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 Monday     February 4, 2002         Send me an Angel         Recent old stuff        Shopping w/ Bart

  VCR Alert - Tonight, Comedy Central is doing the Heroes of Black Comedy.
   First up is Chris Rock, then Richard Pryor, and others.


"If this White House is intent on coming up with claims of phony executive privilege as a means
  of keeping the facts from the American people, it's going to be time for us to get off the sidelines."
     -- Senator Fred Thompson (R-Tuxedo) Feb. 28,1999

 The Enroning of the Treasury

  Click  Here

 After four years of surpluses, Bush's budget projects the government
 will go in the red through 2004, including a $106 billion deficit this year.

Saw it on Salon's Table Talk...

I almost choked on my coffee Thursday morning when I read Kevin Canfield's article
"Shades of FDR in Bush Address." Excuse me, but what color is the sky above the planet
where Canfield is living? Can anyone seriously compare George W. Bush to Franklin Delano Roosevelt?

Any sane person who listened carefully to Bush's saber-rattling state of the union address
on Tuesday night should be scared out of his or her wits at this point. The subtext of the speech
amounted to "We don't care whether there's any evidence that Iran, Iraq, or North Korea had
any connection to the events of 9/11; we reserve the right to go after them as 'terraist' states,
hammer and tongs, just because we can, and just because we don't like them. We've labeled
them the 'axis of evil,' and that's all we need." In other words, Bush has proclaimed that we
are now a rogue state, beholden to no international constraints on our behavior.

Mimicking the words of FDR does not elevate Dubya to FDR's level. Roosevelt spent his early
adulthood in public service and grew spiritually and psychologically into the man who was capable
of leading America through the crises of depression and war by the searing experience of illness
and paralysis. Dubya has undergone no similar transforming experience. He is still the same shallow,
smirking frat-boy he was on September 10 -- the man who glided through life on skids greased by
family connections, who avoided service in Vietnam by jumping ahead of 500 applicants into the
Texas Air National Guard, who then blew off an entire year of his National Guard commitment
(May 1973-May 1974) without any consequences, who spent most of his adult life looking at
the world through the bottom of a liquor bottle or in the reflection of a mirror with a line of cocaine,
who managed to walk away from several failed businesses (Arbusto Corp., Harken Corp.) with more
money than he went in with, who managed to get appointed to the Presidency by a 5-4 vote of the
Supreme Court despite losing the nationwide popular vote by over a half-million votes and despite
garnering fewer actual votes in Florida than his opponent.

The fact that Americans naturally rally round any president who is engaged in overseas military action
does not in any way mitigate the fact that this particular soi-disant emperor has no clothes.

Mr. Bush, it is said, has a penchant for conferring jocular nicknames on members of the press.
Judging from the fawning adulation given to him by the press in recent months, I can think of one nickname
that would be appropriate for the entire press corps, but especially for toadies like Kevin Canfield:   "Monica."

 Altered Estates
 by Jim Higdon

 Click  Here

C.S.I and U2

I have to agree that C.S.I is beating The West Wing this year. I never thought I would admit that,
as I watch West Wing reruns with the same attention that I pay to the show the first time it runs.
I am a fanatic! But C.S.I. is Thinking Man's TV. You really have to pay attention.
It's brain food, not junk food.

I am beginning to suspect that you may be gay, despite the constant references to Mrs. Bartcop.
I cannot believe that you would watch U2 instead of turning to Playmate Fear Factor!

Ben Larson
The Last Liberal in the Texas Panhandle

I caught a little of the playmates but when they brought out
the giant jar of 10,000 flies I switched the channel

How Times Change

"The president's secretive health care task force . . . has never held a formal meeting.
 Its two dozen or so working groups are staffed by 300 to 400 health care experts whose
 identities the White House refuses to disclose and whose deliberations are kept secret."
    -- the Wall Street Journal editorial page, March 9, 1993, on Hillary Clinton's health care panel.

"President Bush was right yesterday when he called [Henry] Waxman's demands to see records
  of his energy task force 'an encroachment on the executive branch's ability to conduct business'
 Mrs. Clinton set up a body involving non-government officials that was arguably subject to the
 Federal Advisory Committee Act. The Cheney task force was a governmental body to which
 this law doesn't apply."
  -- the Journal editorial page, last Tuesday, doing everything they can to help Smirk's robbery

From: booradley

Subject:  Bartcop Photo!

Hey BC-

Not only is my cat indestructible (recovered from a broken leg in about 2 weeks)
but she's intelligent too, as evidenced in this picture my mom just took.

Keep up the good work-


From: BartKar@aol.com

Subject: One of the best articles I have ever read

Hey Bart, the fellow that wrote this must read your site:

One of the conservative movement's strokes of genius has been to invest a fortune in persuading the rest
of the nation of the existence of a beast called the "liberalmedia". This is, from a conservative standpoint,
extremely useful nonsense. Journalists may be a bit more liberal on cultural matters such as abortion and
pornography than many Americans, but they are probably more conservative on economic questions,
and in any case take their orders from editors and producers who are often extremely conservative.

The multinational or even family-controlled corporations that own the mainstream media do not appoint leftwing
radicals to oversee their properties. Never mind the lie, conservatives have set up their own network of extremely
generously funded media, on the phoney grounds that this is needed just to give their views a fair shake.
This network includes the Moonie-owned Washington Times, the Murdoch-owned Fox News Channel,
New York Post and Weekly Standard, the Wall Street Journal, the Drudge Report, Rush Limbaugh,
the American Spectator, the venerable National Review, and a host of others.

It's from "The Right Sort" at the Guardian News.
Keep up the great work......


From: Phillip A. Schuman

Subject: Bush vs. Starr/Clinton precedent

Dear BartCop:

You basically asked why it is that if Clinton had to divulge meeting
notes and such with advisors, making for no confidential advice,
how is it that Cheney has a leg to stand on to refuse to do so himself?

 Click  Here  for the answer

 ...by the way, there's always that one-in-10,000 chance the whore court will rule
 against Smirk's insane money and power grab, and if they do, and Bush/Cheney are
 forced to reveal how deeply Enron was buried in their butts, look for a complete reversal by
 the right-wing media. If that damning info ever sees the light of day, every pundit will
 talk about how normal and everyday these secret meetings were.

 But if the secret Enron meetings were so normal and everyday, why is
 this crooked White House trying so hard to keep this information buried?

 Gotta check out 

You could sense it building there, late in the fourth quarter in The Big Easy.
The Rams had mounted an Elwayian comeback in the second half. The score was tied.
People were on the edges of their seats. Bookies all over the country were sweating and making sure
they had their escape route all planned out. The coaches on either sideline stalked up and down,
hair turning grey. Many would be they who would have ragged fingernails afterwards.

Someone sent me a copy of Marta Lilbaugh's dead-tree VENT Magazine.

 God, it was awful.
 It makes  bartcop.com  look professional.

 On the cover, it proudly states:
 "It's not about what's trendy - it's about what lasts."

 Well, it was lucky to last four issues.
 I couldn't figure out what the magazine was about.

 It most closely resembled a 96-page USA Today pie chart.

 The "highlight" was Marta interviewing her worthless slug of a husband, asking him
 questions like how he's able to stay so humble amidst all his greatness, crap like that.

 It also included typical Rush-style humor, such as this:

 What's the difference between 25 cents and Princess Diana?
 It's easier to scrape together 25 cents.

 Typical Pigboy humor.
 What an unprincipled slut he is.

Consumer Consumption
   by Cliff Downing

"Some Common Sense"

 Click  Here

 Day 13 of the Shirley Manson log

  So far,

     ...have not heard from Shirley.

                                                      c l i c k           to              o r d e r

  Shirley Manson - contact  bartcop.com

 It appears that we have forced Michael Reagan to take down his disgusting porn link.

 Read the story

 Shame, shame on the nasty Reagan boy.
 I guess that's what happens when the parents aren't there to raise the kids properly.

Check today's
 Bo Derek and Playboy bunnies, The Razzies, and can you guess who this is?

 Democrats.com interview with Paul Begala

  Click  Here

  [bob] Dick Cheney refuses to turn over the records of his Energy Task Force.
 What is he hiding?

 [paulbegala] Something. Maybe something big. My vast experience with
 scandals has taught me that anytime a politician doesn't want to disclose
 something, there's a very good reason. Or a very bad reason. The notion
 that's he's standing on constitutional principle is bullshit. Thanks to Ken Starr,
 "executive privilege" has been so eroded that Clinton couldn't even meet privately
 with a top aide like Sid Blumenthal. But Cheney wants a privilege that allows
 corporations to lobby -- and change government policy -- in secret???
 Preposterous! We've got to keep the heat on them.  Maybe the better strategy
 is to pressure Republicans. They're the ones who have to run in the Enron election
 of 2002, and they don't have an 82% approval rating. Once a couple of honest
 Republicans (and yes, there are some) like Fred Thompson or Chris Shays call for
 an independent investigation, some Democrats may grow some spine. Don't forget,
 it took a Republican named Jeffords to be the first to stand up to Junior.

 Happy Birthday to...

 Her husband Clint is 40         Natalie Imbruglia is 27

   Also born today: Rosa Parks (1913) Charles Lindbergh (1902) Alice Cooper (1948)
   Joe Pesci (1943)  Little Danny Quayle (1947) and former comedian David Brenner (1945)

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This BartCop Hex has me choking on my food...
I'm the victim in all this, I'm the victim.


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