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        Julie gets hate mail.

Volume 746 - Nothing you Learn 


 Friday    March 15, 2002               Send Me an Angel                Recent old stuff                Shopping w/ Bart
Julie Hiatt Steele's "Final Report" rebuttal


"It's very unhip for both of us," he said of his links to conservatives.
"We have to take `good guys'  and `bad guys' out of this and just have a dialogue."
   -- Bono, whose politics are BartCopian, yet he uses Helms, Hatch and the Mad Usurperboy
       in his goal to cancel third-world debt and that makes him Clintonian.

 This Just In:
 Bin Laden Wins the War in Afghanistan
       by Harry Browne

  Click  Here

 Osama Bin Laden has won the war in Afghanistan — the first big battle of the War on Terrorism.

 Americans are claiming victory because American bombers have devastated Afghanistan, thousands
 of Afghans have been killed, and the already-impoverished country is now almost completely in ruins.

 But most likely this is exactly what bin Laden wanted.

 What has the devastation achieved? Osama bin Laden and Omar the Tentmaker are still on the loose.
 To the best of my knowledge, no one who had anything to do with the planning or execution
 of the September 11 attacks has been captured or killed.

 Who can argue with that?

 Cannabis is given health all clear
    from    www.thisislondon.co.uk

  Click  Here

 Scientists today cleared the way for a softening of the law
 on cannabis, declaring that the drug "is not associated with
 major health problems for the individual or society".

 The Government's Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs
 found that while cannabis smokers can become dependent,
 the drug is not as addictive as tobacco or alcohol.

 My Reply

From: Dennis

Subject: That Whore Paul Harvey

Hi Bartcop,
This is the first time that I have written to you and I want to thank you for the stands
that you have taken. I don't always agree with you but most of the time, I do.

 I heard that old reprobate, Paul Harvey, saying that Lay spent 11 nights in the Clinton White House
and helped formulate foreign energy deals and met with both the president and vice president in the
oval office. I wrote to ABC and to the Harvey site and told them that if the man lies so boldly about this,
it's very difficult to believe his spiels for all of the sponsors that he is whoring for (I didn't use those words).

I wonder if the hammer is big enough to at least put a dent in the old bastard's armor?

Hits are up lately and I'm not sure why. Could be the Perkel matter, could be Juliefest, or
a combination of those plus other stuff, but the hammer is still so very, very small.
At this rate, in the year 2150, I'll be getting 1/20th the hits Drudge is getting today.
Maybe I should jettison the truth thing and plan for my retirement.

I'd sure enjoy hammering that lying old horse molester, too. In some ways, he's worse
than whores like the vulgar Pigboy and Sean Hannity, because with them, you know you're
getting angry fire-breathing partisanship.  But Paul Harvey pretends he's telling the truth
while lying his wrinkled, old ass off to the gullible, toothless rubes in the south and west.

Same for Laura the Unloved. Her "schtick" is that she "must protect the children,"
but she only wants to protect children from the "evils" of science, logic and liberalism.
What a disgusting whore she is.

So, to answer your question, something hueueueuge would have to happen before
a significant change could occur. The mainstream press closes their eyes to protect
the devils on the right, while magnifying every perceived fault of the left.

Remember, Newt was screwing his secretary the ENTIRE time he was impeaching Clinton,
and the press KNEW it but they kept on protected him so they could go after Clinton.

 Is Bush really stupid enough to wave at Stevie Wonder?
  From Snopes.com

  "...Was it true? Well, not really."

 That has to be the worst performance ever by  snopes.com

 A. For a guy (?) known for getting the facts and supporting them,
      this has to be the weakest "proof" ever offered at  snopes.com

 B. In this case, how could ANYONE say to whom Smirk was waving?
      If Wonder was in the direction of a Bush wave, who can say he didn't?

 C. Snopes, don't get all snippy that I "stole" that quote from you.
      (He/she has gotten snippy in the past)
      I'd link to your page, but you don't allow links.

 Saw it on the Freeper boards

 WABC Radio offered Clinton her own talk show during her 2000 Senate campaign,
 but insisted that the station's regular screeners handle her callers,
 a stipulation that was considered a deal breaker.

 How about that?

 They offered Hillary a radio show on the condition that she became
 the only person on radio today with call screeners who hate the host.

 This way, the Freeper nuts could call in, dozens at a time, screaming the "C" word at Hillary.
 That would be the most fun they ever had.

 O'Reilly screens everyone and everything, same for Hannity, same for the vulgar Pigboy,
 same for Laura the Unloved, same for every "fair and balanced" right-wing coward.
 but the only way Hillary could have a voice on radio was with different rules,

 You see how they are?

 They know they'll lose if they play fair, so they cheat.
 That's how they won the last election, remember?

 Of course, we don't screen anyone here at  bartcop.com
 I wish more lugnuts would write.
 I think Monkey Mail is the best feature on  bartcop.com
 Trouble is, once I give them the red-ass, the monkeys climb away.

 Crooked Springfield Judges & Cops
   by withheld    (long-time bartcop.com  reader/contributor)

  Click  Here

From: a hopelessly addicted stalker

Subject: Ha ha ha!  (stop it, my sides are splitting)

Hot Quote:

>"I took a lot of heat from the left when I supported this war,
> because I wanted revenge on bin Laden, but now you want to let him go?"

Hahahahahahahahahahahaha haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! (oy) ...you asshole.
You wouldn't even take the time to think.
You are a stupid Nazi-aiding ape.
I'm glad YOU'RE not the one responsible for my defense.


So, America is divided into two groups:
The "stupid, Nazi-aiding apes" who wanted revenge for 9-11,
and the doves who said, "Thank you, Mr. bin Laden, ...may we have another?"

If you had a web site, we could go back and check your gut reaction to that day,
but then, without guts, we know your reaction would be total surrender, right?

 Senate Panel Rejects Pickering

        Judge Charles Pickering (far left)

 Click  Here

The Democratic-controlled Senate Judiciary Committee voted along party lines
Thursday to kill the appeals court nomination of Judge Charles Pickering, handing
the Unelected Usurperboy a stinging defeat in a racially charged confirmation battle
and causing one "BartCop" of Tulsa, Oklahoma to faint and hurt his head.

I'm so proud to be a Democrat today
I could just f-ing cry.

I'm so old, I lived to see the Democratic party take a stand on something.
Forget the shotglass, hand me the bottle of Chinaco Anejo.

 Anna Maria Rosato

From: Mary Ann

Subject: Reference to Barbara Olsen on your website

Do you think you might have the decency to remove Barbara Olsen's name
from the section of your website entitled "The Myth of the Liberal Media"?

She is dead, you know.
She would not be able to write a book about anything Dateline might or might not do.

We disagree on what constitutes "decency."
Altering the past because she had bad luck while on a flight seems pointless.

I mean, if the vulgar Pigboy had a heart attack on the air today, you'd want me
to go thru 745 back issues and erase the truth about that lying son of a dog?

Keep in mind that when a liberal dies, Rush often does a 3-hour special on them.
I've heard him spend his entire show lying and slurring the recently departed
but you can't accuse me of doing that.because it never happened.

...and don't be too sure Olson doesn't have another book or two coming.

Ted may have another "painful, soul-searching" decision to make about whether
to release Barbara's old notes to create another anti-Hillary book or three.

Thanks to April

 Julie on Mike Malloy

 I still can't believe how good she was. She was awesome.
 Didn't she just melt your heart?

 As described previously on  bartcop.com  she was gracious, charming and smart.
 And not that Mike was trying to trap her, but she was killer when correcting something.

 Once, Mike said, "...so you were asked to lie for Kathleen Willy..." and Julie shot back,
 "No, I was asked to confirm her lie."

 ha ha
 Just try to get Julie to say something that's not accurate.

 She is the master of detail.  She's a tornado - and what a witness she would've made.
 It may have been Kenneth Starr's luckiest damn day ever when The Gambler said,
 "The defense rests, Your Honor,"
 I would've paid real money to watch a prosecutor try to trip her up. Can't be done.
 Mike Malloy (D-withbrains) did a great job and was a good guide.
 I learned a whole lot about her case last night, which surprised me.
 Mike was methodical at pacing, knowing he had 60 minutes to get from,
 "How did it all start?" to "And where are you today?"

 Mike provided some nice bridges between Julkie's insider status and the listeners who
 semi-sorta knew her story. I was damn impressed. Good job, Mike.

 With her razor-sharp photographic memory Julie is a damn encyclopedia.
 "The first call was March 28th, 1998, then "X" happened on July 6th, a Monday,
    and then again on Novermber 3, a Friday and December 14th, a Saturday."

 She had names, dates, locations, more names and more dates.
 Hearing it cold, you might think Julie was reading, but she had no idea what Mike would ask.
 She answered every question great!

 And talk about grace under pressure - the IOC summoned her for a scheduled 20-minute
 "friendly chat," and wound up grilling her for 3.5 hours.
 Another highlight was, "I thought only bad people took lie detector tests."
 She's also great at the subtle shots, mentioning Willey's "performance" on 60 Minutes.

 I've never seen a client more able to answer questions without needing an attorney.
 If you're telling the truth, and you're as sharp and sure-of-your-facts as Julie Hiatt Steele,
 you're not going to make your lawyer nervous when speaking live on radio or TV.

 More highlights:
 "Going after my son Adam was the most despicable thing I've ever seen."
 "They had me, but then they had to come up with a crime."
 " I've been called everything from an American hero to Clinton's whore, but I'm neither."

 Also, a shot of Chinaco for Mike's use of the language most Americans use.
 "What else did those - forgive me - sons of bitches threaten you with?"

 ha ha

 Here's to Mike Malloy!

 Julie was a class act all the way. Maybe when he takes a vacation or has a sick day,
 Mike would run his interview with Julie again - it was truly one for the time capsule.
 Her humor and her charm were outstanding.
 Julie Hiatt Steele - innocent, brave and a hero to tens of millions.
 I can't wait to shake her hand.

 Going somewhere?  ...like, ...maybe ...Washington DC on April 27th?
 If you use this link and they'll send me a nickle.


 Marc Perkel made it home last night.

 Marc, write that story!
 I'm dying to say more, but I don't want to step on his story.

 There is lots and lots of entertaining stuff at 
 Special Bonus
 Marty is hosting sound clips of the best guitar player in Texas.
 He's my good friend Rick del Castillo.

 Click  Here

Update: Not a single e-mail about this, not even from Rude Rich
                      That means everyone agrees?

  This time it's New York
  Bitterness in Brooklyn Diocese Over Sex Abuse Case

   Click  Here

 When three nuns came forward in 1996 with reports that three priests had sexually abused
 adolescent boys in a Fort Greene parish 20 years before, the Diocese of Brooklyn, led by
 Bishop Thomas V. Daily, assured the nuns that it would act aggressively.

 The case has left a trail of bitterness, as well as competing claims over whether enough was done.

 An Evening with Julie Hiatt Steele
 >>> April 27th <<<in Washington D.C.

 Click  HereWe might make the deal today.

 Write to Julie at   PO Box 1351, Virginia Beach, VA 23451

 E-mail to Julie, use juliehiattsteele@bartcop.com

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 If you send me anything send your phone number
 Send Juliefest stuff to  Juliefest2002@yahoo.com

Let's party with Julie like it's 2099.

...Senator Steele

 I like the sound of that.
 I can't wait to meet her.
 42 days from today.

 Don't forget to check 

 Join the NCAA pool  It costs nothing to join, and you can win real cash prizes.

 Another take on Mike Malloy's interview with Julie

 Click  Here

  Team Player?
 How James Hoffa chose Bush
 over the environmental movement.
   from the American Prospect

  Click  Here

From: kedgley2@cs.com

Subject: Try education

You are in serious need of some advice. My best offering to you is to advance your education.
I belive that you should start with Thomas Sowell's "A Conflict of Visions".

I'll admit to a serious need for education, but I can learn nothing
from an Uncle Tom, sell-out whore like Thomas Sewell.

It was written in 1986 and published in 1987. Although dated in a few chapters, it may help
you understand how much you need to learn before discussing anything with someone with
a conservative viewpoint. Ditto-sheep indeed.

Sounds like a man who's free this coming Thursday at 9 PM CST for a lively debate.

Why is it that liberals cannot look amongst themselves and see what the rest of the world sees?

You, Sir, assume "facts" not in evidence.
WE won the last three popular votes, (probably electoral, too).
The rest of the world is laughing at President Monkey in a Man Suit.
The rest of the world knows this buffoon was thrust on the unwilling majority
by a crooked court made up of his daddy's crooked friends.

A very large group of people who cannot excercise discipline in their lives and
therefore need the ability to apply situational ethics on a constant basis.

A majority, actually, but there you go again with those wild assumptions.
Where is your evidence that the majority has no discipline?
Why would you assume the minority conservatives do?

Tell me, what year did you get your degree from Rush's E.I.B. University?
...and let me know about Thursday.

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When VP VIP’s Drop-in Expectedly

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 Before barging blindly up the Nile for a meeting with Hosni Mubarak in
 a 4,500-year-old secure Pyramid Water Closet Bunker made-up to look
 exactly like Las Vegas’ swanky Mirage Hotel’s $2,567.50 a-night
 “Rubber Hospital Tubes, Laughing Gas & Intensive-Care Cardiac and Naked Nurse Suite.”
 (Tax, all the gas you can inhale in a 3-day extended weekend & 3 nurses, inclusive.)

 ...and he has a weak heart?

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