is that Roger had to be told.  You don't have to tell a Bush to cash in
on their name or the fact that their Father was President.  It's Standard Operating Procedure.

Was Neil Bush really qualified to be on the board of Silverado Savings & Loan?

How did the Emir of Oman find Jr.'s Bankrupt Texas Oil Company?
Just looked it up in the Phone Book?
Where would the Emir of Oman get a Midland Texas phone book, anyway?

At least 3 times Wolf just had to push this hate-Clinton Non-Story.
But he has no time for any story that might criticize a Bush.

Why would Oman give a million dollar drilling contract to a small, bankrupt, Texas oil company?
That's right on topic.

How did a bunch of Texas oilmen get behind the controls of a nuclear submarine?
Nine children killed there.

Hellooo, Wolf, are you there?

. . . Wolf?

Victim of the perma-hex

 Media Whores Online has done it again.

 The Washington Post has totally trashed David Brock's new book,
 where he confesses to being a lying scumbag for Richard Mellon Scaife all these years.

 What the Post FAILED to mention is that their right-wing reviewer
 used to be a fellow lying scumbag with Brock at the American Spectator.

 That's not journalism - that's right-wing incest.

 Crap like that, and we STILL have to listen to paid-for shills like Limbuagh
 claim that the Washington Post is "Clinton's left-wing newspaper."

 Hey, Wash Post!  Why did you lie?
 You don't have an obligation to tell us your "fair & balanced" reviewer
 was once in the same criminal gang as the one Brock is now exposing?

 Remember, years ago, when  you were a great newspaper?
 Why did you turn whore, Washington Post?

 Read the Post's ugly, unfair attack by right-wing Spectator reject HERE

 Check mediawhoresonline.com for further details.

 Congrats to MWO - you've done it again!

 Feedback by Johnny Angel

 There is lots and lots of entertaining stuff at 

 Render Unto Caesar
       by Chris Floyd

  Click  Here

 The rule of law is dead.
 Even as a fiction, a dream of human betterment -- of "civilization," to use
 that word we hear so often on the lips of warlords and terrorists these days
 -- the idea of law has been discarded, trashed: Just so much excess baggage
 thrown aside in the relentless, mindless pursuit of raw power.

 Something tells me this story is about a certain unelected fraud whose evil
 crime family is currently raping the US Treasury under the cover of,
 "We can't tell you what we're doing because it might help bin Laden."

 America, America, ...God shed his rage on thee.

 An Evening with Julie Hiatt Steele
 >>> April 27th <<<in Washington D.C.

 Click  Here Important updates.

 Write to Julie at   PO Box 1351, Virginia Beach, VA 23451

 E-mail to Julie, use juliehiattsteele@bartcop.com

 PayPal to Julie, Click  Here  ->

 If you send me anything send your phone number
 Send Juliefest stuff to  Juliefest2002@yahoo.com

Let's party with Julie like it's 2099.

...Senator Steele

 I like the sound of that.
 I can't wait to meet her.

 40 days from today.

 Don't forget to check 

 From: John G

 It's all in the eyes, the lips. 3-17 G.E. Russert made goo-goo eyes at the
 Russian defense secretary, more fraternization than President GORE EVER got.

 Ol' G.E. flirted and batted his lashes more than Scarlett.  But back 40
 years ago when there MIGHT have been a "Liberal Media" the complaint was
 that liberal-media-types would "raise an eyebrow" when "reporting" on wingnuts.
 Well, near the end of the show, with FRIEDMAN and KRISTOL, after all the
 REALLY IMPORTANT STUFF had been disposed of, G.E. Russert said with
 a pregnant sigh: "And NOW.  (pause)...  Al GORE." AND THERE WAS THE SMILE.

 And the pause.  KRISTOL did a predictable little bash from a little man who
 doesn't appear to be respected by his own partisans.  FRIEDMAN was gentle.
 But G.E. RUSSERT's smile lingered like the Cheshire Cat's.


 For years on This Weak, George "Debate Tapes" WILL comes to life at the
 beginning of baseball season and gets to do sports commentary.  This is NOT
 what we politcal junkies want to scope when we turn on political programs.

 They don't "get" that for WILL to have a love of baseball is NOT going to make
 him HUMAN.  This has been an ancient peeve.  But 3-16 our pitifully last refuge,
 Capital Gang, did the same thing with Prince o'Darkness NOVAK and Al HUNT
 going ga-ga over "March Madness," with the rest of the Gang chiming in, who doesn't
 know a basketball from a hockey puck.  Not that there's anything like B.F.E.E.
or civilization in the balance to discuss or----gasp----investigate!!!!

 Bush booed heavily at St. Pat's Parade

  Click  Here

 George Bush was greeted with catcalls, jeers and ‘carols of dissent’ at his appearance
 at Chicago’s annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade on Saturday, sparking glares from political
 officials on the parade reviewing stand and outrage among Republican Party loyalists.

 Why are they surprised?
 We're supposed to be happy that an unelected moron holds his iron fist over us?

From: Ice Weasel

Subject: snopes and bartcop


you are totally wrong in this whole shrub waving at stevie and snopes.com thing.

Click Here  for this most interesting difference of opinion

    How about a hemp t-shirt that pricks our Failure in Thief?

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When VIP’s Drop-in Expectedly

 It has been pointed out to me, by a person I trust, that IF a certain someone
 were to drop by the Juliefest celebration on April 27th, we probably wouldn't get
 confirmation of it until he/she actually arrived at the venue.
 This would especially apply to people with Secret Service protection.

 So with that in mind, I am announcing a policy change:

 Security will be extra-tight for this event.
 So tight, the plan is to FREEZE the guest list two weeks prior to the event.
 If you're not in by April 13th, you'll have to read about the evening on the
 following issues of  bartcop.com

 Exception: Democrats who hold national office, or who have held national office,
 who are recognizable to Christian or myself, do not need an invitation to get in.
 Such people would also not be expected to remain for the duration - a five or ten
 minute "drop in" would not only be acceptable, it would be encouraged.

 In addition, politicos who have been repeatedly and favorably mentioned on this page
 are welcome to stay for a few moments (or all evening) and speak with the honoree.

 Click Here  to see the latest on Juliefest 2002

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