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    Vol 249   Bound for Gorey
    Vol 248   Chess Pains for Smirk
    Vol 247   Clinton Cock Hunt II
    Vol 246   Longevity has It's Place
    Vol 245   Achilles Last Stand
    Vol 244   Easy to be Hard
    Vol 243   It's a Cruel, Cruel Summer
    Vol 242   I Heard a Rumor
    Vol 241   The Arsenal of Freedom
    Vol 240   Kiss the Car Goodbye
    Vol 239   Jew's on First?
    Vol 238   Think They Bought It?
    Vol 237   38 Minutes, with Applause
    Vol 236   Missed Opportunities
    Vol 235   Less Than Zero
    Vol 234   I See White People
    Vol 233   Nazi-Con 2000
    Vol 232   Won't Get Fooled Again
    Vol 231   Even Chimps Can Learn
    Vol 230   The Cheney Problem
    Vol 229   Southern Man
    Vol 228   One of My Turns
    Vol 227   Oh, Caroline!
    Vol 226   Worn
    Vol 225   Ventura Highway
    Vol 224   Knight of the Long Nives
    Vol 223   Cry Baby Cry
    Vol 222   Zoot Allures
    Vol 221   The Tibetan Memory Trick
    Vol 220   Black Gold, Texas Tea
    Vol 219   The Silver Queen
    Vol 218   The Dead Don't Always Die
    Vol 217   I'm Covered in Shells
    Vol 216   Blood on the Snow
    Vol 215   How Many More Times?
    Vol 214   It's Giuliani Time!
    Vol 213   Who's Sari Now?
    Vol 212   Ogre Battle
    Vol 211   Karn Evil Nein
    Vol 210   Zombie Wolf
    Vol 209   November Rain
    Vol 208   A Simple Kind of Life
    Vol 207   Hellhounds on my Trail
    Vol 206   The Gun Issue
    Vol 205   Smaller and Whiter
    Vol 204   The Mad Dogs of Radicalism
    Vol 203   Harder Than Your Husband
    Vol 202   She's Not that Innocent
    Vol 201   Men's Shirts, Short Skirts
    Vol 200   Waves of Regret, Waves of Joy
    Vol 199   Young Lust
    Vol 197   Master of Puppets
    Vol 196   Chain of Fools
    Vol 195   Hold On, I'm Coming
    Vol 194   Friendly Neighborhood Aquaman
    Vol 193   They Broke Elians Bed!
    Vol 192   Welcome to Miami
    Vol 191   More and More
    Vol 190   Great Ceasar's Ghost
    Vol 189   Have Your Ass Home by 11:00
    Vol 188   Ba-Da Bing
    Vol 187   Nanook Rubs It
    Vol 186   Close to the Edge
    Vol 185   Uncomfortably Numb
    Vol 184   Running to Stand Still
    Vol 183   Help
    Vol 182   Out Like a Lion
    Vol 181   Kashmir
    Vol 180   Jethro in Dole's Footsteps
    Vol 179   On the Silent Wings of Freedom
    Vol 178   Annie Get Your Fries
    Vol 177   Sleazebag Smirk
    Vol 176   The Crunge
    Vol 174   Ain't Politics Funny?
    Vol 173   As Long As the Train Runs On-Time
    Vol 172   Hello, Betty Lou
    Vol 171   The Snack Bar on the Beach
    Vol 170   To Murder a Mockingbird
    Vol 169   Carolina Vaseline
    Vol 168   HRC - Stronger Than the New Steel
    Vol 167   New Hampster Smacks the Smirk
    Vol 166   Beating The Bushes
    Vol 165   Old Times There Are Not Forgotten
    Vol 164   Sean Hannity Plays the Fool
    Vol 163   Who's the Kid in the Middle?
    Vol 162   They All Look the Same to Rush
    Vol 161   A Chinaco New Year
    Vol 160   Posah-Tai-Vo
    Vol 159   Right Click to Own a Botticelli
    Vol 158   Beat the Press
    Vol 157   Blame It On Rio
    Vol 156   Pigboy Strokes Out
    Vol 155   Ruck Fush
    Vol 154   Butch's Pop Quiz
    Vol 153   Know Pizza Hut, No Peace
    Vol 152   Clinton Fatigue
    Vol 151   The Pink-Ass Sissy
    Vol 150.5  Butch Watch3
    Vol 150   October
    Vol 149.5  Butch Watch2
    Vol 149   Drop The Chalupa
    Vol 148.5  Butch Watch1
    Vol 148   We'll ALWAYS Have Waco
    Vol 147   Saturday In The Pork
    Vol 146   You Can Indict My Pigg
    Vol 145   The Big Change
    Vol 144   The Softer Side of Sears
    Vol 143   The Cocks Report
    Vol 142   Guns n' Moses
    Vol 141   Over There
    Vol 140   Judas Maximus
    Vol 139   Make It Stop
    Vol 138   Taliban Rapes Monica
    Vol 137   High Crimes and Low Blows
    Vol 136   The Pompatous of Hate
    Vol 135   Why Are The Democrats Smiling?
    Vol 134   To Be a Rock, and Not to Roll
    Vol 132   Fascism Takes One in the Ass
    Vol 131   Backlash Landslide
    Vol 130   Door Number Three
    Vol 129   BartCop on Meet the Whore
    Vol 128   Nowhere to Hyde
    Vol 127   Suicide Watch
    Vol 126   Wag the Tongue
    Vol 125   What would Jesus Do?
    Vol 124   And the Horse He Rode In On
    Vol 123   Does Anybody Remember Forests?
    Vol 122   Two Shots of Happy
    Vol 121   When the World Was Young
    Vol 120   The Angels are Crying
    Vol 119   Pandora's Mouth
    Vol 118   The Trouble With Women
    Vol 117   The Whore Street Journal
    Vol 116   I'm Afraid of Americans
    Vol 115   Wag the Aurora
    Vol 114   Tabloid nation
    Vol 113   The Smudge Report
    Vol 112   Swallow  or  Spit?
    Vol 111   EXTRA - President Gore    Monica #1
    Vol 110   Candy, Farley, ...Limba?
    Vol 109   Across 110th Street
    Vol 108   Orgasms by Flubber
    Vol 107   GOP's Tramps and Theives
    Vol 106   Red October Gets Away
    Vol 105   Bored With Cowards
    Vol 104   Promise Keepers, Losers Weepers
    Vol 103   Please, Please Get Up Off Your Knees
    Vol 102   Rush, Porno, Gingrich, Lesbian
    Vol 101   Tyrannasaurus Wrecks
    Vol 100   The Wizard of Ahhs
    Vol 099   Kenneth Starr - Instrument of God
    Vol 098   Suit of Lights
    Vol 097   Maid Hole
    Vol 096   Jurrasic Pork
    Vol 095   Slappy Builds an Ark
    Vol 094   Outside, It's America
    Vol 093   Talking Turkey with John Kasich
    Vol 092   Whale-Bopp
    Vol 091   Dick, the Foul-Mouthed Texan
    Vol 090   The Boy from Brazil
    Vol 089   Notorious P.I.G.
    Vol 088   Talent on Loan from Cerebus
    Vol 087   We'll Always Have Waco
    Vol 086   Limba the Hutt
    Vol 085   Slappy Plays Poker
    Vol 084   He Be Off the Hissy
    Vol 083   Will Slur for Food
    Vol 082   The Case of the Purloined Pepper
    Vol 081   Who Says All Fat Men are Jolly?
    Vol 080   My Friends Call Me Dash
    Vol 079   The Zucchini Caper
    Vol 078   Church and State
    Vol 077   The Clinton Pardons
    Vol 076   Sharon Stone Said...
    Vol 075   Hey!
    Vol 074   Fightin Fire With Fire
    Vol 073   Bob Dole Looks Back
    Vol 072   After the Landslide
    Vol 071   Election Special - The Kitchen Sink
    Vol 070   Where's the Outrage?
    Vol 069   I'm Not a Doctor
    Vol 068   The McVeigh Republicans
    Vol 067   Bozo-Gate
    Vol 066   Rush's Herrenvolk
    Vol 065   Time To Feed the Jacoby, Again
    Vol 064   Dole's Final 30 Days
    Vol 063   Pessnet Kintn's Medcal Records
    Vol 062   The All-Dole Special
    Vol 061   You're One out of Forty, Jeff
    Vol 060   The One-Armed Bandit
    Vol 059   It's the Wrong Hat
    Vol 058   It's the 20-Point Lead
    Vol 057   Dick Morris's Foot Fetish
    Vol 056   Democratic Convention Special
    Vol 055   Democratic Convention Special
    Vol 054   Paul Harvey Spits His Bit
    Vol 053   The Dole Campaign Rolls On
    Vol 052   GOP Convention Special
    Vol 051   Dueling Quotes
    Vol 050   When Ralph Says No, He Means No
    Vol 059   It's Ralph Reed's Party
    Vol 048   It's His Runaway Party
    Vol 047   Bad Timing
    Vol 046   It's Not His Fault
    Vol 045   Bob Dole on Larry King
    Vol 044   Wanna Sell a Book?
    Vol 043   The Perot Factor
    Vol 042   The Rest of the Story
    Vol 041   Rush - 20 Years From Now
    Vol 040   Will You Be Bob's Veep?
    Vol 039   The Cucumber Caper
    Vol 038   Hillary's Guru
    Vol 037   Liddy "Sweet Lips" Dole
    Vol 036   BartCop Interviews Rush
    Vol 035   The Whitewater Reports are In!
    Vol 034   Dole the Porcupine
    Vol 033   Rush Never Brags
    Vol 032   Can I Get Your Swastika?
    Vol 031   BartCop Confesses
    Vol 030   It Takes a Reich
    Vol 029   Dole Solves Juvi Crime
    Vol 028   Sex With the Dead
    Vol 027   Dole Calls Dr. Laura
    Vol 026   Dole Kicks Quayle's Ass
    Vol 025   Dole Removes Tie
    Vol 024   Hi, I'm Haley Barbour
    Vol 023   Clinton is LYING
    Vol 022   Nancy Was Pregnant!
    Vol 021   I Have Some Bad News...
    Vol 020   The Missing Dollar
    Vol 019   Senator Straddle
    Vol 018   Compared to Whom?
    Vol 017   The Whore Street Journal
    Vol 016   Why is Bill Clinton So Popular?
    Vol 015   The 1996 GOP Credo
    Vol 014   Flaming, Nazi Gasbag
    Vol 013   Soft on Crime
    Vol 012   Rush Never Voted For Reagan?
    Vol 011   Clinton Follows the Polls
    Vol 010   The Grim Reaper
    Vol 009   What I Believe by the GOP
    Vol 008   The Life of John Wilson
    Vol 007   Let's Compare
    Vol 006   The Ku Klux Klan visits Knuckledrag
    Vol 005   Why I Like Rush
    Vol 004   The GOP Match Game
    Vol 003   Let's Vote for Buchanan!
    Vol 002   Derailed Train Controlled By Student
  1. Vol 001   Clinton,Bukkkanan Big Winners
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