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Volume 702 - 'It's too bad'


 Monday - January 28, 2002         Send me an Angel              Recent old stuff        Shopping w/ Bart

O'Connor Wishes Bush V. Gore Had Never Come Up

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 Sandra Day O'Connor, says she wished the justices had never had to make the decision
 that all but delivered the White House to President George W. Bush.

"There was a great deal of criticism. It was a difficult case. It's too bad that it came up," O'Connor said

 That's a big, fat lie!

 The crooked court INSISTED on getting involved, they INSISTED on stopping the count, and this
 is with Scalia's kid, Rehnquist's kids and Slappy's wife all on the Republican payroll to elect the Fraud!

 This was not a mistake, this was not an accident,
 this was not unfortunate happenstance.

 This was a crime.

"My heart wants what it wants."

 Fuck it, I'm having that drink.

 Today in History

 On Jan. 28, 1986, the space shuttle Challenger exploded 73 seconds
 after liftoff from Cape Canaveral, killing all seven crew members.

 I remember it well.
 Rumor was the Reagan Administration pressured NASA to launch in the cold because
 Saint Reagan wanted to give his State of the Union speech while Challenger orbited.
 Then it blew up, because the O-rings were too brittle in the cold.

 Was there an investigation?

 Did the media look into this?

 Did Congress hold hearings?
 No! ...because it had nothing to do with Clinton's zipper!!!!!

 Had it involved Monica, or something equally important, they might've checked into it,
 but it was only seven dead heroes, and after all, it was Saint Reagan, the man who walked on water,
 so ....no harm, no foul.

 Just like with President AWOL and the Japanese students who were killed when the Enron Boys were
 playing with Bush's new submarine toys, nobody cared, nobody investigated and the media went to sleep.
 It's not a story without Clinton's zipper so we should just learn to accept media silence.

 But oh, if Bill Clinton wrote a check in 1978 and can't remember why,
 we need to stop all government functions, throw Susan McDougal in jail,
 kick Julie Hiatt Steele out of her home and threaten the president's friends
 and business associates with death in prison.

 Is it too early for a fucking drink?

 I think Tom Tomorrow agrees

 Click  Here  to see a great Tom Tomorrow cartoon

 President Enron stabs veterans in the back

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 Unlike President AWOL, I stand behind our veterans.
 You can raise my taxes to be sure they get their treatment and medicine.

 But I understand Bush's point, too.
 You see, elderly veterans won't produce a single barrel of oil,
 and they won't put any money into the Bush Family Evil Empire,
 so why the hell should Bush care about them?

 Remember, they didn't take away our right to vote so they could
 do the decent and honest thing with all that power.

 ...sons of bitches.

How many times did Governor Enron shout "Help is on the way?"

 The Last Honest Reporter's mistakes
   by Philip Schuman

  Click  Here

  I love a fight that I'm not in...

 Looking great...

     Post-wreck Niki Taylor

Niki Taylor Sues Over Scar Photos

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Supermodel Niki Taylor is suing a British magazine over photographs taken of scars
she suffered after undergoing several life-saving operations. The surgeries were
performed last year following a car accident that left Taylor critically injured.

The supermodel claimed that for the magazine to get the pictures, she was coerced
into taking off her clothes.  She also said that if the pictures are published,
it could ruin her career as a fashion model and cause her embarrassment.

Thursday, a judge rejected a request to prevent the pictures from leaving the state or being printed.

Yeah, like that's what she agreed to when she signed that contract.

You old-timers might remember the WKRP where some scumbag photographer hired
Loni Anderson to do some bikini pictures, but he had a camera in the dressing room and got
pictures of her naked.   Johnny Fever and Venus Flytrap broke into his studio & stole 'em back.

I know you're snickering about the line "coerced into taking off her clothes," but Niki Taylor
is the only supermodel of which naked pictures do not exist, and I know what I'm talking about.
I think that's one reason I like her more than most.  After nine years on the internet, I think a photo
of a woman in a bikini or a teddy is a lot sexier than a Laura Schlessinger-type spread eagle picture.
Don't you?

But chances are the scumbag judge wants to see her naked, so those pics will get out.
Jesus, you'd think crawling back from her deathbed is tough enough, but now she has to
worry about shitholes trying to get pictures of her scars.

Life sucks sometimes.


 "The two symbols of the Republican Party: an elephant,
   and a fat white guy who is threatened by change."
        -Peter Griffin to his wife on "Family Guy".

 Alleged WSJ Kidnappers Make Demands

 Click  Here

 A Wall Street Journal reporter has apparently been taken hostage in Pakistan
 by a group seeking repatriation of detained Pakistani fighters in Cuba and the
 release of Afghanistan's former ambassador to Pakistan.

 Damn, when I saw this headline, I was thinking it might be John Fund.
 But then I remembered the Whore Street Journal fired his woman-beating ass.

Enron executive's death was suicide, says coroner

 Click  Here

 Why did they bother?
 The Bush Family Evil Empire police force knew that the second they found him.

 In Texas, if the BFEE says it was suicide, then it was suicide.

From: Smacco@earthlink.net

Subject: Yo, Right Rev. Barcop....pastor, Our Lady of Fine Tequila

Anyway, just wanted to point out that Smokin' Joe Conason was on C-SPAN today and he kicked ass
without going into hysterics or anything.  Also, interesting to note that all of those extreme right wingers
who call when their evil brethren are on C-SPAN (and talk about how the Democrats hate America
and want to kill babies) are strangely silent when somebody is on who could challenge them.

And to add to all this secrecy in what is politely referred to as the Bush Administration -- The CBO and
the Treasury used to release information about how a changes in tax laws would affect certain income brackets.
However, since King George I the CBO does not release these, preferring to only use these numbers internally.

Since George II the Treasury refuses to release these numbers too.  But if somebody were to sue under the
Freedom of Information Act...Well, who knows what would happen but it would be interesting.

Anyway, keep up the great work fighting the good fight!


Stephen, thanks for that.
I set my VCR for 6 AM but it must've been the wrong hour K-Drag time.

Yes, Bush is cooking the books just like Kenneth Lay did.
He's Enroning us like they did those poor employees who are going to the poorhouse.

And you're also right about the ditto-monkeys that hate a fair fight.
I'm here over six years now, and there's nobody in all of cyberspace to debate.

If I scare the DMs with my IQ of 64,
it's no wonder they don't want a piece of Joe Conason.

 Bush Team says "No, thanks" to Team Clinton advice to watch al Qaeda

 Why Bush deserves his share of the 9/11 blame
        by Aaron Marr Page

  Click  Here

 "...finally the latest front-page Washington Post installment examines the Bush administration's own
 anti-terror accomplishments in 2001. And it turns out that compared to Bush, Clinton was practically Wyatt Earp.

 In fact, the latest Post article suggests a whole new line of inquiry: Did Bush, at a key moment,
 dismantle the Clinton administration's increasingly effective anti-Al Qaeda apparatus
(which, though hardly flawless, was far better than nothing)?.

 We should've known.
 The second Team Bush realized they'd been caught napping, they tried to blame Clinton,
 the guy who was not driving the bus when America had its second Pearl Harbor.

  ...and what's the best defense?

 Call Tim Russert and Fox News and have them fire up the GOP Blame Machine.

From: thediehard@juno.com

Subject: Bartcop Autograph

I saved the call you made to my answering machine a few months ago and
have played it for dozens of people, all of whom would steal it if they could.

January 28 is a full moon.
Use it to triple the power of the BartCop Hex!

Rams Hold Off Spirited Eagles
Patriots Shock Steelers

The big game is next week.
Experts say Rams by 14

Is that too much, too little, or just right?

Send your opinion to 

 Recently, I've gotten mail from two people who said they were moving to Las Vegas,
 and they each asked, (I think) If I'd like a regular Las Vegas report. I said yes.

 I haven't heard back from either of them, or maybe it's buried, but I'd like a Vegas column.
 If nobody's looking to write one, lemme know if there are any good "This Week in Vegas" reports.
 BartCop, come to Vegas...
 BartCop, hurry back to Vegas...

Will Reed get a cell near Smirk?
Click  Here

 Follow Up:
 The mysterious death of former VP. Nelson Rockefeller

 Click  Here

 Finally, fully one hour after Nelson Rockefeller had collapsed, the girlfriend called the ambulance.

 Thanks to Joanne

 Also, this:

 One story that was told over and over about the death was that when the police got there,
 they discovered his shoes were on the wrong feet and the newspaper he was "holding"
 was upside-down. Then the mistress story came out.

 Love the site.

Rebuttal to Rams Murder story
  by michaelsheri@earthlink.net

 Click  Here

 Republicans caught with their pants down

  Click  Here

From: sakupiec@gte.net

Subject: Peggy Noonan Quote

You wrote:

> The idea of getting into a struggle to squeeze out another $5 million when you already have
> a $100 million seemed to me absurd, a misallocation of energy and interest. It's not as if you
> can buy a better steak if you're already that rich. It's not as if you can buy a better anything.
> So why fight for another five?"
>    --  Peggy Noonan in the WSJ on Enron

Nobody has mentioned this yet, but this may be the most explosive quote
to come out of the Enron scandal.

Remember, the entire Republican economic agenda is fundamentally based on the principle that the
extremely wealthy, specifically those with $100M will not pursue any activity unless they can make
more money, let's say $5M,  doing so. This is the only rationale presented for the present and future tax cuts.

If there is a maximum threshold to individual wealth at which no further effort can be extracted, then we can
tax anything over this bracket at 99% with no adverse effect to the economy. In fact the noted liberal
Richard Nixon actually proposed a "maximum wage" at one point during his term

Sak, great point.
You're saying the ultra-uber rich won't even get out of bed for less than $5M,
and that's why a little tax for the rich has no effect, thus justifying the too-large tax cut.

And didn't Clinton prove your second paragraph true when he raised taxes on the top 1.5%?
You may have your finger on the crux.

Bottom line?
Never trust a Republican.

 Day 8 of the Shirley Manson log

  So far,

     ...have not heard from Shirley.

  Shirley Manson - contact  bartcop.com


 I wonder what kinds of torture they're using in Gitmo Cuba.
 I mean, they floated all those trial ballons and not a peep was heard, certainly not from the Democrats.
 They were too busy applauding the Failure in Thief to consider upholding the constitution.
 Then they dragged the Taliban to Cuba where they are currently being "interrogated."

 Who's going to stop them from torturing suspects in Cuba?
 Who's going to see anything or hear torturing suspects in Cuba?

 Certainly, it's a firing-squad offense for any soldier to spill the beans or blow the whistle,
 and you know what they say about absolute power corrupting absolutely, right?

 You can bet Powell is "out of the loop" on the torture thing, he's on a "need to know" basis.
 So, in the top circle, who's the guy with humanity and compassion?


 Yeah, I'll bet Karl Rove is the conscience of this gang of mobsters.

 Sticker Contest...

 Still nothing

 ...maybe this sticker contest wasn't such a hot idea.

  In today's

 Chelsea makeover pictures, a playmate for a prom date?
 A trip to Hooterville, Jennifer Garner, Debby Harry & Ron Jeremy?
 Fun with Pretzelboy, a damn sexy cop, Hillary news and more!

Thanks to Patti R

Happy Birthday to...

        Barbi Benton is 52                            Luann Lee is 41

Also born today Alan Alda (1936) the NRA's Susan Howard (1943) and Frodo 1981

 Send Your Guns to Enron
    By John Montgomery

  Click  Here

Daddy, you promised this would be easy.
Unka Dick is leaving, Kenny Boy is gone,
Condi told me to shut my gopher trap,
and the press isn't obeying Mr Rove's orders.

I think it's the BartCop Hex!

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