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Volume 839 - Bush Crimes 

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 Thursday    July 11, 2002     ...written in a hurry...


"It's hot out, but it's nice and cool in the Ed Sullivan Theater.
  It's so cold in here it feels like three Hall of Fame baseball players.
    -- Dave

 Bush the Crooked Land Snatcher
  Even when he's caught - he always gets a pass.

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 A third aspect of Bush’s business career gives lie to the image he likes to present of
 himself as a defender of people and property against government encroachment. It also
 exposes the uglier aspects of the one allegedly successful Bush business venture — his
 role in the enrichment of the Texas Rangers. Bush initially borrowed $600,000 from a bank
 where he had been a director, to cover his 1.8 percent interest in the team. At the behest
 of Bush and his fellow investors, state authorities created the Arlington Sports Facilities
 Development Authority, which was given the power to expropriate some private land to
 build the team a new stadium. When some of the homeowners and farmers refused to sell
 for the low prices being offered, the Authority condemned their land and expropriated it by
 force of law. It did this with 270 acres of land, even though only about 17 acres were
 needed for the ballpark. The rest was used for commercial development that made Bush
 and his friends rich.

 A state judge eventually ruled that the amount paid to the local homeowners had been well
 under market value and a bit more was paid in a settlement. But Bush apparently didn’t care.
 The team got its new stadium and he walked away with $15 million in his pocket. The entire
 seamy story, however, as the authors point out, gives the lie to Bush’s boast that he wants to
 “do everything I can to defend the power of private property and private property rights.”

Klayman Sues Cheney the Heartless
Cheney seen in "trust Athur Anderson" commercial

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 In a short section of the video, Mr Cheney says:
"I get good advice, if you will, from their people, based upon how we
 are doing business and how we are operating, over and above the normal,
 by-the-books auditing arrangement."

 Boy, if we had a free press in this country,
 think of the trouble Smirk n' Dick would be in.

 Joe Conason has now gone daily 

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 The D.C. lapdogs awaken, Bush's Harken loan comes back to haunt him
 and it may be time to explore the Harken/Bahrain connection

 The Family That Preys Together
   George Jr's BCCI Connection

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"This is an incredible deal, unbelievable for this small company," energy analyst
 Charles Strain told Forbes magazine, describing the oil production sharing
 agreement the Harken Energy Corporation signed in January 1990 with Bahrain.

 I agree.
 What are the odds than a tiny, bankrupt never-heard-of-them Texas oil company
 could land exclusive drilling rights to an entire oil-rich, Arab country?

 Oh, that's right - his name is Bush so it's just a coincidence.

 Bush Family Treason
  Dubya's stash came from Jewish Holocaust Labor

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  If Ralph Nader's family had obtained great wealth from a grandfather's work
 on behalf of the Nazis would the media remain quiet about it?  The media's silence
 on the subject of what Loftus-Aarons and Tarpley-Chaitkin have written regarding
 the Bush family dynasty speaks volumes about the mainstream media's commitment
 to protect the general public from tyranny and oppression.

  If the President lies,
 and the press does not report it,
 then did he really lie?

  Click  Here

 However, the S.E.C. DID NOT--I repeat: DID NOT--"clear" me.
 They determined that I had in fact broken the law FOUR TIMES.
 But they did not fine me or apply other penalties.

 Why is the American press propping up this Unelected Fraud?

Subject: JulieFest 2002 Video Review


It took me two weeks to write this review because it was by no means easy
to digest what it was I saw. We have heard the story of JHS and she is everything
and more what BARTCOP promised she was.  That much is obvious.
She is nothing special but at the same time everything special.  She said thank you
about a thousand times but it seems  that it is the rest of us that owes her.
Thank BARTCOP for making possible for her to get at least a little portion of that.

The professional editing of the tape does not obscure the "home movie" feel.
That's a good thing. Even when Joe Conason pulls out his speaking notes there is no feeling
of a script in operation here.  We also hear from BARTCOP, BUZZFLASH, James Carville,
David Brock, BARTCOOK (cute gal that one), Christian and some prominent BARTCOP readers.
There's a lot of emotion on this tape, and all of it feels genuine.

That is the word I was looking for:  genuine.  I don't see the slightest trace of "phony" anywhere.
These are people I would be glad to know.  It is also interesting to see highly recognizable media icons (
Carville & Conason specifically) away from the over-polished world of pundit TV.

A collector's item.
There won't be a million of these tapes floating around the world
so if you don't have one get one now.


Videos are free with a minimum $25 donation.

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 Tom the Dancing Bug

  Click  Here

 The Burning Season, Part One
       by William Rivers Pitt and S. Loescher

  Click  Here

 A Pew Foundation poll found last week that some 62% of Americans think
 George W. Bush should be doing more to help the economy. They should be
 careful what they wish for. The folks currently ripping the economy to shreds
 with lies and shady accounting spring from the same school of corporatist
 business thinking that birthed Bush in the first place. One should think twice
 before sending a wolf to tend the sheep.

BIG-Time Bonus Issue

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No, that five trillion is missing because I'm honest!

 Thousands of US soldiers arriving to start Iraq war

  Click  Here

 ...7,000 US soldiers arrived in Turkey during the last two weeks....this number
 will increase to 25,000 in July. ... 20,000 marines to Kuwait ...

 And when the war is over, we'll have hundreds of dead American soldiers and the
 Bush Family Evil Empire will have the drilling rights to go with their new Afghan pipeline

 Doesn't anybody care?

 Bart, you're hysterical!
 America needs that oil for our SUVs.
 Stop attacking our president, Bart!
 You're not our kind of Democrat.

 We've been thrown a curve.
 Julie is unable to be in Las Vegas on September 28th.

 I woke up in a sweat in the middle of the night.
 I realized I was headlining in Las Vegas and I don't even have an act!
 Maybe lots of people have always wanted to be in this position, but not me.

 Dilemma: Not sure what to do...
 Do we move forward with the Party of the Year?
 Or do we bail and accept defeat?

 Like with every tough decision, I decided to pray about it.
 I told God I was at a croosroads and I asked Him to send me a sign.
 Please, God, send me a sign - tell me what to do!

 Shall I lead my people into the desert?
 Shall we seek the promised land?
 Send me a sign, Oh, Lord!

 When I got done praying, it was all very clear to me.
 The first thing I saw when I opened my eyes this morning was the date.

 Today is 7-11.
 What?  It can't be!
  Can it be?

 That's it!

 God wants us to go to Las Vegas and play craps!
  His will be done!

 Note: God is never wrong!

 Thank you, God, for helping me with that tough decision!

 So, here's the plan:
 This party is going to happen.
 If we end up with 20 people ready to party, we'll take over the Pink Taco
 or rent a bus and go to Area 51 or whatever the hell we want to do.
 If 50-100 people want to party, we'll need a room, but rooms can be had.
 In Las Vegas, you can do anything if you whip out the plastic.

 Just keep in mind that BartFest won't have any speeches unless we snag
 some celebrities, which is another reason to move forward. If we cancelled,
 I'd get a call the next day from Surprise Number One and that would kill me.
 Instead of speeches, maybe after a few shots I'll do my impressions - just kidding.

 There are already too many people committed to think about turning back.
 Remember, you're making your own hotel reservations.

 We may have some fine-tuning as we go, depending on the turnout,
 but remember that it's Vegas that's the attraction, not Ol' BartCop.
 I'm not worth the $75 ticket price, but you won't ever forget this trip.

  So it's Party of the Year at The Rio


 Reminder: Las Vegas is NOT Six Flags over Texas

 September 28th - tickets on sale!

 One thing for sure - the video of Vegas will be much different than the DC video.
 I figure if nothing else, I'll wait until everyone is loopy and then turn on the camera.
 That way I can blackmail everyone and then quit my job.

Things to do in Vegas

  1. Desert Demonstration Gardens
  2. Red Rock Canyon Vermillion Wonderland
  3. The Grand Canyon  More than a big whole
  4. The Mirage Volcano and White Tigers
  5. The Stratosphere Tower and it's mile-high roller coaster
  6. New York, New York  The greatest city in Las Vegas!
  7. The Fremont Experience  brought downtown back to life
  8. Star Trek The Experience, Las Vegas Hilton
  9. Area 51  What the hell did I just see?
10. Mandalay Bay   The Sharks! The Sharks!
11. The lakes and the boating  Ain't nothing like it!
12. The Bellagio   One of the nicest hotels in the world.
13. Hear the Juliefest Soundtrack  The best music ever!
14. The Venetian
      I think it was Conde Nast magazine that called The Venetian "the best hotel in the world."
      It's my opinion that when you walk thru the main doors for the first time, you will either use
      the Lord's name in vain or you'll exclaim a vulgarism that describes the marriage act.
      Not only does this place have a lake with Venice canals - the lake is on the second floor!
      Also home to the former future place I'd most like to die. Tanquero Canonita
      They have $50 tequila shots, but no Chinaco Anejo, so they lost their #1 ranking
      You have to visit this place. ...and it's free!

 15. Food & Drink
       Sure, New York might have more kinds of food than Las Vegas, but everything in Vegas
       is located within a few miles and they have everything. If you time it right, you might have
       your meal prepared by Wolfgang or Emerill.

 16. Paris in Vegas!
      This place is so French, the black guys from Texas say "Bon Jorno," or whatever.
      For $5-6, you can go up inside the Eiffel Tower. Whoopie!
      Plus, think of the snooty snails you can buy here!
      And don't forget, all these casinoes* let you gamble.!

  Click  Here  to see details of the first eleven suggestions Now with working link!

 Talk to me!

 Enough to Make a Cow Laugh
    by my good friend Gene Lyons

    Click  Here

 And who supervised the subsequent SEC probe of Junior's Harken trades?
 Why the sameTexas lawyer who'd put together the deal that made him a minority owner
 of the Texas Rangers baseball team. Starting to sense a pattern here?
 Bush appointed his own attorney, Robert W. Jordan,  Ambassador to Saudi Arabia.

 Is this the best Gene Lyons column ever?

 Don't pass this one up.
 You got time for this column.

 Gene Lyons is busting out all over.
 As I write, he's negotiating a BIG-time deal with some
 national syndicators, to distribute his column e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e.

 Reply to "fair and balanced" Howie Kurtz

  Click  Here

 The fact of the matter is there are many, many reasons to look into Bush's
 corporate past. With all his talk about "bringing honor and dignity back to
 the White House," "Moral Clarity," "the first MBA president," "the CEO
 president," etc., do we have a leader who measures up to his own standards?
 Or are these just hollow words of a hollow man.

 The finger pointing to Clinton is growing very tired.
 When will this president take responsibility for...ANYTHING?

 They read it in Ulaanbaatar, possibly.
 They read it in Monkey River.
 They read it in Tulsa, Oklahoma

 Subject: Hey Nevada, How Do You Like Your Bush Now?

 In the 2000 presidential election, Bush promised the Nevada residents that he would
 never ever approve of the dumping of nuclear waste at Yucca Mountain. The voters of
 Nevada believed Bush and happily gave him their 4 electoral votes. And that was just
 enough to get Bush appointed president with a giant assist from 5 Supreme Court Justices.

 OK, now I just want to ask the good Republicans of Nevada, how do you like your Bush now?
 With 48 continental states shipping their nuclear waste to Nevada, Mr. Bush has succeeded in
 putting approximately 200 million Americans at risk, feeling the effects of a nuclear disaster as
 the waste is transported thousands of miles by rail and truck.

 The terrorists are sitting there licking their chops at the possibilities.


 BartCop, ...come to Vegas!
 BartCop, Vegas is calling you.
 BartCop, over 90 different tequilas at the Hard Rock.....
 BartCop, ...BartCop...

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