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Volume 699 - As Heaven is Wide


 Friday - January 25, 2002           Send me an Angel         Recent old stuff         Shopping w/ Bart

 Not Another Vince Foster
   by BartCop

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"There's not a lot of talk about dating in our White House."
 -- Karen Hughes, on how her West Wing differs from "West Wing" (New York Times, 1/23/02).

"This is definitely a policy priority from the top."
 -- Mindy Tucker, who "says Bush himself likes to play matchmaker for aides" (Washington Post, 6/14/01).

  Why did GE-CEO Jack Welch pressure NBC News to quick-call the election for Smirk?
 EU Official Decries Bush Effort on GE-Honeywell

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 The European Union's top antitrust official today denounced what he described as
 political pressure by President Bush and other members of his administration to
 influence the EU's review of General Electric's $45 billion bid for Honeywell International.

 This is incest run amuck.
 President Happy Crack can pressure allies (and carpet-bomb non-allies) into
 doing business with the same crooks who are financing his stolen presidency.

 Ashcroft's media scam: a confederacy of amnesia
      by Norman Solomon, FAIR

  Click  Here

  Even by Washington's standards, the ability of John Ashcroft
  to reinvent himself has been a wonder to behold. Just a year ago,
  squeaking through Senate confirmation as attorney general, Ashcroft
  found himself shadowed by his own praise for leaders of the Confederacy.
  Now he's able to tout himself as a disciple of Martin Luther King Jr.

  It's quite a scam, and Ashcroft couldn't have pulled it off
  without major help from news media.

  Damn right. The media is being a hueueueuge help to the Fraud Administration,
  second only, I suppose, to thew pink tutu Democrats who obey Smirk's every whim.

  Those senate Democrats loved Ashcroft from the start.
  They put on that pitiful confirmation charade as a handjob to their own party.
  They were ALWAYS going to confirm the insane, Nazi bastard because he was
  in their precious little club and "us clubbies gotta stick together."

  Screw minority rights, screw women's rights, screw gay rights!
  This is the new Democratic Party, Party of Ashcroft, Olson and Norton.

  Is it too early for a drink?

  Come back, Bill Clinton.
  Come back.

Whore Watch from mediawhoresonline.com

Stelzer, Kristol Awash in Secret ENRON Cash
Who Else at the Standard Silently is On the Take?

 You must  Click  Here

In kicking up a false fuss about Paul Krguman, Andrew Sullivan has inadvertently revealed a hitherto
secret cash operation linking higher-ups at the Weekly Taliban Standard with the Enron Corporation.

According to National Review writer Larry Kudlow, Irwin Stelzer of the Weekly Standard and London
Sunday Times -- former Reagan director of regulatory affairs, Hudson Institute fellow and a close confident
of right-wing press mogul Rupert Murdoch -- organized the consulting operation.

ha ha

When you're busted by Media Whores Onlineyou are  so  busted!

 How big is the Eagles-Rams game Sunday?
  And, to a lessser degree, the Steelers should stomp the Patriots...

  Also, the collective Bartcop Sports experts blew away all the so-called other "experts"
  by going a combined 14-7 in last week's playoff action

  Kurt Warner is hurt, Ted Williams is back in the hospital, Devil Ray arrested for raping
  a 15-year old girl, and check to see who, if anyone, Mike Tyson bit today.

  Read all about it on 

 Ready to be sick?

  From CQ Monitor News (wish I had the URL)

New CBO Projections show shrinking long-term surplus
  By Mary Dalrymple, CQ Staff Writer

 Full Story

 Jan. 23, 2002 - The Congressional Budget Office has reduced its estimate of the federal
 budget surplus over the next decade to $1.6 trillion from the $5.6 trillion

 Can you believe that?
 The Bush Family Evil Empire has stolen (or lost) FOUR TRILLION DOLLARS?
 But, of course, the big story is John Walker, a dopey kid from Marin County.
 Why should the press report Bush stealing TRILLIONS when we can obsess over some dopey kid?

 If Gore had chosen to fight for his country and democracy, that $5.6 trillion figure might have held up.
 But President Stupid and Greedy stole the election AND, apparently, the $4 trillion.

 It's a good thing Bush didn't mess around with an intern.
 It's a good thing we have a "decent man" back in the White House.
 This country didn't need that missing 4 trillion dollars, ...noooooooo, ...not at all

 We paid 4 trillion dollars for the weakest and stupidest president in history?
 And the Commander in Thief is only 1/4 thru his term?

 Let's see, ...even with my Catholic math, that means we should expect $16 trillion to be missing
 the next time we cast our ballots, if we chose to waste our time with such a fruitless gesture.
 I mean, what if Scalia thinks Smirk deserves a second term?

 ...and the press refuses to cover Operation Enduring Handjob.

"We fooled them all.
  Tony gets his check, Renqui gets his, and the people just have to eat it.
  We have their 4 trillion and we've only just begun to plunder.

  ...and thank God we own the press and the senate Demoncrats."

From: lcorder@tetratec.com

Subject: Thoughts

Here are 3 things that I haven't heard anyone talk about, maybe you or someone can expound:

1)  Just a stab in the dark, but d'ya think maybe Enron's stock went down so
far and so fast because all the guys in Bushie's administration had to sell
their Enron stocks when they started their new jobs?

Good question...
The BFEE was so into Enron, pulling out hurt their stability?

2)  My problem with USA's handling of the prisoners in Gitmo Cuba is the future
handling of OUR prisoners by other countries.  When our pilots were "detained"
in China, we complained about every bruise and every scratch. What if we had
seen them bound, gagged, ear-muffed, blindfolded, and on their knees in outdoor
cages not fit for zoo animals?  What kind of precedent are we setting here?

Another good point.
I'm not pro al Qaeda, but if every prisoner taken is a "killer of Americans,"
wouldn't that make John McCain a "killer of North Vietnamese?"
Would Kerrey, Kerry, North, Cleland and Hackworth all be "killers of North Vietnamese?"
Were Bush, Dole and McGovern "killers of Germans and Japanese?"

I wish this "the Geneva Convention crap doesn't qualify in this case"way of thinking
would more closely mirror the thinking of every ally we have.

3)  I also think that the reason Democrats are scared to investigate too far into Bush's oil connections
re:  the terrorist attacks and Enron (for instance) is because they saw the public's response to the constant
barrage against Clinton.   They need to see the difference here.  The public didn't care about Clinton's sex life
(except as entertainment).  The public WILL (or should) care about travesties of justice committed by Bush
and his cronies.  These indiscretions are important to America and our way of life!


the Democrats need party-wide testicle implants.

A Lot of People Hate the Double Standard Nation
     by Molly Ivins

 Click  Here

Now we've won the ``war.''
So we take the prisoners we've captured off to our base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and suddenly
announce that they are not prisoners of war after all, because this isn't really a war we've been fighting.
Therefore the prisoners are ``illegal combatants,'' and we don't have to treat them in accord with the
Geneva Convention on POWs.

This is why a lot of people hate us.

Do you suppose Molly reads  bartcop.com?


 If you are a reporter with a story that your editor won't let you run, contact me.
 If you're "just a nobody" with some information and you have no way to get it out, contact me.



"These pagans are still here?
 This nation wasn't built so they could disown the one, true God.

 When my new secret torture compex gets built, these subversives
 will be manacled, blindfolded and shipped to Cuba for some 'Giuliani time.'
 We'll show you punks the meaning of pain.

 Oh, I love my job...
 Remind me to send the senate Democrats a thank you note."

 Day 5 of the Shirley Manson log

  So far,

     ...have not heard from Shirley.

  Shirley Manson - contact  bartcop.com

From: (withheld)

Subject: Fighting back

FYI, last night I called my CA US Senators to register my disgust over Bush's comment
about his mother-in-law having lost money w/Enron.  I don't know how much she lost but
1) it's unlikely she had her retirement frozen in an Enron account and
2)  she is set for life thanks to the Bushs' millions.

I asked why the dems weren't speaking out, screaming, in fact, against this unmitigated disaster of a president.
Feinstein's aide sent me to Boxer, and Boxer's aide said they needed to do things in small steps.
I said that didn't mean anything to me.

I said the only dem that seemed to be standing up to the repubs was Kennedy.
He said Kennedy had been taking a lot of hits from the public since his suggestion
that the tax cut be repealed--probably got 350 phone calls from the freepers in one day,
but that's no reason to let a bunch of fascist Delay thugs determine domestic/foreign policy.

I called Kennedy's office as well, to pass on some congratulations and advice to hit harder.
I think it's a mistake to back off the GOP, especially now that they're weak.
That's what they want.
Now is the time to hit them in the guts or else go down in history as "ineffectual."


Michele, are you married?


That's the kinda talk I like to hear.
"Things in small steps" doesn't apply to our situation.

Just yesterday, Bush stole $37 billion for Ashcroft to build more secret torture rooms.
Just today, we lost FOUR TRILLION DOLLARS because President Greed fixed the election.

"F" a bunch of small steps.
There's no good reason in the world to delay getting our Constitutional rights back.
I don't want my Bill of Rights returned in drips and drabs.

I talked to Julie Hiatt Steele last night.
She mentioned the Freedom of Information Act.

Does that thing even still exist?

It's my opinion (I need staff) that there is no longer a Freedom of Information Act.
The Bush Family Evil Empire destroyed the FOIA along with the Bill of Rights.

Am I right?

The time to fight back is NOW!

 ha ha


 It takes a minute to load, but it's worth it...

 I need a really good (but small) Bush Family Evil Empire logo thingy.


     Send me your sticker pics!

Sticker Contest!

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Still no sticker photos...

From:  markcole@flash.net

Subject: Re: yesterday's Triathlon - Harry Potter story

How disgusting is it that we live in a country where the KKK will get police protection
everytime they march, and Harry Potter book reading kids don't deserve it?


Mark, don't bother complaining to the Attorney General.


 Headlines from today's exciting 
 The Diehard does Enterprize, Hillary and Pickles get together for something, Elvis,
 and West Wing's Aaron Sorking is dating Maureen Chalky thighs?

 Those stories and tons more.

 Rove Waves Flag For G.O.P. Candidates
    by Smokin' Joe Conason

   Click  Here

 "We can go to the country on this issue, because they trust the Republican Party to do a better job
  of protecting and strengthening America’s military might and thereby protecting America," he said.
  He might as well have added that the Democratic elected representatives who have with a single lonely
  exception in the House supported the American military campaign in Afghanistan are a bunch of suckers.

  We're in trouble.
  Rove plays hardball, while the Democrats play Barbies.

 Happy Birthday to...

Christine Lakin is 23   Leigh Taylor-Young is 57

 Don Maynard (1935) who caught a whole lot of passes from Broadway Joe,
 China Kantner (1971) makes me feel really old,  Edwin Newman (1919) makes me feel young.

 ...the BartCop Hex!

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