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Bartcop Radio #163 is up
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 Tuesday,  August 17, 2010     Vol 2567 - Barely supressed glee

Picture by Bartcop
Click for Full Size, Hi-Res version

Quote of the Day

"There is no Mosque in the Pentagon,
  it's just a room where Muslims go to pray."

    -- the vulgar Pigboy, crying out for  an intervention, 


In Today's Tequila Treehouse...

Arrow Gibbs' Gaffe Tips Conversion
Arrow We're Going to the Sun
Arrow Feds owe Toyota an apology 
Arrow Fun Facts about Oklahoma  
Arrow Oily Birther to be Dis-barred?
Arrow The Legion of Indecency  
Arrow Hilary Duff weds Thug

business cards look great!

"It's a war.  Like when Hitler invaded Poland,"
          --  Stephen Schwarzman, chairman of the Blackstone Group,
             on Obama's push to boost taxes on private equity firms

 Hey Asshole, did Hitler go crying to Poland for a bailout when he ran out of money?

 Wait, Hitler couldn't run out of money because Prescott Bush was his bag man.


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Gibbs' Gaffe Tips Off Conversion
Obama keeps firing the wrong people

business cards look great!

Random thought... 

I found a hot, never-published picture of Marilyn Monroe

 Marilyn the Pilgrim


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Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: Your Dr. Laura reply rant

That was priceless, Bart. 
Especially the part about evil being so hard to kill. 
You're so dang funny and right on.
 Debbie in Milwauke

Subject: Your Dr. Laura reply rant

Gawd, did you have to do THAT to make your point?

Kathi, trust me, you don't want to see "it."

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Marty's has new stuff
every day

on her fine, fine Entertainment Page

Marty always has good stuff.

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"The lefties came to the defense of the centrist Clinton during impeachment.
  Now that Obama is under attack, however, they are not coming to his defense,
  even though he has given more to the liberal cause than the scandal-stunted
  Clinton ultimately achieved."

       -- Maureen Dowd, the craziest bitch at the Whore Times
,   Link


  "Scandal-stunted Clinton?"
   Fuck you Dowd, you worthless slug.

   You cheap-shot sluts thought you had him, but he left office
   with higher approval ratings than any recent Republican.
  They had to change the rules to get him and even then, he gave us a surplus and
   peace and prosperity ...and Heaven, compared to the shit-world we live in now.


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I'm gues

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We're Going to the Sun



We offer 56 beautiful hardwood
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Feds owe Toyota an apology
'Driver error' seen as the culprit



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Subject: Google ocean floor photo

Someone found this on Google Earth earlier in the year. It was explained that
the straight lines were the result of a ghost image that was not cleaned up from
collecting the sea floor topography data using soundings. So no it is not the
largest city in the world mysteriously placed at the bottom of the ocean.

Or it's where the aliens park the mother ship

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"I just saw a picture of Moochelle eating a huge cup of ice cream on vacation.
  Do these people have no awareness that they're out there on this big anti-obesity push?" 

   -- the vulgar Pigboy

  Really, Rush?
 You, the fattest ass of all Repugnicans, giving diet advice to our shapely First Lady?

 What next?
 Gingrich offering the Obamas marriage counseling?

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Subject: BCR Show 163

Bart, I just finished listening to your latest radio show. 
Sorry to hear of your computer problems but love your passion, just like Mike Malloy.

Malloy, Bob Kincaid, and you are my radio voices. 
In addition I watch Olbermann, Maddow and ‘Washington Journal’ on C-SPAN.

Glad I subscribed.  Keep up the good work.
 Greg in Danville, CA

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Adult Friend

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Mosque Quotes

“If the right to have organized worship of Muhammad leads to satanic human sacrifice,
  what the hell will the ingestion of "the body and blood of Christ" lead to?"

   -- Bpb Cesca,     Link

 I'm not sure I get that, but I always thought "Eat my body, drink my blood,"
  was a hilariously stupid way to hook people into giving you money.

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Fun Facts about Oklahoma


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"Social Security's attackers claim that they're concerned about the program's financial future.
  But their math doesn’t add up, and their hostility isn't really about dollars and cents. Instead,
  it’s about ideology and posturing. And underneath it all is ignorance of or indifference to the
  realities of life for many Americans."

     --  Paul Krugman,    Link


Oily Birther to be Dis-barred?



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"A foul and dangerous brew is heating up that is composed of: (1) The economic collapse
that started in 2008; (2) the radical, 'fundamentally transforming' left-wing agenda of the
government; and, (3) the thwarting of the public will -- with glee -- by the entrenched,
non-elected powers (in the courts, media, colleges and government bureaucracies) as they
get into the face and under the skin of the cultural and political majority."

          -- Tony Blankley, spewing pure horseshit,   Link

 Tony, you got the first one right - Bush ruined America - but 2 and 3 don't even exist.

 The LAST thing Obama is doing is radically changing anything
 and the super-rich own the media - that's YOU bastards.

Subject: re: zero dead soldiers

Bart. I'm on your side like 99.999999 % but doesn't the Blackhawk Down incident
count as combat dead americans??   I guess I count em.  They're dead.  It was combat.
Clinton was president I think?
Just my opinions,

Badfish, Bush sent those soldiers to Somalia.
Clinton was faced with being the guy who said "Fuck it" to the starving children
or keep Bush's troops over there - where they were later slaughtered.

You'd think a former CIA boss would have a clue about enemy troop levels
and the dangers of taking on roaming al-Qaeda warlords in their own country,
but he walked right into it.

Oh, an Bush waited until AFTER he lost the election to send those troops.

Yeah, it was on Clinton's watch like our economic happened on Obama's watch.

And, my wording was imprecise. Usually I write, "Clinton never sent a man into battle
who didn't eventually come back alive."   The paternity changes with that nuance.

BTW, good on you for questioning what I write.
Always demand to see the evidence - do your own thinking.
Nobody is right all the time and everyone has an agenda.

Plus, this is mostly a comedy site - some comics lie :)

A shot of Chinaco for Badfish

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Weird Picture of the Day


Subject: seen in Nashville   (Thanks to Dave)

I know the answer - it's on file at the Hawaiian Secretary of State's office.

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Mike Malloy


The Legion of Indecency 
  by Barry Crimmins


Hillary in 2012
She's even more qualified than last time


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Guess the Country


Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: last issue's mystery's city
That is without a doubt Chicago.
The picture is from inside the Petrillo Music Band Shell looking west.
Maybe it has a new name. It is located in Millenium (formerly Grant ) Park
and the building in the background is the Willis (er,Sears )Tower.

Damn, I'm so old I remember that once something was built and named it stayed that way.
Keep swinging the Hammer!!
 Paul The Indiana Liberal

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Bison in Yellowstone
picture by David Trimble

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Today's History Mystery


Who is this kinda familiar historical figure?

Subject: last issue's history mystery
That would be George "Machine Gun" Kelly.
His wife got him his first machine gun and touted him far and wide as a tough guy.

He spent his last 21 years in prison where he was known as "Pop Gun" Kelly
by the inmates because he apparently wasn`t so tough after all.

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Subject: Donation

Thanks to Joel in Thailand.

I'll buy some more bear spray with that  :)

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Hilary Duff weds thug


Check out dozens of  Hilary Duff photos  at  BC Hotties

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