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Volume 707 - I'm Not the Only One 

Valentines Day
Don't screw up.
You're almost out of time

Cheaper than Diamonds
 South's Finest Chocolate
Love is just a click away.

 Super Bowl Weekend     02-2/3-02,          Send me an Angel           Recent old stuff           Shopping w/ Bart

  VCR Alert - On Mondays, Comedy Central is doing the Heroes of Black Comedy.
   This Monday starts with Chris Rock, then later Richard Pryor, and others. 


 "Putting Enron in charge of America's energy policy
   is like putting Dracula in charge of the Blood Bank."
   -- Mark Shields, Capital Gang, 2/2/02

 Not Too Late for a War Crimes Tribunal 
 He turns 91 this week, so itís possible Ronald Reagan
 canít remember. But Jim Washburn canít forget

 Click  Here

 Speaking of Bubba, the conservative-bias media went apeshit when he pardoned
 fugitive financier Marc Rich.   Imagine the howls if Rich had gone on to kill his ex-wife,
 dismember her body and burn it. Oregon authorities in December 2000 arrested Robert
 Walker Jr. for doing just that to his former bride. Reagan had pardoned the convicted bank
 robber in 1981. Law-enforcement authorities could not recall another instance in which such
 a violent criminal had received a presidential pardon. Walker had no political ties and no one
 knows to this day why Reagan cut him loose.

 Great, great article.
 Read it and save it for when your ditto-monkey friends say "Reagan was a good president."

From: kihn@home.com

Subject: are you a socialist??

It is most unfortunate that I stumbled upon your web sight,
but I have quickly determined that Cuba, China, or North Korea
would be interested to have a moron like you in their govn't.
Actually, I should have a job in the Gore administration.

The only problem with America is that idiots like you are afforded the freedom of speech.
I bet you are not even a U.S. National!!!

I'll have you know I'm Catholic first, then American!

God help you, for you do not deserve the protections afforded by our constitution.

"My thinking exactly..."

Dude, great letter, will rush it into print.
You wouldn't be available for a live debate in my chat room, would you?

 Cheney Made Millions Off Oil Deals with Saddam

  Click  Here

 U.S. firms aren't generally supposed to do business with Saddam Hussein. But thanks to legal
 loopholes large enough to steer an oil tanker through, Halliburton profited big-time from deals with the Iraqi
 dictatorship. Conducted discreetly through several Halliburton subsidiaries in Europe, these greasy transactions
 helped Saddam Hussein retain his grip on power while lining the pockets of Cheney and company

From: BANBB@webtv.net

Subject: Groundhog Day

Let me get this straight.

If the Monkey Boy creeps out of his Nebraska bunny hole Saturday,
and doesn't pee in his bunnypants, that means Cheney will avoid indictment for another six weeks.
If he does trickle down his bunnypants, Kenny Boy will purchase him the best bunny suit a taxbreak can buy.


 Fast Food in K-Drag
  with a special bonus at the end

  Click  Here

 Muslim Woman Sues to Wear Veil in License Photo

  Click  Here

 A Muslim woman in Florida sued the state for revoking her driver's license
 because she refused to have her photo taken without the face-covering veil
 she wears for religious reasons, her lawyer said on Wednesday.

 "I don't show my face to strangers or unrelated males," she told the Orlando Sentinel.

 Guess what, lady - you don't get to drive.
 This woman is demanding to have a license without her photo on it.
 Hey, Lady, you don't have that right.

 What kind of idiot lawyer is helping her sue Florida?

 The best part was the U2 show at halftime.
 I didn't see many good commercials, but I remember Britney Spears in the Pepsi Time Tunnel

 What a game.

Who knew?

 I'll tell you who knew - this lady right here.

 Geneva Clark, the  bartcop.com  astrologer!

 Last week,  I asked her to explain the effect the stars would have on the Super Bowl.
 Here's an excerpt of what she's had on her website since Thursday:

"Virgo is on the cusp of the 1st house, with the Moon in the 1st. This is the sector that represents the Rams. Their ruling planets
  are Mercury, as Virgo's ruler, and the Moon. Since Mercury was one of the ancient rulers, there are no co-rulers. Mercury's
  strength is increased by being retrograde and it's in the 5th house, the area ruling sporting games of skill and chance. Mercury's
  only applying aspect is a very tight trine to the MC, which adds to its power. The Moon is in the 1st house with the only major
  applying aspect made is a negative square to Pluto, in the 4th. Pluto is given strength by being angular, in the 4th, so aspects
  there have added power, with this being an adverse aspect the negativity is stronger. With this criteria, the rulers of the 1st,
  representing the Rams, have 3 'yes' factors and 1 negative factor; being the square between the Moon and Pluto.

  Both teams appear to be evenly matched by the positions of their ruling planets and aspects.
  But it looks like a slight edge will go to the New England Patriots in a, probably, close game."

 Like me, you heard a thousand predictions this week, all for St Louis.
 Besides New England partisans (not that there's anything wrong with that) nobody picked the Patriots.

 ...a round of applause for Geneva Clark and her on-target prediction.

 E-mail Geneva  for a private astrological read.

From: abbau@msn.com

Subject: Commandant Crisco & Calico Cats

perhaps i missed this somewhere in your learned and voluminous tomes on Freedo Bush and the gang
but i just learned today that Commandant Crisco himself may be afraid of kittens.  Specifically Ashcroft's
advance team has been rumored to have calico cats removed from places that he will be giving speeches.
Apparently he thinks they are in league with the devil.  i asked the two cats -- Thundercat and Spooky
-- who live with my son and i if this whole thing about Calicos was true or not (raise your right paw,
are you now or have you ever been a denizen of Satan?) but they were as quiet as Big Time Dick Cheney
at an ethics seminar.  Of course there is the off chance that Ashcroft's nervousness is well founded and
that he is in fact afraid that they will recognize him from Hell's Board Meetings.

Of course Ashcroft's people are denying this like they've denied he had any hand in covering up the statues
at the department formerly known as Justice.  i honestly don't understand the denial; you would think a guy
who admits that he pours Crisco on his head because he thinks he was chosen for public life by God would
have no shame whatsoever.

Anyway, i thought i would pass this little tidbit along so that maybe you could resurrect the kitten gif
that was once used for another Republithug.

John, MoDo recently beat up Ashcroft for being the scared-y cat

Click  Here

  Greg Palast has a new book out:
 The Best Democracy Money Can Buy:
 An Investigative Reporter Exposes the Truth About Globalization,
 Corporate Cons, and High Finance Fraudsters

 Since the publication of his award-winning Salon.com report on the selection
 Ė named Politics Story of the Year 2000 Ė Palast has dug even further into the scandal
 that brought George W. Bush into the White House. This new information is available
 for the first time in his forthcoming book.  It's not even out yet, but you can get it here.

 Click  Here  to order

 Check out Uncle Ernie's subversive page at   http://www.dreamwater.net/art/uncleernie/issues.html

"I am the Central Scrutinizer
 Get a torture room ready for Al Qaeda Ernie,
 and clear the Calico cats from my path, too."

 Special treatment for the royal Bush family

 Click  Here

 Florida police are defending their decision not to test Noelle Bush for impairment
 after she admitted having taken a prescription drug before a September 2000 car crash.

 Noelle seemed confused and tired after the early-morning fender-bender in Tallahassee.
 But there was no reason to subject her to a blood test because she didn't have red eyes
 or slurred speech, police said.  Instead, they gave her a traffic ticket and called an aide to
 the governor to drive her home.

 The truth?
 The Bush Family Evil Empire doesn't have to obey laws.
 The cops know better than to arrest a doped-up Bush driving a car.

 Nobody challenged my assertion that C.S.I. is now TV's best drama.
 Does that mean every agrees?

 Gotta check out 

From: (withheld)

Subject: lunatics


Re: your ongoing attempts at psychiatry with your "friends."

I'm a mental health professional in Texas (LPC) and have seen a pretty decent cross-section of humanity.
Take it from me, there are some people who cannot be "saved" (ie, made reasonable), because they don't
WANT to be or because they can't be.  Please keep in mind that there are some people out there who are
just NUTS (one of my favorite professional terms that I don't get to use very often).
See the DSM definitions, especially, for psychopath and sociopath.

I'm trying to remember which one of the psychological greats said the following:  "Some people just need to be shot."
I can't recall who said this, but, generally, this was a guy who seemed to believe the best of everybody--at least,
that seemed the case, until I ran across this quote when I was doing some research a number of years ago.

If you like the challenge of such people and don't mind taking the abuse they send, fine.  If you get sick of them,
just block them from reaching your e-mailbox or delete the letters without reading them.  I'd like to see an option
that allows us to "return" nasty e-mails--that way, when I get something upsetting from my rabid right-wing
converted-to- Catholicism dad, I could send it back.

Just remember that you can't help everyone.
Some are WAY beyond any kind of help.  Period.

Your huge fan,

 Day 12 of the Shirley Manson log

  So far,

     ...have not heard from Shirley.

                                                      c l i c k           to              o r d e r

  Shirley Manson - contact  bartcop.com

From:   http://bootnewt.tripod.com

(Sung to the tune of "King Of The Road" by Roger Miller)

Failure as President.
Policies that make no sense.
This fraud has no regrets.
His tax cuts inflate our debts.
Ah, but...
War powers give Bush some room
To hide his economic doom.
He's a man of means, full of beans...
King is a toad.

Check Bill's page.
He's got hundreds of songs Ashcroft hates.

Check today's


"It is now clear that our nation's economic policy is simply not working,
  especially for those who most depend on its success,''
     -- President Gore, in exile

 Click  Here  to read what Gore said about Pretender Weak & Stupid

 Happy Birthday to...

   Christie Brinkley is 38       Mary Fawcett is 55         Gweneth's Mom is 59        T. Flanagan's wife is 52

 Also born this weekend: James Dean (1931) George "Mr NFL" Halas (1895) Graham Nash (1942)
 Tommy Smothers (1937)     Did you know his show was #1 when CBS cancelled it to please Nixon?
 James A. Michener (1907)  ...and the great Robert Mandan (1932)

 It was a lazy weekend, as you can tell by the lack of output.

 We did some Garbage, some Kahlua and Grey Goose, a little Humboldt, some Zeppelin,
 SNL, some football, Mrs. BartCop's 12-alarm chili, ...it was real nice.

 Not only did we have the Kahluafest, the spirits store got in some Corralejo tequila.
 That's what she likes in her margaritas.

 It was like being on vacation...

TV Sweep weeks are underway
 That means it's fund-raising time here at  bartcop.com

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 Guitar, harmonica, a drum on one foot and Ziljians between my knees.

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 ...help meeeeeeeeee!

This BartCop Hex has me choking on my food...


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