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Volume 704 - Duke of Oil

 Wednesday - January 30, 2002          Send me an Angel             Recent old stuff           Shopping w/ Bart


"We're not going to let the ability for us to discuss matters between ourselves to
   become eroded. It's not only important for us, for this administration,
   it's an important principle for future administrations."
    --  President Weak, Stupid, Crooked and Faintsalot

  No, no, no, no, no, no, no!
  The Supreme Court already ruled on this!
  When Clinton claimed this, during the Great Republican Cock Hunt,
  the Whore Court ruled that the president had NO privacy for any conversations, remember?

  Or did those crooked bastards re-write the law in such a way that it would only
  apply to 6'4" male former-governor from Arkansas whose name begins with a "C?"

  If they rule that President Un-elected has privacy, and elected Clinton didn't,
  a charge of solicitation should be filed against this Supreme Court-for-sale.

Bush asks Daschle to limit Sept. 11 probes
 Please don't look into my relationship with bin Laden - please?

  Click  Here

 President Bush personally asked Tom Daschle Tuesday to limit the congressional
 investigation into Sept 11, congressional and White House sources told CNN.

 Daschle should tell Bush to go to hell.
 This isn't some damn blow job, this is billions of dollars and thousands of lives.
 The Bush Family Evil Empire needs to be exposed for what they are.

 Look at the pattern the BFEE uses:

 1. They illegally take the executive branch of America's government.
     (Sr. illegally bribed Iran in 1980 with missles to keep our hostages longer
      so Saint Reagan could assume the throne, making Bush the real power.
      Jr., well, you know what he did in Florida.)

 2. The promise of huge tax cuts causes a recession, and the president drags us into a war.
     (Sr. had Ambassador Glaspie tell Saddam "Take what you want."
      Jr. is currently trying to hide his involvement with 9/11 as we speak.
      Will Daschle to his job or buckle like a good Democrat?

 3. With a war comes the necessity for great secrecy.
     With secrecy comes a black budget with details known only to the BFEE.
     Secrecy and a black budget means billions for the BFEE.   
     This war is worse than the last, in that Bush has appointed himself and Ashcroft
     with the power to execute anyone they suspect might be a terrorist or helping a terrorist.

     Re-read that last sentence and tell me why we shouldn't be afraid...

     Here we are in our second Bush war, and Jr has frozen the records of Reagan
     so we can't get a better look at the crimes committed the last time they stole power

 4. Lies will be told, Congress will be lied to, and in the end of all fails,
     the Presidential pardons will hide everything until another Bush can steal power.
 This isn't America.
 This is an abortion of Democracy.
 The press is on the payroll or asleep and the Democrats are scared.
 The Bush Family Evil Empire keeps rolling over us and the Constitution.

 ...and nobody gives a fuck except a few never-heard-of  left-leaning web sites.

 As long as the Bush Family Evil Empire gets theirs, "Ich bin ein Enroners."

From: NekedBob@aol.com

Subject: Ashcroft denies having statues covered

Ashcroft denies any connection to the statues being covered so we're
left to assume that The Spirit of Justice and The Majesty of the Law
were ashamed to be seen in the same room with him.

 Well, it's been 24 hours, and Mike Reagan STILL has that disgusting ultra-pornographic and fake
 Britney Spears animated gif on his web site.  Considering the BartCop treehouse is read by dozens,
 Reagan MUST now be aware that his site promotes the very sickest kind of pornography.
 The only way it could be worse would be involving children or animals, that's how bad it is.

 Why would this pillar of conservative Republican values display such vulgar filth on his site?
 Must be the money.

 If you missed yesterdays double issue (shame, shame) you can  Click  Here
 and see for yourself the kind of extremely-vulgar filth Michael Reagan promotes on his site.
 But let me warn you again - it's very, very vulgar, a 8 or 9 on the disgusting scale.
 If you've surfed a lot of extreme porn sites, maybe this won't shock you.
 But if you're anywhere near a "normal" person, you won't want to see this.

 If I was Britney Spears attorney, I guarantee I'd own this vulgar site by the end of the day. 
 The fact that Mike Reagan makes money from a site that claims it's Britney Spears when it's not,
 should cost him millions of dollars in damages. This, after he's been notified of his guilt.

 Mike - who knew you were such a whore?
 Who knew you'd stoop this low to make a buck or two?

From: sascha@futurefunk.net

Subject: Hey! Hey! Hey!

You wrote:

> Hey! Hey! Hey!
> I supported this war because you said you were going to smoke that mother-effer!

After getting increasingly pissed off with your juvenile responses to my serious dismay
at US posturing after 9/11 .... all I have to say is:

You sucker tool of the state!

Just like I told you... you supported the powers that be with your jingoistic crap. I think my first email,
on about 9/13, said that EXACTLY this would happen.... the "war" would not be won and thousands
would be bombed. Now the unoffical Afgan death toll is higher than the 9/11 deathtoll, and millions
are starving (despite what you tell yourselves)..... And no Bin Laden.

And you still want to get payback in Somalia??? Isn't it time you wake up and realize who the world's
number one terrorist really is? I'll give you a clue, they are religious nutters intent on raping the planet
and destroying dark-skinned people.  And we give them our taxes.

Sascha, I'm glad you're happy with the situation.

The Great Divide
   by Paul Krugman

 Click  Here

It was a shocking event. With incredible speed, our perception of the world and of ourselves changed.
It seemed that before we had lived in a kind of blind innocence, with no sense of the real dangers that lurked.
Now we had experienced a rude awakening, which changed everything.

No, I'm not talking about Sept. 11;
I'm talking about the Enron scandal.

Carol Burnett's daughter dead by cigarettes?
 It's a question, not an accusation.

 I saw one report that said Carrie Hamilton died of cancer via tobacco.
 I don't know if that's true, but the 3-4 other stories I saw just mentioned "cancer,"
 when they're generally more specific than that.   That seemed unusual.

 It struck me.
 Carol made headlines by using drastic measures to "save" her daughter from pot,
 and it looks like Carrie later found her niche with "acceptable" drugs like nicotine.

 Nicotine kills, pot doesn't.

 A double-dipper from Isaac Peterson



Our first BartCop Sticker!

It's at Carroll Gardens in Brooklyn, NY
Thanks to Rox the Vidiot,
See her fine work at BartCop E!

(UPI) -- Capital Comment

Sullivan's travels
Andrew Sullivan, the iconoclastic conservative who once edited The New Republic, is raising cane over the relationship between Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol and Enron, the now spectacularly bankrupt energy company.

In a recent piece in his AndrewSullivan Web site, Sullivan quotes at length from a Kristol-authored piece
that appeared in the Sept. 27, 2000, New York Times.

Sullivan quotes Kristol saying, "Conventional wisdom in Washington, especially conservative conventional wisdom,
is that campaign finance reform doesn't matter as an issue ... Is it too much to ask our fellow Republicans and
conservatives to rethink their self-defeating defense of the current corrupt campaign finance system?"

The piece, on what Sullivan calls "the doleful influence of large amounts of corporate money in politics," was written
while Kristol was on Enron's payroll for $100,000 -- a fact the Weekly Standard editor has only recently acknowledged.

I love it.
Maybe now, the right has to put up with Sullivan for four years.

From: willitss@pacbell.net

Subject: We tried to tell you


We tried to tell you.  We tried to let you in on the BFEE's little secret.
We tried to help you understand that bombing the bloody shit out of Afghanistan wasn't going
to accomplish one good goddamn thing.

<much snippage>

But you were just too pissed off about the WTC and, despite your best efforts to maintain your cynicism,
you were just a little too inclined to believe the bullshit being crammed down our throats at the time.


Scott,  we didn't know about the pipeline in September.
We also didn't know, when Bush said "We'll get them," that he'd pussy out

The smart move was to assume Bush would carry out the bloody assault,
like he's done every single time the option presented itself.

...but in September, we didn't know he was partners with bin Laden.


 The Bush Family Evil Empire Reigns Supreme issue

 I wonder how many abortions Laura Schlessinger has had?

From: iludiumq36alpha@yahoo.com

Subject: Challenger Investigation


I hate to contradict you, but there WAS an investigation after Challenger blew up; Sally Ride
even sat on the board.  It was focused on NASA almost exclusively (Saint Reagan was, sadly, ignored),
and some good changes were made. The big problem, of course, was the demand from the White House
that the shuttle be in orbit during the State of the Union address.

And the press didn't entirely roll over on it.  They did print the charges, though few of them bothered to
follow up on any of it.  No one was fooled, though.  Even the Republikans I know were pissed off that
Reagan had wanted the flight to go no matter what.

Do a Google search on Challenger, you'll probably find a lot of info about it, including the Reagan demand.

Big Boy

When I said there was little or no investigation, I meant into the White House pressuring NASA
into launching before they were ready. The subject came up back then, but as soon as it did,
every news outlet said, "There's no story there," and dropped it.

The possibility that Reagan's greed killed those people isn't a story any more than Bush's
Enron buddies killing those Japanese students while playing sub commander at our expense.

But when Team Bush claimed that Clinton trashed the White House, every whore reporter in
Washington DC (there are so many) wrote column after column after column after column
 about how true that allegation must be because it was made by a Bush staffer.

Bottom line?
Major GOP crimes and killings are dismissed as "things happen," while allegations of Clinton
silliness will sell millions of dollars worth of print ads and TV commercials like no subject in history

 Coming Soon:
 Flying Fascism on Your Doorstep
    by Al Martin

 Click  Here

 New high-tech surveillance equipment revealed at the Redstone Arsenal's Weekly
 Arms Bazaar promises a dismal future for freedom-loving people of the world.

Clinton rallies Democrats in S.F.
Enron is all that's needed to get things going at Boxer fund-raiser

 Click  Here

 Democrats gathered Monday to see fund-raiser extraordinaire Bill Clinton
 and raised what is expected to be their rallying cry for the tough elections ahead:   Enron.

"It's a disturbing story of people at the top trampling on everyone else," Barbara Boxer said to applause
 before 200 supporters at the Fairmont, where she raised $400,000 with Clinton at her side.
"Is this administration involved in any of this, in all of this? We will find out."

 Day 9 of the Shirley Manson log

  So far,

     ...have not heard from Shirley.

  Shirley Manson - contact  bartcop.com

From:  Nick Barlow  - Sr.  bartcop.com   foreign correspondent

Subject:  Shirley Manson log

Just wondering, reading the Shirley Manson search, is there an official Garbage website?

Yes, at  Garbage.com

Might be worth linking to it, then if enough bartcop readers visit,
someone there might make the connection and tell Shirley...


Nick, good idea, but I'm sure we'd need to be a lot bigger to get someone's attention.
I'd need dozens more readers to make a splash on some big band's website.

...maybe after the three surprises come out.

Oh, we have a fourth potential surprise in the works.
Like Our Lady of Fatima, I plan to reveal all the surprises in 30 days or less.

From: CordenP@spt.tec.sc.us

Subject: Jeb Bush's Daughter

Why is it that when any Bush breaks the law, they can request (and get) "...the public and the media
to respect our family's privacy during this most difficult time..."   and have "....no further comment",
but, when Clinton has a LAWFUL consensual relationship with someone, he got impeached?

Paul Corden

I think it's our maturing and brains working against us.
Our side won't buy every book o' horseshit  the right-wing gets published.
Our side doesn't salivate at the thought of an ugly, nasty cock hunt.

But as long as GOP religious hatred is paying the freight,
the attacks on the left will continue and the sins of the right will be ignored.

"But Bart, sins of the right?
 The right has no sins..."

Check today's
Marty's done it again!

The Harper's Update, Alex's Super Bowl line-up (E!-wise), Carnivale,
Laura the Unloved, Ken Kesey, Big Dog in Berkley, Ventura a war hero - not a war hero?
Smirkonomics hits UPN, the SAG Awards, Ashcroft having furrball trouble?
Geneva has updated her Astrology page, contrasting Enron & Watergate and done a great job (as usual).

and, as Billy Idol says, ...more, more more...

Check today's

Catching the FBI in a Big Fat Lie
 Flight 93 - is someone hiding something?

 Click  Here

 Why don't the photos match the official FBI statements?

 Happy Birthday to...

 Julie McCullough is 37        Famke Janssen is 38

 Also born today: Franklin D. Roosevelt (1882) Phil Collins (1951) Brett Butler (1958) Boris Spassky (1937)

  From the stimulus fine print to Enron input on top Bush jobs, the story’s only getting hotter
 Which Boot Will Drop Next?
      by Jonathan Alter

  Click  Here

 Enron is the September 11 of financial security—a wake-up call—but Levitt was
 sounding the alarm well beforehand. When he held the SEC job under Clinton,
 he warned repeatedly that a “culture of gamesmanship” was rigging the system with
 phony numbers, hyped earnings and worthless stock analysis. His calls for reform were
 rebuffed by members of Congress legally bribed by Wall Street and the green-eyeshade lobby.

 ...help meeeeeeeeee!

Daddy, I don't wanna be president no more.
I wanna go back to the ranch you bought me!
I want my pillow. I want my Game Boy.
Stop telling me things to say to the smart people!

Daddy, it's the BartCop Hex!


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