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Volume 691 - All Coiled Up and Hissing

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 Thursday - January 17, 2002                                                            Online Shopping with Amazon.com (see below)

 Who needs accountability when you've got flexibility?
      by Christian Livemore

  Click  Here

 And only a body with very quick reflexes could campaign on a package of
 tax cuts for the rich which they proposed in 1999 when the economy was
 percolating like Mrs. Folgers coffee pot, and now claim that the package
 was designed to stimulate a weak economy.

 And only folks with contortion abilities worthy of Harry Houdini (or a
 very unhealthy interest in other peoples' sex lives) could spend six years
 and $65 million investigating if and when Bill Clinton received consensual
 oral sex from a willing adult, and then caution reporters against turning
 the Bush Administration's ties to Enron into a "partisan witch hunt."


  "Thank you James Earl Ray for keeping the dream alive.''
       -- plaque for actor James Earl Jones intended to honor Dr King on his birthday

   Full Story

 Enron Avoided Income Taxes  in 4 of 5 Years

   Click  Here

  Enron paid no income taxes in four of the last five years,
  using almost 900 subsidiaries in tax-haven countries and other techniques,
  an analysis of its financial reports to shareholders shows.

  It was also eligible for $382 million in tax refunds.

 Well, is anyone surprised?
 The Bush Family Evil Empire took Enron's money during the crooked campaign,
 then President Losttheelection cut them a taxpayer-funded check for $382,000,000.

 That's how the Evil Empire makes money - they deal with crooks, then steal money
 from the treasury to repay those crooks.

 Remember how the Crooked White House failed to help California when Enron was raping them on
 energy prices last year? Remember those reports of Enron charging TEN TIMES what they charged last year?

 So, with Bush's blessing, Enron made unearned billions from California families,
 plus Bush kicked in $382M for Enron, and THEN they filed bankruptcy?

 This is Bush's plan for all of us - if we stand by and do nothing.

From: EasilyAmused@aol.com

Subject:  Ashcroft on MLK!


I was just watching CNN and they had Ashcroft on.
He was giving a speech in memorial to Martin Luther King.
They couldn't have found one person in the administration to give that speech besides Ashcroft?

Using a man who vehemently fought civil rights to wax poetic about the guy he tried to shut down.
What a slap in the face!


That's why I can't forgive Daschle and rubberstamp Leahy for confirming that bastard.

"I am the Central Scrutinizer.
  Who you calling bastard, Funnyboy?"

 What is Bush Hiding?
        ...and why isn't the press even a little curious?

  Click  Here

 President Bush, who was governor from 1995 to 2000, has chosen to house his records in his father's
 Presidential Library and Museum at Texas A&M University, which is administered by the National
 Archives and Records Administration and is not subject to Texas' open records law.

  So, he wants to prevent his records from been seen - why?

 If Bush was legal, honest and above board, he could show his papers like
 every other governor and every other president in history - but noooooooooooooo.
 He's hiding something?
 Why can't we know what the Bush Family Evil Empire is up to?
 He's spending taxpayer money - secretly - and we can't see what he's buying?

 If we had a right to Clinton's sex life, why is the Bush Empire stuff off-limits?
 Why do we have more business inside Clinton's zipper
 than the record of Bush's majesty in Texas? (Or Reagan's presidential papers, for that matter)

 The Bush Family Evil Empire cannot stand the daylight of honesty.

 To protect Junior's illegal ascension (and that of his father as VP) they must burn all records,
 shred all files (just like Enron) and pardon those who have Bush-guilty knowledge.


 Why isn't the press curious about the covered-up crimes?

From: Joe

Subject: How Limbaugh Lies, Part 147

The Truth Detector said today that it now appears that Enron gave
even more money to Democrats than they did to Republicans.


He then said that Enron "gave $450,000 to Democrats; that's what they spent on  lobbying."

How stupid do you have to be to get fooled by that statement?

Let me show you my version of his statement,
"BartCop gave $3,000 to the Catholics last year; that's what he spent on beverages."

There's nothing wrong at all with asking "compared to who?" when your side is being criticized
for allegedly unseemly behavior.  But you have to be honest about it.  You can't say,
"Dems took even more from Enron than did Republicans," UNLESS IT'S TRUE.

You'd think the Truth Detector would know that.

The problem with Rush is that he's a truth molester.
That's right - he's a long time, serial truth molester and he must be stopped.
He's out of control,  destroying reputations and hurting innocent people every day.

Worse than that, he molests the truth  ...in God's name.
Shame, shame on the vulgar Pigboy for molesting the truth in God's name.
I'll bet God isn't all that happy about it, either.

    by Mark Batchelor

   Click  Here

 Like most sequels, Bush II has been working hard to out-do its original incarnation:
 More tax cuts, more right-wing policies, bigger wars. Like "Die Harder," with its vastly
 increased body count and exponentially larger explosions than the first movie in that series,
 Bush II is an inflated version of the original.

 God help us.

Britney Spears caught without her wig!
  Sales are down as pre-teens suddenly realize she can't sing, either.

From: Rochesterjim@aol.com

Subject: Dick Cheney Has Done A "D.B. Cooper" And Vanished

Haliburton Corporation took in millions and millions of dollars from Enron
for "services rendered," while Dick Cheney ran the company. Dick Cheney
received 34 million dollars from Haliburton when he left the company.

Where is Dick Cheney?
I suspect that he has done a "D.B. Cooper" and vanished.

Jim in Rochester, MI

  Last week, I asked:

 > Why is John Fund marrying this Morgan Pillsbury lady?

 > Could it be so Morgan cannot testify against him?
 > What crimes, if any, has John Fund of the Whore Street Journal committed?
 > What does Morgan know that she can testify to?

  Original Story

  Well, AMPOL has busted the story wide open.
 Police say John Fund beat up his future mother-in-law!

  Read AMPOL's Expose

  No wonder the Whore Street Journal fired his woman-beating ass.
  During impeachment, Fundie was all over Clinton's "immorality,"
  but Clinton isn't a woman-beater now is he?

  You'd have to be a  real scumbag  to beat up a woman.

 Eye of the Beholder
   by Tally Briggs

  Click  Here

 The lazy people I know all have a lot of money. Some have trust funds they live off of. They also
 have no imagination. They sit at home, usually only having the energy to call their dealer, roll
 another joint, or play non-stop Nintendo. They have no idea what the majority of the world
 struggles through day after day, nor do they care. Perhaps that's why they insist no one wants to
 work. They certainly don't, and are very happy living off of mostly their parents's money.

"I am the Central Scrutinizer.
 This Briggs fella - playing the class-envy socialist card...
 ...we'd better open up a file on him, too.
 These BartCop operatives are usually the subversive type."

 I found this great graphic in my cartoon box the other day, and used it.
 I didn't know it was from whitehouse.org where Betty Bowers is writing.

 My theft was unintentional.

White House Denies Barney Knew about Enron Collapse

  Click  Here

 In a press conference last week, presidential spokesman Ari Fleischer repeatedly denied
 that Barney even knew Kenneth Lay. However, in an internal memo leaked from Enron's
 executive committee, the happy-go-lucky Scottie dog was apparently being contemplated
 as a possible scapegoat for the missing documents from the Arthur Andersen company.

From:  jpickle25@hotmail.com

Subject: Bush and his pretzel

Why did I know that this would be top story for you worthless,
left winged, same sex loving, losers at BartCrap.com?
Al Gore Lost


jim pickle

Well, Jim, it's nice to meet you, too.

Bush's struggle with the pretzel proved a widely-held theory:
That he couldn't chew and remain conscious at the same time.

I'd love to see a poll on how many people bought the stupid pretzel story.

Besides, you guys spent nine years on Clinton's cock.
Why shouldn't we giggle at Mr. Salty's assault on President Weak & Stupid?

 Saw this on a page done by  Dan Chaney  (no relation, I assume)
 I also noticed he listed Chinaco Anejo as "an influence."


 It's Harry Carey and Jerry Lewis doing a scene from Pulp Fiction.
 Good stuff, Dan.





Why should you care?

Give Bush what he wants.

 Andrew Sullivan, small-time whore
   by KuhWaver

  Click  Here

 This one's a read-meater for the flat-earthers: it is how Clinton applied "new constraints
 to be placed on the CIA." He's talking about the way Clinton avoided finding someone
 who will eventually turn on you like bin Laden did. And why are you trying to defend
 the honor of these genocidal Sudanese, Master Sullivan?

From:   1yoj@bellsouth.net

Subject: Enron's Collapse

The debacle at Enron is the most solid argument that the Social Security Trust Fund should not
be in the hands of the private sector.  Imagine the tragedy visited upon the most vulnerable in
America after finding out that Social Security had been looted by it's "Funds Managers."

"OOPS!!  We lost all of YOUR money after WE got paid, BIG TIME,
 for all our hard work!!  Get over it, you freeloaders!!!"

 They just cancelled the X-Files.

 Too bad.
 It was once a great show.

From: Hesiod

Subject: Will Bush pardon Ken Lay?

We ought to start a campaign to get the press to ask him this question
at  every opportunity, until he answers it.

Let's FORCE Dubyah to promise he will never pardon Ken Lay, or anyone else
who may be responsible for violating Federal Criminal statues in the Enron case.
We ought to pound this every chance we get.

Happy Birthday to...

    Susanna Hoffs is 45                       Betty White is 80

Also born today - James Earl Jones (1931) Andy Kaufman (1949)  Maury Povich (1939)
Muhammad Ali (1942) Al "Scarface" Capone (1899) Jim Carrey (1962)  Ben Franklin (1706)

  Today is the fourth anniversary of the press losing all ethics

  On January 17, 1998, the New York Times appointed Matt Drudge as head of their editorial board
  and made him president of their news division. His first act as boss was to break the Monica story,
  then he molested the truth, shot it in the head, put it in the trunk of a Buick Regal and drove it to Jersey
  where the truth was buried, with the respectability of the press in a shallow grave six miles west of Bayonne.

  That's some sad shit...
  I'm so old, I remember when you could semi-trust the newspapers.
  But their insatiable thirst for Clinton-cock stories changed everything


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 I've ordered more stickers, but they say it'll take 30 days or so...


"Earlier today, Bush's cabinet told him that they had nothing to do
  with helping Enron ...and Bush had trouble swallowing that as well.''
       -- Letterman

 ...the BartCop Hex!!

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