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Volume 706 - Fix Me Now

Valentines Day
You love her, right?
So you gonna buy her crap for Valentine's Day?
Why not give her the world, instead?
 South's Finest Chocolate
Love is just a click away.

 Friday     February 1, 2002              Send me an Angel                Recent old stuff              Shopping w/ Bart


 "We're not going to give up every conversation, every deliberation,
    every meeting that the Vice President has had."
       -- Mary Matalin, defying the subpeona

 Somebody explain this to me.
 This has already been decided.
 The whore court ruled in 1998 that the president has no privacy rights.
 They ruled that every conversation Clinton ever had about anything
 was open to every citizen and frivolous lawsuit that Klayman wanted to file.

 Why is this even open for discussion?

 BartCop's Psychiatry Service

 I've been dabbling in psychiatry, trying to make some extra bucks...
 I've been doing pretty good, curing a lot of people, but I've had my failures, too.
 One guy I'm having trouble curing is Pipecover.

 One day he writes and says, "Let's be friends," and I answer, "OK."
 Then, for no stated reason, he becomes unhinged and loses all self-control.

 A few days ago, I mentioned two stalkers that I had to let go.

> Sliman is the only person ever banned from  bartcop.com, unless you count
> that one really unstable guy who claimed he was my good friend, whom I'd never met.

 So Pipecover wrote to me:

    ...is this me, bartcop?  ...a paranoid, schizophrenic Catholic.


 I wrote back and said, "No, you're not banned."

 So today, I open my mail and find this.

 From: pipecover@mediaone.net

 Subject: in these increasingly hard times


 That's all he sent.

 Like the other times, no explanation, no gripe to address, no clue what set him off - nothing.
 He never drops any hints as to what triggered his latest Tyson-like biting incident, but I suspect it was
 my statement that I didn't know about Bush's Afghanistan pipeline the morning of September 11th.

 I'm getting tons of dove mail, listing URLs for articles on Bush's pipeline lust going back to 1990.
 Did I guarantee that nobody on the planet ever heard of Afdghanistan prior to 9/11?
 No, that's not what I said, and I think it's ridiculous for the doves to claim they knew the moment
 the first plane hit Tower One that Bush's Master Afghan Pipeline Plan had gone into motion.
 It's reeeeeeeeeeal easy to say, "I knew it all along" after the fact.

 Of course, the doves don't have a web page we can check, to verify that 130 days ago
 they stated they knew "all along" the WTC disaster was a prelude to the pipe snatch.

 This poor Pipe fella can't separate the sane Pipecover from the dominant, less-than sane Pipecover.
 Somewhere, deep, the psyche of the sane Pipecover is trying to get out, but it's buried sooooo deeeeeeep.

 The saddest part?
 He has kids.
 Gosh, I feel sorry for those kids.
 They've written to me, ...I've printed their letters.
 It's so, so very sad...

 Y'know, I grew up with really stable and loving parents.
 I can't imagine what it's like to see your father's insane rages in print, followed by a begging. pleading
 letter of "I'm so sorry, can we still be friends?" followed by another letter like the one I just printed.

 My failure to make significant progress with Pipecover makes me think psychiatry isn't my vocational calling.

"Heartland Values," Again?
    by Robert Parry

   Click  Here

 George W. Bush is back on the road, flattering the nation’s “heartland”
 as a place where people appreciate the values of  “family and faith, of
 personal responsibility and hard work.”

 The implicit message is that Bush still finds those values lacking
  in coastal cities, despite the events of Sept. 11.

Righty lays a trap...

From:  jcaruso1@cfl.rr.com

Subject: Krugman

You re running an article about Paul Krugman and Enron?

I remember running a Krugman article, couldn't swear to "re" running it.

The same Paul Krugman who was on the Enron payroll collecting $50K
while writing puff pieces for them Paul Krugman?

Yes, he worked for them at one time in the past, ...openly, ...on their payroll.
Kinda like a tobacco lawyer, or what Mary Matalin is doing for Bush now.

The same one who was pathetically whining that his being exposed
for the hypocrite that he is on the vast right conspiracy?

ha ha
Could you repeat that?

Cmon man! You re always talking about the whore press and this guy
was writing suck ass articles for Enron when he was on their payroll.

Yeah, when people ask about your boss or your product, do you tell them the truth?
Or are you paid to present your boss's case in the best light?

The question isn't "Who got Enron money?"
The question is "Who got Enron money while claiming I-call-em-like-I-see 'em?"

When Ari Fleisher or Mary Matalin lie for Bush, they're being paid to lie.
We understand that.

But when Rush, Laura, Hannity, Russert and Fox News tell falsehoods, they do it under the cloak of
"Fair and balanced - we tell the truth," when they are clearly getting paid money to fabricate horseshit.

That's what makes 'em whores.

...but, you knew the difference before you asked.

Why you giving me Tommy Dimwit?

Now he is bashing them and tying then to the Bush administration
because it is fashionable to do so and you re posting his articles?

He's not on their payroll now.
Perhaps that makes him more objective than a whore like Kristol or the others
who ARE on Enron's payroll while screaming, "I report with clean hands."

Put in simple terms (just trying to help) when an old man judges a beauty contest,
if his daughter is a contestant, it looks funny when he chooses her over the others.

Krugman hasn't had a daughter in this contest for years AND he disclosed his former ties.
Your boys got a check this week, and forgot to mention it to the jury.

Still love your site even though you re a left wing loony.
Even have you linked at mine.


Jay Caruso


I'd enjoy an ongoing debate with Jay more than Tommy...

From: Gene & Cheryl Schooler

Subject: letter


This is to answer this shit that you have written.
It seems to me that you are the one who is misinformed on the history of the South.
That flag that you run down and call racist is by no means racist at all.
Proud people fought and died for the things that they believed in.
Sure they had slaves. But you can not fault the south for that.

Their (blacks) own people sold them to the slaveships.
So that means that niggers are racist.

Atleast that’s what you are saying , I guess?
Who knows.

You need to take your head out your ass and not condem something that you know nothing about!

I think it's sweet when to good ol' white-power freaks fall in love.
Do you think it was their hatred that brought them together?
Maybe they met at a cross burning, or maybe a lynching.

The South, ... it's so romantic...

 Gotta check out

 I say Rams by 22

 Gotta check out 


The Real Evildoers Start To Sweat


 Day 11 of the Shirley Manson log

  So far,

     ...have not heard from Shirley.

  Shirley Manson - contact  bartcop.com


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Geneva's Higher Level Astrology 

 You must visit Geneva's page today.

 She has the astrological charts for Enron's collapse.
 She has the astrological charts for Enron's vs. Watergate.


 She has the astrological charts for the Rams vs Patriots.
 Read her page before you place your bets!!

 You get to her page thru 


 Happy Birthday to...

    Sherilyn Fenn is 37                Lisa Marie Presley is 34              Lisa Marie Scott is 28

 Also born today: Exene Cervenka (1956)   Garrett Morris (1937)    Boris Yeltsin (1931)

 TV Sweep weeks started yesterday
 That means it's fund-raising time here at  bartcop.com

 I know what you're thinking - we just did that three months ago.
 True, but they only have three sweeps a year, and the next one isn't until November.
 Do you know how many trillions of dollars the BFEE will steal between now and November?

 Trying to avoid being like a politician and fund-raising every waking moment of every damn day,
 I decided to pelt you with fund-raising schemes just three times a year instead of 24/7.

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 So if you like the direction we're going, consider a donation.

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 But don't use today's issue as an example of this page :)

 Sorry about the short issue.

 My keyboard broke, had to buy another, and we have end-of-the-month reports
 to get out on this stupid day job that's got me trapped, preventing regular publication.

 I need to be rescued.

 ...help meeeeeeeeee!

I don't like this job anymore.
I feel lower than snake shit.
I like things like they was like back in Texas
I wanna go home, with my dogs - Barney and Spot.

Stop telling me things to say to the smart people!
Oh, man...

This BartCop Hex has me screwed, blue and tattooed...


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