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 Wednesday, April 28,  2010 Vol 2516 - Semi-Precious 

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Quote of the Day

"Investors sought risk..."
     -- Goldman Sachs, under oath,  live on CNN

  Investors came to you seeking risk?
  Glad you were able to help them out while 
  stealing our homes, our savings and our jobs.

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Arrow Dixie flag speaks for GOP HOT
Arrow Where are the prosecutors? HOT
Arrow The GOP won WWII?   
Arrow Hayworth on AZ 'Birther bill' 
Arrow Pickles admits killing HOT
Arrow Dixie flag speaks for GOP
Arrow Three Idol Reviews
Arrow Kelly Ripa strips in reverse  



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"If God is with us, who can possibly stand against us? The answer is no one." 
    -- Glenn Beck, explaining how the GOP lost the last two elections,   Link

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How Harry Got His Groove Back
 Reid Plays Hardball With The GOP...Finally


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Marty's has new stuff every day
on her fine, fine Entertainment Page

Did you know?

Marty has just completed
1,000 daily issues in a row.

Marty always has good stuff.

Click on the E!

Where are the prosecutors?
 Eliot Spitzer wonders about Obama   by Joe Conason


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Subject: going to see Jeff Beck

He played here (LA) about a month or 6 weeks ago and I didn't get to see him.  
I did see him live about 10 years ago though.

Hey, I love your site, by the way.  I usually check it every day.  For years now.  
And I tell everybody here at NASA who has a brain about it.  Keep up the good work.

Oh, and I've met Stephanie Miller twice.  She's really cool and really hot!

Hope the concert was killer; I know it had to have been.

I plan to write my concert review after I get today's page up.
Thanks for writing, and a shout-out to all you rocket-scientist JPL dudes.

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"Barack Obama is God's punishment on us..."
       -- Texas state Rep. Leo Berman (R-Tyler), speaking at a Teabagger rally,    Link

 Good point - what could possibly be worse than "a nigger in the White House?"   



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The GOP won WWII?  

                     Saw it on   mariopiperni dot com


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Thanks to Leo


"She was in 'Finding Nemo' and she played a character who couldn't remember anything 
  that happened more than a year ago, so I figured maybe she was a teabagger."
       -- Alan Grayson, seemingly attacking Ellen Degeneres,   Link

 What am I mssing?  (besides the obvious)
 Why did Grayson semi-call Ellen a Teabagger?
 Did Ellen pull "a Rosie" on Obama?

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Since I own guns, I'm not usually with the Brady Campaign
but this gun show loophole is a joke and it needs to be plugged.

Last time I went to a gun show, maybe 2005 (back issues)
they couldn't clear me in time to buy a "Gun show" gun,
but they said I could buy one of the gun salesman's "personal" guns.

That's completely crazy.

We sure do!
In today's GOP if there's one thing they're 
short on it's racist, crooked sons of bitches.

Hayworth: 'Birther bill' not enough


 BTW, Democrats in Oklahoma would like to thank the racist teabaggers in Arizona.
 If you guys keep this shit up, Oklahoma will no longer be the most backwards state.

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Subject: Tequila inquiry

Bart, I hope all's well at the Mansion.
Things are going so well, I told the entire staff they could have the day off
as soon as they were finished polishing the waxing the Gulfstream. 

I thought I'd mention to you that I've been picking up a 100% agave "plata" tequila by the name of Lunazul.  
It's origin is Jalisco, it has stupid language on the bottle about wolves, and it's damned respectable, especially at $18/bottle.  

It's no Anejo, and certainly no Chinaco, but for a good handmade margarita (buy Mrs. Bart a bottle of agave syrup 
next time you decide to squeeze limes and make her one from scratch- she'll adore you more for it) or even a shot 
on a bright, warm day, it's pretty tasty.  

For something as raw as a "white" tequila, it's MILES ahead of that Mexican Gasoline in the Cuervo bottle, 
and even has a bouquet that speaks of some fruit and flowers.  No kidding.
 Bob at The Horn

True, if you're making margaritas, it's wasteful to use 100% pure agave so you're doing the right thing.
Mrs Bart has recently become a fan of agave syrup for her margaritas.

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If you feel that drugs or alcohol are a problem for you, 
Drug Rehab is a solution to get your life back on track.


Subject: Arizona's Birther Law

Bart, I think it's clear why they passed that law.
The next time Obama shows up in Phoenix, Sheriff  Joe can demand to see his papers. 
Since the birthers don't think he has any, that'll prove he's not the legal president 
and they can install Sarah Palin and El Chupacabra in a bloodless coup.
Harassing Mexicans is just a bonus.

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Mike Malloy Live


'Let's take Rep. Betty Sutton (D-Ohio) out of the House and send her back to the kitchen.'
       -- GOP sexist dog mailer, suggesting women belong in one of two rooms,   Link

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Subject: bumper sticker

hi bart
hope this finds you well..

Scott is a longtime pillar/advertiser from

Buy a shirt from Scott!!

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Pickles admits killing boyfriend
General Motors, "small" stop sign, among her excuses



What's next, Bush admitting his cocaine bust?

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Subject: more on Arizona


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Subject: AZ Law glitch


I haven't seen you mention yet the huge glitch in the AZ Immigration Law.  
The part that says if a citizen thinks that the cops are moving too slow, or that there are still 
brown folks who don't have their birth certificates and passports stapled to their head, 
that the citizen can then file a complaint against the cops and state.

The state has to pay for the lawyer and associated fees, AND, AND has to pay a fine of $1,000.00 per day
until the case comes to trial.  According the reports I've read, most cases take about a year to get to trial.  

So, I think that you and Mrs. Bart should move to AZ, file a complaint that Sheriff Joe 
ain't arrestin' em fast enough and puttin' em in pink jail clothes.  

And then there you are, you're pulling down a fast $365,000 per annum.
Yer welcome, keep the change.
 Eric X

Eric, thanks.
I've already called the movers.

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Graphic by Ricardo in Mexico City


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See who they raped lately.

Weird Picture of the Day


 I'll bet you've never seen anything like it.

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Subject: Re: Mark Halperin

Right, Mark Halperin is a lying dick, and he's also a Bush-loving bonehead.
Keep in mind this is a guy who idolizes Karl Rove, seriously thinks he's a genius, and likes the effect 
he's had on American politics. Here's a quote from "The Karl Rove Crush," Media Matters, Nov. 2006:
"And then there's the new, endlessly worshipful book, The Way to Win, by ABC News' Mark Halperin 
and The Washington Post's John Harris. (Talk about a bad time for a Rove-is-a-genius book to hit stores.) 

The tome stresses again and again that Rove is much more than a mere hired political gun, he's a thoughtful policy wonk. 
(He reads policy books! He attends policy conferences!) Halperin and Harris do everything in their power to prop Rove 
up as a wise man obsessed with "ideas" and desperate to implement thoughtful policy. Unfortunately, that loving portrait 
completely contradicts previous reports from inside the West Wing about how the Bush White House is almost uniformly 
devoid of serious domestic policy debate. ..."    Link
-- Eric Boehlert,  
And his track record? Judge it by this idiot Halperin quote from June 22, 2006:
"If I were them [Democrats], I'd be scared to death about November's elections."
(Well, yeah, if you're scared of winning big.)
Halperin is one of the worst Republican ass-kissers in the Beltway media; 
he's now trying to pass himself off as a 'real journalist' but he's still a solid stooge for the GOP.
Hammer on,
 Rick Janes

Rick is our Senior Toonsmith at the BartBlog
he does those great Superman comic book toons.

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"Shouldn't the tea party crowd be having a cow over this new Arizona law? 
  Doesn't that sound like big government tyranny to them?"
       --B H      Link

"The tea baggers are fine with this law because it impacts brown people."
       --bdop4     Link

 Can there be any clearer proof that teabagger = racist?

  Just think - if the cops could pull over WHITE PEOPLE because they looked white...

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Subject: Jeff Beck

As Mark Volman (The Turtles, Flo & Eddie, Zappa) once said...

Well, there are a lot of reasons why I’d drag a girl such as yourself back to this plastic hotel room … and rip you off 
for spare change to run a …to run a vibrating machine attached to this queen-size, bulk-purchase, kapok-infested, 
do-not-remove-tag-under-penalty-of-law type bed and, and make you take off all your little clothes … until you are 
nearly stark raving nude. ( save for your chrome-with-heavy-duty-leather-thong Peace Medallion) and make you 
assume a series of marginally erotic poses involving a plastic chair and an old guitar strap while I did a wee-wee in 
your hair … and beat you with a pair of tennis shoes I got from Jeff Beck…   Link
 Uncle Ernie, LA journalist

Send e-mail to Bart

I get that, but the guy making demands has a gun
and Arizonians want him to USE it (If the guy pulled over is Brown).

Subject: health care and chickens

Bart, when I go to the doctor, do I pay with a live chicken, 
or will a two-piece meal from Popeye's suffice??

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Dixie flag speaks for GOP


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Subject: How bad is Arizona?

Barister Bart,

I have lived in the Grand Canyon State (a.k.a. Arizonaee) for over 30 years now. It's bad, really bad,
Who'd a thought that there would be 100 day labor's out side of Home Despot every day? 

Who'd a thought that I would nearly get mugged every time I go the the grocery store? 
After all there is a two wire barbed wire fence in places along the Mexico border…in a few places. 

Heck I could hop scotch to and frow across the border back and forth for miles…
but then again who'd a thought you could do that?

Stellar Job!
 John E. P.

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Mike Palecek Presents... 

PATRIOTISM ... in a small town



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Subject: our Arizona problem 

Maybe somebody should ask the commissioner of Major League Baseball 
if everyone in the National League is a legal American resident.

There's a huge number of Latinos on all teams.
 David L

I read about that - amazingly, MLB teams are only about 12-15% Black now.
The Latin players took the Black man's jobs away.

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Subject: Rainy Day

This is why Crooks and Liars is my second favorite website, right after 
Not only do they report on the republican crooks and the lying media whores who prop them up, 
but they always post great music new and old. 

Tuesday they had a piece about Mike Finnigan, who played the organ on Jimi's Rainy Day, Dream Away track. 
I love both parts of this song. I wish someone would mash the two parts together just to hear it straight through. 
It's great hearing him and Buddy Miles talk about recording it. Click here and scroll down to the video. 
For more music, check the link for the Late Night Music Club at C & L....

I happen to have that same organ rusting away in my garage.

My aunt was a church organist and she had a Hammond C-3 in her living room, along with a baby grand piano. 
I spent my teen years playing Rascals songs on this baby. When she passed away the rest of the family took all 
the diamonds and pearls and I took the organ.  The one in the video is a B-3. 

The C-3 was the same organ but the speaker was in the base of the unit.   B-3's use a Leslie cabinet and 
have an open bottom. I also have the full bass foot pedal unit.  I can barely use both hands on it but my Aunt 
had the whole groove down, both hands and both feet till the saints came a'marchin' in.

If anyone knows a keyboardist who would be interested in the unit, let me know. It belongs in a band. 
 Rude Rich

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Tally's Idol Review


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Buzzcook's Idol Review


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Adult Friend

Must be 18 to click

Sally's Idol Review


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Arizona Quotes

"They're looking for people acting suspiciously, like gardening or burping white people's babies."
     -- Wyatt Cenac, on the Daily Show,   Link

"Show me your papers?  It's the same thing free black people had to do in 1863. 
  Lord knows that didn't leave any residual anger." 
     -- Jon Stewart,     Link

"I do not want the police pulling people over because you look like you should be pulled over."
     -- Tom Tancredo, swear to Koresh,   Link

"Holy shit. He thinks you've gone too far Arizona? Tom Tancredo?  The man Mexican parents 
  tell their kids about to get them to eat their vegetables, he thinks you've gone too far..."
     -- Jon Stewart,      Link

 Send e-mail to Bar

Subject: Republicans side with the banks 

It's going to be interesting to see how the Tea Party crowd responds to the Republicans blocking 
the Democrats from stopping bank bailouts and fixing the problems that led to the collapse of the 
economy and the high unemployment and deficits. 

Supposedly the Tea Party are "independent" and are interested in issues. But when the Democrats
give them what they want and the Republicans block it, will they support the Democrats? 

I don't see the Republicans gaining seats this year when they are against everything that the people want.

Marc Perkel
My blog:

Founder of the Church of Reality
Reality changed my life. It can change your life too,

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Bart, I missed out on Sally's matching funds, and I can't swin
with the big fish by any means but my tax return is back so I will
match smaller donations, $25 or less, up to a maximum of $400.

You made me smile in some dark days.
I owe you something for that,
 Steve B

Subject: Donation

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Kelly Ripa strips in reverse 


 Link to Story

See dozens of fetching  Kelly Ripa  images  at BC Hotties

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