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Volume 705 - You're not Risking Enough

Valentines Day
Sure, you could buy a stale box of crap from 7-11
but why not give her the world, instead?
 South's Finest Chocolate
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 Thursday - January 31, 2002          Send me an Angel          Recent old stuff        Shopping w/ Bart

  VCR Alert - Tonight, the best show on TV - C.S.I.   We have to face facts. West Wing isn't what is used to be,
    and The Sopranos has been gone for over a year, so a new Number One climbs out of the primordial ooze.
    Week after week, C.S.I. brings new, fresh shows with plot twists you can't see coming. 


 " 'Axis' scoffs at Bush Speech"
    -- top headline in today's USA Today

 Yeah, didn't everybody?
 Who can take the simpleton seriously?

 Even our allies are laughing at us, wondering why we let the stupid son of a Bush claim victory in 2000
 when the whole world knows the Bush Family Evil Empire fixed the election with the help of a crooked court.

 Itís Kristol Clear: Billís a Hypocrite
    by Smoking' Joe Conason

  Click  Here

 Mr. Kristol, editor of The Weekly Standard and ubiquitous television commentator, says he regularly takes
 large sums from corporate interests for making speeches. His Enron buck-raking was arranged by Irwin Stelzer,
 a confidant of Weekly Standard owner Rupert Murdoch who doubled as the coordinator (or bagman) of the
 energy giantís so-called "advisory board." During that period, The Weekly Standard led the cheering for energy
 deregulation and attacked Enronís critics, but only after the company fell did the magazine (parenthetically)
 reveal its editorís lip-lock on the Enron sugar tit.

 ha ha

 Go, Joe!

This Bush ain't bound for glory
     by Mahir Ali

 Click  Here

 Seldom before in the history of human warfare have so many in the so-called free world
 owed so much to so few. Even Franklin Roosevelt, the only US president to be inaugurated
 three times in a row, and Winston Churchill may not have derived quite as much benefit from
 the evils of Nazism as George W. Bush has from the antics of Al Qaeda.

 But what can we do?
 The Bush Family Evil Empire owns the press.
 The Bush Family Evil Empire owns the courts.
 The Bush Family Evil Empire runs the military.
 The Bush Family Evil Empire is so powerful, they're in Al Gore's house, illegally.

 What can we do?


 "Bring it on."
   --a senior administration official, to reporters who asked about the GAO's threat
   of a lawsuit to obtain information about Vice President Dick Cheney's energy task force.

  Well, sure, it's easy to be brave about an upcoming court fight
  when you own the crooked judges who will eventually decide.

  How cocky would they be before an impartial court?

The Righteousness Brothers at it Again
    by Gene Lyons

 Click  Here

 Asa Hutchison was interviewed on KUAR-FM, Little Rock's NPR station, on Jan. 25.
 Host Lisa Ferrell asked him about "rumors" that the Bush Administration paid Afghanistan's
 Taliban rulers millions to suppress the cultivation of heroin poppies before the Sept. 11 terrorist
 attacks.  "Did we make payments to the Taliban?" she asked.

 "No," Hutchinson said.

 What a lying bastard (and super-Christian) Asa Hutchison is.
 He knows damn good and well Bush gave the Taliban tens of millions in May.

 Asa, why are you lying?
 Is that what Jesus would do?
 Would Jesus lie so the Herod Family Evil Empire could get more frankincense and myrrh?

 Good job, Gene.

 George Bush's delusion

  Click  Here

 [Bush's] exploitative falsehoods extend into the domestic arena. The "economic security" of Americans
 is not best served by yet more tax cuts, as Mr Bush proposes; he has already squandered the Clinton surplus.
 Big business cannot be trusted to lead the fight out of recession; just look at Enron. A new "culture of
 responsibility" will not derive from the same old trickle-down economics, unregulated corporate greed,
 wasteful and destructive energy and environmental policies and bent campaign financing.


ďThe guys from Enron are not nice.  They are simply Familiar.  Unlike black inner-city youths who
  rob convenience stores who seem scary, the Enron guys are the people you went to school with.
  If a thousand inner-city black youths robbed a thousand convenience stores every day for ten years,
  they still would not have stolen as much as the Enron executives.Ē
       - Dana D. Dlott

 The Bush Family Evil Empire motto is "Never steal anything small."

From   makethemaccountable.com
Ever wonder why the media is so easy on Pretzelboy?

   ...it's a payoff!!

 Click  Here

"In 2000, when Karl Rove called GE Chairman Jack Welch to guarantee that a Bush Administration
would be extremely generous to media conglomerates that were sympathetic to the Texas governorís
presidential campaign, it was a notable moment in history. If only this once, Rove wasnít lying."

Well, sure.
That's why Welch pressured NBC News to call the race for Governor Blow Monkey.
That's why Fox Whore News hired Bush's cousin to call the race for him, too,
even tho Gore had more popular votes and more electoral votes.

It's also the reason that one-note Russert got an 11-year contract extension

From: Spacedust

BFEE spends $1.6M for AntiDrug Super Bowl Commercials

"Two 30-second spots produced by award-winning iconoclastic British director Tony Kaye
 suggest illegal drug profits may help fuel terrorism."

  Click  Here

An ad suggesting that "if you buy drugs, you are supporting terrorists."

The "War on Some Drugs and your personal freedom" continues unabated.
I'm glad the government found time to arrest 750,000 people for marijuana violations last year,
but cannot find the dicks who mailed the anthrax letters.

Click  Here

What utter horseshit.

The illegality of drugs is what makes them profitable.
Pot would be 20 cigarettes for a dollar if it was legal,
but since there's a risk, pot goes for $1000 a pound and up.

Does buying Budweiser support terrorists?
No, because beer is legal, you morons.

Pot is illegal only because it's illegal.
The government makes money from illegal pot.
If people could grow pot on their own land, the feds wouldn't get a cut.

  Special Bonus Section

  Click  Here

 Not retreads, not repeats, just too much great bartcop.com  to fit on one page!

  Memo details Cheney-Enron links
 The Enron Collapse
  Company's suggestions resembled elements of the administration's energy policy

  Click  Here

 While the White House insists that details of its talks with Enron officials remain secret,
 a memo outlining those discussions reveals the extent to which the Houston energy giant
 lobbied to influence government policy.

From: Rochesterjim@aol.com

Subject: Bush Recession Rages On: More Jobless News

Jobless Claims Rise in Latest Week

WASHINGTON (Jan. 31) - The number of workers applying for state unemployment benefits rose
last week, the government said on Thursday. The number of workers filing initial jobless claims rose
by 30,000 to a seasonally adjusted 390,000 for the week ended Jan 26, from 360,000 a week earlier,
the Labor Department said.

George W. Bush is said to be consulting with George Herbert Bush on how to get out of a recession.
The elder Bush has four years of recession experience, more than any other living president.

Jim in Rochester, MI

Millions lose jobs in risky tax cut scheme, so what does President Greedy do?

Bush Budget Will Seek Cuts in Programs for Job Training

 Click  Here

 Screw the working class families.
 They don't produce any oil, and they don't bring in big money to the Bush Family Evil Empire, so screw them.

 The Bush Family Evil Empire always gets theirs...

 Gotta check out

 Braced For The Last Football Game
   by Hunter S. Thompson

 World Cup: How Did We Get Here?
   by Nick Barlow,   Senior  bartcop.com  foreign correspondent

 Please, Not The Patriots Again
   by Stephen Baker

 Why The World Is Fucked Up
   by RBHam

 Gordon Is Going To Win It All This Year
   by Jay Caruso

 The Man Who Crashed the Last 32 Super Bowls.
 Can he do it again?

 Get your Super Bowl predictions down!

 I say Rams by 22

 Gotta check out

 I got a box in the mail.
 Sadly, it said "Go Packers" on the side.

 It was a box of  Hughes Home Made Chocolates  from Jim Stevens in Oshkosh

 It was damn good chocolate, I'd have to rate it an "A."
 In any other universe, it might be the best chocolate ever.

 But in this universe, it's Number Two.

 Thanks to Jim Stevens in Oshkosh.

 ...and remember, if you need any chocolate sampled, or maple syrup sampled,
 or 100% pure agave tequila sampled, ...or whatever, ... (cough)
 send it to PO Box 54466 Tulsa, OK 74155 for it to be reviewed.

 You can remain anonymous...

 Day 10 of the Shirley Manson log

  So far,

     ...have not heard from Shirley.

  Shirley Manson - contact  bartcop.com

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Anne Heche, Super Bowl News, something by my good friend Jeffrey Toobin,
A panty shot for no good reason!
Eddie Murphy, Michael Dare, Sophoia Loren, Ally McBeal,

...and that's just the first half!!!

Check today's

 F.O.I.A. Action Kept Silent
    by Bikertrash

  Click  Here

From: (withheld)

Subject: a matter of principle


Cheney said the administration's stance is the same as it was last August,
when investigators sought similar information. The GAO eventually backed off.

"What's re-energized it now is the question of Enron and some efforts by some of
my Democratic friends on the Hill to try to create a political issue out of what's really
a corporate issue," Cheney added on ABC's "This Week."
"What Enron's all about is a corporate collapse, maybe malfeasance in office, and that will
be dealt with. ... But if the principle was valid last August, the collapse of Enron should not
be permitted to undermine the principle," he said.

So... Cheney says that since the People wanted more information before, last August, about his
underhanded backroom deals with energy companies, and because he trumped them with the principle
that he is a constitutional officer and not, therefore, within the reach of the GAO, even though the Enron
catastrophe has occurred which casts new doubt in the direction of such backroom meetings, the principle
should hold. The principle (that an officer of the constitution is outside the reach of congress) is more
important than the people's right to know what goes on, on their dime, with regard to their energy policy.
And the huge Enron scandal, the huge event by which the content of these secret meetings becomes
newly of interest to the people makes no difference: the tragedy doesn't effect the principle.

Using this logic, then, 9/11 cannot be used to justify the evaporation of civil liberties. It is a core principle
of our nation that one is innocent until proven guilty, so Cheney will want to get right on the horn to Ashcroft
and remind him that principles trump bloodlust--and he might want to remind him that the principle that one
has a right to privacy in America would make it problematic for the FBI and CIA to go wire tapping everyone
who didn't vote for the team Crisco in 2000. Cheney might, in fact, want to review the principle of equal protection
as pertains to residents of anywhere outside the state with the bad voting machines that "won" his team the White House.

I'm so thrilled to know we Americans have not elected so principled an individual.

-Nichelaus Lubard

 Happy Birthday to...

    Kelly Lynch is 43          Rachel Jean Marteen is 32         Her boyfriend turns 21

 Also born today: Richard Gephardt (1941) Terry "It's not loaded" Kath (1946)

From: Sanda22@webtv.net

Subject: Jebby Bush

Great coverage on the Noelle Bush drug bust.  But in listng all the nefarious activities of Klan Bush, you left out
one very important encounter with the law---that of John "Jebby" Bush, the 16 year old son Jeb, who was caught
in his Jeep in the mall parking lot with his girlfriend. As David Corn put it in his article, Jebby was violating Florida's
sodomy law but eventually wasn't charged.  Still, this encounter with the law shouldn't be left off your roll call of
Bush Family Evil Empire violations.

Since Jebby is Noelle's brother, and as you pointed out, P has had his own problems doing donuts on the girlfriend's
lawn, etc., it looks like all three of Jeb's kids now have had brushes with the law.

Sanda, not only that, but check out the BFEE jeep connection!

Jebby breaks sodomy laws in a Jeep,
"P" ran donuts in some girl's yard with a Jeep,
and Pickles made her fiance assume room temperature while in her Jeep.

Jeep - the SUV the Bush Family Evil Empire depends on

 ...help meeeeeeeeee!

I don't like this job anymore.
I feel lower than snake shit.
I like things like they was like back in Texas
I wanna go home, with my dogs - Barney and Spot.

Stop telling me things to say to the smart people!
Oh, man...

This BartCop Hex has me screwed, blue and tattooed...


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