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Volume 692 - Back in the U.S.S.A. 

 Friday - January 18, 2002                         Recent old stuff                                     Online Shopping (see below)


 "Wall Street has suspended Enron sales. Why?
    Is there a mad rush to buy them at 68 cents per share?"
       --Jay Leno

 Where’s the Outrage Over Enron Scandal?
    by Joe Conason

  Click  Here

 "...several of the most influential scandalmongers already think it’s time to "move on." They contend that since
 no evidence has been found that would implicate President George W. Bush or any of his appointees in a crime,
 this story should be relegated to the business pages.

 That judgment seems premature, to say the least, and hardly consistent with the hungry attitude of the Clinton era,
 when putting officials under oath and demanding reams of documents became the highest priorities for nearly every
 newspaper and network in the nation.

 Back then, if the White House appeared defensive, or if the Presidential press secretary was caught giving false
 information, or if the President himself made a scandal-related remark that was obviously untrue, journalists who
 smelled blood would bare their teeth and snarl. Today some of the fiercest pundits of yesteryear sound as if
 they’re ready to whimper and roll over."

 We have an early test page up for 

  Click  Here

  Consumer Consumption
    by  Cliff Downing

 "A complete lack of credibility"

  Click  Here

 FDR's Recession
  rebuttal by Phillip A. Schuman

  Click  Here

 Saudis May Seek U.S. Exit
  Military Presence Seen as Political Liability in Arab World

  Click  Here

 Saudi Arabia's rulers are increasingly uncomfortable with the U.S. military presence in their
 country and may soon ask that it end, according to several Saudi sources. Such a decision
 would deprive the United States of regular use of the Prince Sultan Air Base, from which
 American power has been projected into the gulf region and beyond for more than a decade.

 Question for you tech people

 You see that little box to the right of the picture above?
 It's just below Entertainment in IE,
 It's just below JFK Conspiracy on Netscape.
 Does it look benign to you?
 I'd like to have it removed, but it won't come off.

 In Netscape's edit mode, it appears to be a tiny table.
 How do I make that go away?

 Boy, I can't wait to get a staff...

So far, no sticker pics.
Send me your sticker pics!


 There are three surprises coming.
 All three are hueueueuger than hueueueuge, but if there's one thing I learned,
 it's not to hatch my chickens before they're counted, ...something, like that, ...I forget.

 One of them could happen any second,
 the second one might happen Tuesday,
 the third one should happen about the middle of February.

 Oddly, none of the three involve tequila, sex or Las Vegas.
 What are the odds?

 Like Leo said, "...I'd watch."

 From: peregrin@yahoo.com

 Subject:  Question

 Where can I find the "Hillary glamour shots" you used to have?

 Koresh, that goes back a few years...

 Uh, ... there's a chance running that could screw up all three big surprises.
 Ask me again about March 1, OK?

 Remember that problem I was having with that CD of Garbage songs?

 Somehow, the songs stay stuck in your head and won't go away.
 I guess most artists would kill for that kind of talent.
 (Koresh knows McCartney would pay a billion dollars for it)

 After about 90 days of this, I started losing it.
 I couldn't concentrate because those songs keep repeating in my small brain.
 So I attempted a fix - the last 10-14 days I've been playing the first and second
 Garbage CDs to try to push the beautifulgarbage songs out of my head

 Didn't work - now I have 30 songs that keep playing, over and over.

 On their second album, there are two "fog" songs that have melded together.
 The Trick is to Keep Breathing  and  You Look So Fine.

 ...I need help.

 Shirley, write to me.


 Unless it's a picture of Jenna coming out of her top while falling down drunk,
 I can't print pictures or graphics or toons bigger than, say 20K.

 If you art people can shrink your stuff before you send it, that'd be cool.
 Someday, I'll learn that remote link h=ref stuff, but until then I'm stuck with small pics.

 When you're young and in love, only one thing matters....


Be sure to read every day.


 "Remember when Bush said he looked Putin in the eye and saw the bottom of his soul?
   Well, that's an interesting trick.  He either learned this from his daddy as a secret CIA move,
   or he still has cocaine in his system."
   --  Mark Russell

From: AdmNaismith@yahoo.com

Subject: Eeek- the black background

The beige background is sooo soothing-please bring it back.
The black background is so dire and disturbing-like staring into President Gameboy's soul.

Adam D. Sperry

Adam, everyone agrees with you.

> Love Bartcop -- Love Old Format!!!
> Black no good. Hard to read. Please change.

> Great site, as always, but geez, that black background that showed up today
> is sure hard to read with my aging eyes. Left me with a whopping headache.

> LOVE you - HATE the new black background!

Funny, each time a change of format is attempted, the majority howls.
But this time the howling was almost unanimous. Only Joe B and Dogfolks liked it.
Please send copies of your optomistrist bills to PO Box 54466, K-Drag, OK 74155

 Was the US government alerted to September 11 attack?

  Click  Here

 The governments of at least four countries—Germany, Egypt, Russia and Israel—gave
 specific warnings to the US of an impending terrorist attack in the months preceding September 11.
 These alerts, while fragmentary, not only combined to foretell the scale of the attack and its main target,
 but indicated that hijacked commercial aircraft would be the weapon of choice.

 According to an article in one of the major daily newspapers in Germany, published just after the
 destruction of the World Trade Center, the German intelligence service BND told both US and Israeli
 intelligence agencies in June that Middle East terrorists were “planning to hijack commercial aircraft
 to use as weapons to attack important symbols of American and Israeli culture.”

From: Rochesterjim@aol.com

Subject: And Still More Quid Pro Quo, Enron & GOP

And while Enron has imploded, other energy companies retain the administration's ear.
Just days before the latest Enron revelations, the administration signaled its intention to
weaken pollution rules on power plants; late last week it announced its decision to proceed
with a controversial plan to store radioactive waste in Nevada.

Each of these decisions was worth billions to companies with very strong connections to
Mr. Bush.  CBSMarketWatch.com declared, in its story about the nuclear waste decision,
that "one group of major energy-business political donors just hit the jackpot."

Full Story

Jim in Rochester, MI

 If Enron isn't a political scandal, nothing is
 So what if Bush and company didn't bail out Enron?
 The outrage lies in what politicians did for the company on its way up, not the way down.

  Click  Here

 If Enron isn't a political scandal then we might as well retire the phrase from our vocabularies.
 Of course no one in the Bush administration lifted a finger to help Enron while it was on the way down;
 they all understood that the spotlight on them was too glaring. It was while Enron was on its merry way up
 the stock price charts, conjuring markets out of thin air and billions in revenue through accounting tricks,
 that the company cashed in its chits with our politicians. Enron's campaign contributions may not have
 purchased it a reprieve from bankruptcy, but its gifts had already been paid back with interest by both
 the legislative and the executive branches of our government.

 A White House under wraps
   Editorial by the Chicago tribune

   Click  Here

 For all his success during his first year in office, President Bush has shown an unfortunate obsession with secrets.

 National security concerns were good reason to keep some government information under wraps
 in the wake of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, and this page supported him on those counts. But the
 Bush administration has been clamping down on other information for reasons that appear to have
 more to do with politics and paranoia than with reasonable discretion.

 They list of examples of why Bush can't be open and honest,
 and this is a paper that endorsed Bush for president.

 If only the Democrats had a much courage as Bush's allies in the media...

From: (withheld)

Subject: REAGAN Choked on a PEANUT

Imus had presidential historian Michael Beschloss on this the show this morning.

They started talking about Shrub's run-in with the pretzel, and Beschloss mentioned a story about Reagan.
Apparently, during his first presidential campaign in 1976, Reagan had a peanut "go down the wrong way"
and one of his aides had to give him the Heimlich.  When the peanut finally came out, Reagan told the aide
"...you saved my life."

So, I guess Shrub is carrying on Reagan's legacy in more ways than we thought.

-Derrick in KC

Derrick, you're right about Smirk being another Reagan.
They're both idiots who don't know the first thing about government
and they don't give a damn about anyone that can't contribute to their campaigns.

Rudy considers pushing Hillary in front of an oncoming subway car.

 The Weak & Stupid administration refuses to call the Taliban prisoners in Cuba "POWs."
 Do you know why?

 Because if they were considered prisoners of war, America would be treaty-bound to follow
 the POW rules of the Geneva Convention. And since the rich, snotty boy has never had to obey
 any rules or laws, he's decided to throw the Geneva Convention away.

 Stupid move, Smirk.

 That means next time a John McCain gets shot down while bombing some country,
 that country can declare that they don't have to follow the Geneva Convention,
 because we didn't honor it when we had prisoners.

 Plus, remember that "Dead or alive" crap?
 When he said that, he gave his traditional wink and smirk, which meant,
 "If it's easier to just kill the POWs, then just do it because we're in a hurry."

 So the next time one of our pilots gets shot out of the sky,
 it will be George the Unelected Fraud that got him killed.

 Bush should have the brains to know that erasing prisoner's rights today will mean
 the erasing of the rights of our people when they get caught tomorrow.

 It's the same way with paying a kidnapper.
 If you do it, they'll just kidnap again.
 But Bush's Daddy and Saint Reagan paid the kidnappers in Beirut, and what happened?
 Hezzbollah turned around and kidnapped more Americans.

 The Republican Party is made up of people who just can't think.

 From: (withheld)

 Subject: Are you OK?

>  BartCop hasn't updated since 12-19-2001.
>  Has Ashcroft arrested him?

  ha ha

 Not sure why, but I get messages like this now and then.
 There have been 27 issues posted since 12/19.

 I suggest if you're on Netscape, try IE.
 If you're on IE, try Netscape, but if you're on AOL, they may've blocked  bartcop.com

 Besides, you can always type in  http://www.bartcop.com/0688.htm
 ...or whatever the next number is.

 Go to the last issue you can get and just add one number and it should work.

 Thanks for asking, but I'm fine :)

 --- anyone know why this happens now and then?

"I am the Central Scrutinizer.
 Make no mistake, Funnyboy - we're shutting you down.
 America doesn't need your crap hindering the war effort.
 You day's coming, Funnyboy.

 Polite disagreement mail

 I like it that  bartcop.com  has a low sheep factor.
 People question what they read here and that's a good thing.

 Click  Here

 Black Hawk Down, Oliver Stone, Arnold the black plowman,  an X-Files goodbye,  a story on Cuba,
 Geneva, the official BartCop astrologer, (don't settle for fakes) did a Chart For Choking Pretzels, ha ha
 a story on J-Lo winning a sexy contest, (over Halle Berry? I don't think so...)
 Russell Crowe (I-Horndog) covets Jodie Foster,  a Britney Spears story (without a picture?)
 a look at the Native American mini-series Dreamkeeper ...and lots more.

 ...it's all on 

 Will Marty win a Golden Globe for Best Entertainment site on a political treehouse?

 Enron and the Gramms

 Click  Here

When Senator Phil Gramm and his wife Wendy danced, it was most often to Enron's tune.
Mr. Gramm, a Texas Republican, is one of the top recipients of Enron largess in the Senate.
And he is a demon for deregulation. In December 2000 Mr. Gramm was one of the ringleaders
who engineered the stealthlike approval of a bill that exempted energy commodity trading from
government regulation and public disclosure. It was a gift tied with a bright ribbon for Enron.

In her final days with the commission Wendy Gramm helped push through a ruling that exempted
many energy futures contracts from regulation, a move that had been sought by Enron. Five weeks later,
after resigning from the commission, Wendy Gramm was appointed to Enron's board of directors.

 Happy Birthday to...

 Archie Leach (1904)            CAL's buddy Jesse Martin is 33

 Political Strikes.com
  has an amazing (and accurate) picture of Bush's pretzel face.

   Click  Here

 You'll be glad you did

 Tomb Raiders
  by Chris Floyd

  Click  Here

 The company had been all over the local news recently: They'd just been hit with a big lawsuit,
 accusing them of "recycling" bodies in several Jewish cemeteries they owned in the Palm Beach area
 - cramming new cadavers into existing graves, or digging up the dead and tossing their bones and
 tattered burial shrouds into the woods nearby. A few outraged mourners had brought the initial suit,
 but there were hundreds more getting ready to join it.

 Over the next several weeks, Allbaugh and other senior Bush aides leaned on
 Funeral Commission chairperson Eliza May to end the probe. She persisted,
 and the commission eventually fined SCI $450,000 for its desecrations.
 The company refused to pay - and May was fired a few months later,
 after she began looking into SCI's campaign contributions to state officials.

 Geez, this Bush Family Evil Empire are grave-robbers, too?
 They take bribes from golddiggers?
 They need more money that badly?

 Is robbing graves part of that "honor and dignity" thing?

 ...the BartCop Hex!!

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