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Volume 694 - Blood & Blisters 

 Sunday - January 20, 2002                                                          Recent old stuff                      Online Shopping

VCR Alert -  An ex-agent (Quentin Tarantino) leads armed intruders in a takeover of SD-6 on Alias tonight,
 also, the Golden Globes.


 "Mistakes were made."
    -- Arthur Anderson CEO to Tim the Whore

 Oh, go to hell.
 Ordering the destruction of evidence isn't "making a mistake."
 It's an illegal, overt act intending to deceive others to help Enron hide the theft of billions.

 Don't you just love the part where Ken Lay "fired" Anderson?
 That'd be like Puff Daddy firing his getaway driver for possessing a gun the night
 Puffy shot that guy in the nightclub and dashed away with Jennifer Lopez.

 Anderson was getting a million dollars a month to do Enron's accounting.
 That's nothing compared to the billions the Bush Family Evil Empire stole.
 Anderson was Enron's getaway driver, nothing less.

 This Just In...

 The White House released a report today saying the man some call president
 watched an entire football game Saturday without sustaining any serious injuries.

 ...he is truly growing into the job.

From: Rochesterjim@aol.com

Subject: Enron & Haliburton Linked "Big Time"

The mystery is starting to unravel about the ties between Enron and Haliburton, the company
once run by Dick Cheney. In recent weeks, the scandal enveloping Enron has been focused on
a flock of independent limited partnerships that the company apparently used to conceal billions
of dollars in debt from investors and analysts. But the alleged sleight-of-hand may not have ended there.
A review of Enron's finances shows it was using other complex financial instruments -- this time with
its own subsidiaries -- that understated between $1.5 billion and $3 billion in additional debt.
The difference: These transactions were on its balance sheet.

DEBT BY ANOTHER NAME.  Enron appears to have been willing to pay the higher rates and
pricey fees because the securities were treated as shareholder equity for the purposes of financial
disclosure, but considered debt for tax purposes. As a result, Enron could not only conceal large
amounts of liabilities but it could also benefit from big tax deductions for the interest it paid on the securities.

Dick Cheney needs to make a public appearance and explain his ties to Enron.
It's better for the Republicans, who are up for reelection, for Cheney makes a full disclosure now.
An Independent Federal Prosecutor is likely to make these same revelations at the most inopportune time.

Jim in Rochester, MI

 Almost two-thirds of Americans think Bush is hiding
 something or lying about his relationship with Enron

 Click  Here

 Well, ...raise my rent.

 Two years after we see the flames and smell the smoke,
 the media finally prints the first story that there may be a fire.

From: mikhailtalish@yahoo.com

Subject: dammit, you win

Okay, so I downloaded your Garbage clip and listened, and wasn't too impressed.
I like my music to be very rich and substantial, with many tracks and layers.

I played it a second time at more volume to make sure
I didn't miss anything, then deleted the file with no regrets and went about my business.

.......half an hour later the clip is still going in my head.
I have to go running back to your page to download it again.

Damn!  Where the hell are they on the radio?  Where are they on MTV?
They could kill with more money and more ambition.  (And where are the Shirley pictures?)

And how can you listen to stuff like that and still put up with no-talent vanilla losers like U2?
(whoops, I'm supposed to be nice and congratulatory here)

ha ha

Can you afford to put up more clips?  I'm this close to being sold.
And that song is still going...

There are tons of pictures and sound clips at




Someone said there are 136 Garbage web sites.

  President Bill Clinton
 Eight Years of Peace, Progress and Prosperity
  And he actually won both elections ...without cheating.

  Click  Here

  Thank you, Mr. President.
  You did a great job.

From: HI5GAHI@webtv.net

Subject:  Home Demolitions in The Occupied Territories  &  The Gaza  Strip

For  A Jewish Perspective of what  is going on  try  going to:.......nimn.org   (Not In My  Name.org)

Due to media bias, the  world  gets  a biased  view......
I  hope this gives you a bigger perspective

Thanks for that.
I went there, and it basically says, "Let's stop the killing."

Great slogan, but totally useless when dealing with religio-crazy suicide bombers.
If some nut wants to die and take a dozen innocents with him, punishment cannot
be meted out in the usual fashion because the nutcase is already dead.

So I suggest a pre-emptive solution.
If you tell somebody up-front what they'll lose if they screw up,
then the religio-nuts are making the decison to raze their own neighborhoods.

 A Strategy's Cautious Evolution
 Before Sept. 11, the Bush Anti-Terror Effort Was Mostly Ambition

  Click  Here

 At least twice, Bush conveyed the message to the Taliban that the United States would hold the regime
 responsible for an al Qaeda attack. But after concluding that bin Laden's group had carried out the
 October 2000 attack on  the USS Cole a conclusion stated without hedge in a Feb. 9 briefing for
 Vice President Cheney the new administration did not choose to order armed forces into action..

"I am the Central Scrutinizer.
 This kind of talk is dangerously close to sedition and treason.
 Somebody needs to be tortured, for the good of America."

From: JohnIcarus@aol.com

Subject: Matthews

For years Matthews was toiling in relative obscurity writing a column for the San Francisco
Chronicle when he apparently looked around and discovered a number of people riding the
anti-Clinton bandwagon to fame and fortune. Not one to be left behind, Matthews became
the host of a new show called Hardball, and with snide comments, opinion offered as fact,
selective guests and subject matter, set off as many before him, such as; Rush Limbaugh,
Matt Drudge, Lucianne Goldberg, Ollie North, and any number of other conservatives,
to attract the Clinton haters by a constant stream of rumor mongering, criticism (some justified
some not) and viciousness.

His guests were among the most vociferous of Clinton's enemies, Robert Barr, Dan (more hearings)
Burton and William (champion of morality) Bennett to name a few. Matthews once interviewed live
ex-congressman Bob Livingston R, LA. and when Livingston tried to quote Matt Drudge, Matthews
got into a snit, looked down his nose and told Livingston he doesn't allow Drudge to be quoted on Hardball,
obviously inferring Matthews and Hardball were above pseudo-journalists like Drudge. However, it was the
same Matthews who had Rush Limbaugh live on Hardball and when the interview was over, Matthews,
with a smile from ear to ear, gushed at Limbaugh with "you're great, you're great, you have to  come back".

To this day, with Clinton out of office, Matthews still can't kick the habit, it seems to be like a drug
to some people, as he still manages to throw cheap shots at either the ex-President or his wife Hillary.

As for Matthews running for the Senate in PA. he's been away from the state for most of his life, he would
be no better than the carpetbagger criticism he heaped on Hillary Clinton when she ran for the Senate in NY.
Finally, if he does run, he should not run against moderate Arlen Spector in the general election, but in the
primary as a Conservative Republican because obviously that's where his philosohpy lies. Matthews might
even get some help from Conservative Rick Santorum if he decides to run.

John, good point about the Screamer and the Pigboy.
I'm so old, I remember when Chris Matthews had some integrity.
Rush has four million listeners (I wish they stop lying, saying the figure is 20 million) and Rush
will heavily promote his TV appearance to bring his ditto-monkeys to the Screamer's show.
If you do a not-too-popular show, you can get a ratings spike by having the Pigboy on.
Rush won't go on any show where he's not going to be worshipped.

Matthews knows this, so he gives Rush Monica on his show so he'll come back.
Then after the show, Rush tells his radio audience how fair and balanced Matthews is.
It's a totally incestuous relationship where they each lie for the other for money.

 From: Sue Anne Haight

 Subject: Netscape browser tips

 Yep, bartcop is being loaded from the browsers cache (memory) instead of the current version.
 Seems like the browser gets fucked up and stops getting live stuff.  That's also why switching
 browser flavors works (IE->Net or Net->IE).  Each uses different cache so the current page will load,
 thus producing the desired result - Displaying the latest and greatest BartCop.

 If the current day doesn't display, the easiest way to get it is to just hit the 'reload' button at the top of the browser.
 That should cause the current page to load.

 Longer fix  under Netscape (I have 6.2).
 ~ click Edit then select Preferences
 ~ click the little plus sign next to Advanced
 ~ click Cache
 ~ In the right hand panel, click the 'Clear memory cache' button and the 'Clear disk cache' button
 (this will cause all old bartcops to be deleted from memory so the new ones will load)
 ~ make sure that under 'Compare the page in the cache...." you have selected "Everytime I view the page"
 or "once per session" ( which I recommend)

The same thing exists under IE but I don't know the actual buttons so can't walk you thru it.
I hate Bill Gates.  That should do it.

Love ya,
Sue Anne

What Enron means
 by Charles A. Robinson, with BartCop rebuttal

 Click  Here

 Claim:   The winner of the FOX reality TV show "Murder in Small Town X," a New York City firefighter,
               was killed during rescue efforts at the World Trade Center after the September 11 terrorist attack.

 Status:   True.

 Click  Here

 If you didn't visit us Saturday, you need to Click  Here.

 I don't feel comfortable bragging, but some thought that Saturday's issue
 was the best  bartcop.com  since,   ...well,   ...Friday

Thanks to those who sent predictions in to 

By the way, the new URL for that is http://bartcopsports.com

"I am the Central Scrutinizer.
  I might need to torture those sports people, too."

 Shirley Manson, contact  bartcop.com

So far, no sticker pics.
Send me your sticker pics!


 There is a story you should read about John Belushi and how he died on today's 
 There was a knock at my door in 1979, I opened it, and there stood John Belushi.
 One moment earlier, I had been playing guitar on the sofa, writing a funny song,
 and if you had asked me who was the one person in Hollywood I wanted to meet,
 it would have been John Belushi, the man at my doorstep, smiling broadly.

 "Are you Michael Dare?" he asked.

 "Yeah?" I replied.

 "Can I come in?"

 Don't miss it.

Will Marty win a Golden Globe for Best Entertainment site on a political treehouse?

Happy Birthday to...

    Stacey Dash is 36

Also born today - Bones McCoy (1920) David Lynch (1946)
Bill Maher (1956) Paul Stanley (1952)  Slim Whitman (1924)

 Today's issue is kinda short.
 I'm posting this at 2 PM.

 Gotta get ready for the Rams-Packers game.

 I'm gonna do a shot each time St Louis scores, so I thought I'd better get this up first :)

From: CHINES@laf.Lynden.com

Subject: Not the Bartcop Hex!


I don't think you should unleash the Bartcop Hex yet.  I think you need to save your Mojo until either
A) Our Democrats grow some cajones,
B) We have more Democrats in Congress and the Senate to form one collective backbone, or
C) It's Election 2004.

Not that I don't respect your awesome powers, it's just that at this point in the game, the HEX might not
do our team any favors.  It'll work and W & S will have a hard time, but I don't want anything bad to
happen to him that might elicit undeserved respect or admiration for him.

Unless you can put some spin on that there Hex that can serve him lasting political damage.
Can you do that?

I knew you could.

Chines, don't need no "spin."
The hex is on.

 ...the BartCop Hex!
 I'm scared!
 I want my caterpillar book.

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